Jul 112018

Your cars are rusted.

You only have two charging stations for your body cameras

You don’t get water in 115 degree heat

You have Sgt’s and Lt’s that are ambivalent, apathetic or downright mean…

BUT HEY! Let’s all Karaoke Together!

Let me make a couple of suggestions for Thermal Station Karaoke (Lip Sync – what’s the difference):

Breakdown – Scorpions

Midlife Crisis – Faith No More

I’m an Asshole – Dennis Leary

Ignorance is Bliss – Living Colour

  27 Responses to “Stan Sniff Promotee and Thermal Station Captain Misty Reynolds #EPICFAIL Let’s Sing Karaoke!”

  1. Here are some, Misty:

    Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    Fight the Power – Public Enemy
    I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace
    Basket Case – Green Day
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

    Ummmm…I have a thing for TS

    Here are some suggestions for the 2nd Floor:

    Sniff – Lonesome Roads (Dwight Yoakam)

    Purvis – It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls)

    Wood – Dirty White Whore (Chingford Attack)

    Vest – Video Games (Lana Del Rey)

    Evans – I Don’t Want To Play House (Tammy Wynette)

    Gutierrez – Wannabe (Spice Girls)

  2. Omg… John S, you killed it. Love it. Here are some suggestions for the 2nd Floor but in Spanish.

    1- Purvis, Huskey and Gutierrez- Mis tres Animales ( My three Animals) ( Los Tucanes).

    2- Sniff- Corrupta Para Los Corruptos. ( Corruption for the Corrupt ) ( Ignacio Rojas).

  3. So where’s the challenge gonna he held at in the Thermal Station? The briefing room, the break room, how about the parking lot of Andy’s #5. I have some songs you can sing Misty

    Cry me a river (Justin Timberlake)

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum (Fun Boy Three)

    Welcome to hell (Venom)

    Lyin’ eyes (Eagles)

    Now, for the executive staff, they will be lip syncing their favorites

    Stan-Check yo self before you wreck yo self (Ice Cube)

    Bill DiYorio-I hate everybody (Jonny Winter)

    Kevin Vest-Computer love (Zapp and Roger)

    Ray Wood-Dirty White Boy (Foreigner)

    Jason Horton-I drink alone (George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers)

    Cheryl Evans-All mixed up (311)

    Jerry Gutierrez-Back Stabbers (O’Jays)

    Jeff Kubel-Ball of Confusion (Love and Rocket)

    Goff Raya-Somebody’s watching me (Rockwell)

    Misha Graves-Trainwrecks (Weezer)

  4. We can all sing “It’s the Final Countdown”!

  5. Chad Bianco- I came in like a wrecking ball

  6. What a brilliant idea Misty, no wonder you were promoted to Captain. How did the Thermal Station survive before you went 97? Here are some songs you can lip sync to boost the morale of the troops:

    You’re no good (Linda Ronstadt)
    Valley of Pain (Bonnie Raitt)
    No Escape (Marco Beltrami)

    Second floor favorites;

    Sniff ~ Tears of a clown (Smoky Robinson)
    DiYorio ~ Vengence is Mine (Alice Cooper)
    Vest ~ Stuck on Stupid (Chris Brown)
    Gutierrez ~ Smiling Faces (The Undisputed Truth)
    Horton ~ Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley)
    Wood ~ White Trash Wit Tat-2’s (twiztid)
    Evans ~ New Fool at an Old Game (Reba McEntire)
    Kubel ~ We gotta get out of this place (Animals)
    Raya ~ Where is my mind (Pixies)
    Graves ~ Ship of Fools

  7. I have a song for all of them they can sing, it’s from Johnny Paycheck, “Take this job and shove it.”

  8. They are singing the Jonny Paycheck song at the Lake Elsinore Station right now as it continues to burn to the ground.

  9. Ya know, these songs also apply to Kevin Smith, Kent Werges, Aaron Kent, Robert Epps and the like. So enjoy, you earned it.

  10. RSO can headline at Neil’s Lounge, Misty can sing “Love to hate” by Slayer. Followed by Lenny Purvis and “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, and closing the show is Ray Wood with “Redneck Piece of White Trash” by Rebel Son. It should be s sold out show, and would raise money for Stan’s re-election campaign.

  11. I would pay some coin to see that show.

  12. Chad Bianco Thunder by Imagine Draggons

  13. Misty honey, do what you do best. What ever goes on in that big uninviting office of yours, just continue with that. Get your nails, hair done on duty. Go to community meetings and schmooze with the cities elite. JUST DON’T COORDINATE THIS FUCKERY UNTIL STATIONS ARE FIXED, DEPUTIES FEEL GOOD ABOUT GOING 10-8 FROM YOUR STATION, AND THERE’S A REAL PURPOSE BEHIND THIS
    LIP SYNCH SHIT. (Raising money for charities, cancer awarements, etc.)

    So far, it’s lame and serves no real purpose other than to get your name
    behind some RSO’s Got Talent show.

    We know you needed permission from a marionette to proceed with your department wide email. I wonder who?!?

  14. I will probably get a lot of flack for saying this…but so be it. The previous comments do nothing for your cause. You have hit rock bottom. If you have something to say, say it, but in a rational, intelligent manner. Such sarcasm has no place in this forum. It pains me to read all these childish, so-called jokes which make you look like petulant kids. If you want people to listen, then act like adults. Do you really want the public to read these comments? Please don’t tell me these are the best argument’s you have against Sniff’s regime? Do you really want the public to believe that these comments are reflective of the ethical and honest public servants who are respected members of the community?

    Blogger’s note: Watch my gardening videos on the Facebook Page.

  15. There is always “that guy” that feels like he has a right to tell people what to say and think. Guess we found out who it is today. Not your fault though you probably got used to being like that after working at RSO so long.

  16. The comments Retired RSO, are reflective of the current management of the Department. And yes it also pains me that I see this in print, but this is the only venue we, as RSO staff members have to voice our grievances. When employees cheat on promotional tests and nothing is done, who are we going to complain to? When public funds are mismanaged by managers and nothing is done, who are we going to complain to? When those in management seek to line their own pockets and nothing is done, who are we going to complain to? Things may have been different in your time sir, but with this current administration, they have failed us as leaders, and refuse to even acknowledge their shortcomings and blame others. Lieutenant Kent Werges is a prime example, he screwed up the Mo. Val. budget by about $500,000. And what happened, he blamed the lower ranks for his mistakes, and not only does he still retain his rank, he was rewarded with a coveted assignment. So before you judge the less that flattering comments, try living in our world sir.

  17. Sure, you are upset and you have a right to voice your opinions, but in your quest to express your discontentment, you have followed Sniff down a rabbit hole and your comments have hit rock bottom. I am all for Bianco, so don’t do anything to change that! Yes, I am now just a retired civilian, and like you, I too can voice my displeasure at what I am reading, regardless of what rank I held. Unless you personally know me, please do not lump be together with the caliber of people in Sniff’s regime. If you want to keep acting like little children, and not like the professionals you should act like, then keep on doing it, but all you are doing is Sniff’s work work for him. Good luck in your endeavor.

  18. To 2 Edward 31, and others… Just to clarify, I am specifically referring to the made up silly names and lyrics of songs posted above which are just plain silly and befitting of school yard children.

    I absolutely agree with voicing all those grievances that have been mentioned on this forum for the last few months. You all have legitimate grievances and almost no avenues to address them. But rest assured, there is a light at the end of the tunnel come November. There is no defense for Sniff allowing this Department to deteriorate to its present condition. All I am saying is: keep it professional, otherwise you lose your audience.

  19. The songs mentioned on this blog are not made up Retired RSO, they are actual songs, and can be found on YouTube. So all we are doing is giving management the opportunity to sing specific songs for the rank and file.

  20. I think underscoring the abusrdity of a Karaoke challenge in the middle of a disaster is completely warranted.

    I get that there is a dichotomy amongst cops, some without humor like the retired guy and others with humor like the crew using call signs to post.

    I personally love the song “Burn it Down” by 5 Finger Death Punch, but I don’t know how to scream-sing.

  21. Once upon a time there was Stanley the angry, aging dwarf. He was “So lonely” (The Police) because once people met him, they would tell him, “I hate everything about you.” (Three Days Grace). Sniffy, as he was called, had “No Values” (Black Flag) and was “Under Pressure” (Queen/Bowie) as the June primary election approached.

    Sniffy had never before faced a serious challenge, but 2018 proved to be a year of “Changes” (Bowie). Challenger Chad could not be bullied into “Submission” (Sex Pistols) by Sniffy. So the dwarf ordered his “Goon Squad” (Elvis Costello) to “Watch that Man” (Bowie) Bianco.

    Sniffy has become an “Embarrassment” (Madness) to his department. He would scream at his staff, “I’m the man” (Joe Jackson) and he fancied himself as a “Rough Rider” (The English Beat). His employees simply call him a “Little Bitch” (The Specials).

    Sniffy grew increasingly “Paranoid” (Black Sabbath) and began to “Panic” (The Smiths), growing more worried and questioning, “Should I stay or should I go?” (The Clash).

    “The Hardest Part” (Blondie) was that the voters were no longer “Spellbound” (Siouxie & The Banshees) and realized that Sniffy was just a “Liar” (Sex Pistols). Unfortunately for Sniffy, the “Truth Hits Everybody” (The Police) and he could no longer depend on his “Brilliant Disguise” (Bruce Springsteen) to fool voters into supporting him.

    He lost the endorsement of the Republicans after he went for a “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed) with members of the “Criminal World” (Bowie) who actively supported Sniffy’s campaign.

    In reading the “Sunday Papers” (Joe Jackson) and the Press Enterprise, Sniffy recognized that “Something’s Gone Wrong Again” (The Buzzcocks).

    Sniffy instead focused on his “Ambition” (Iggy Pop) to assert “Complete Control” (The Clash) over his employees.

    He thought his “Golden Years” would be filled with significant “Career Opportunities” (The Clash) paying him “Filty Lucre” (Sex Pistols) for “No Action” (Elvis Costello). Instead, “The New World” (X) for Sniffy is going “Straight to Hell” (The Clash) after his cover-up of one and multiple business dealings with another (se)X Offender (Blondie).

    Today, Sniffy can be found “Lost in the Supermarket” (The Clash) searching for better-fitting Depends, because “Accidents Will Happen” (Elvis Costello). Sniffy”s countenance reveals a heart and mind that are “Pretty Vacant” (Sex Pistols). He is clearly not “Tougher Than The Rest” (Bruce Springsteen) and looks like he would prefer a “Cardiac Arrest” (Madness)

    With Bianco elected as the new sheriff, there was a “Dawning of a New Era” (The Specials).

    Sniffy was no longer veiwed as a “Big Shot” (The English Beat) and all he could do was “Look Back in Anger” (Bowie). Bounced from office after a decade of Raw Power” (Iggy Pop) Sniffy finds his new circumstances as “Stranger Than Fiction” (Joe Jackson). Sniffy can now “Feel the Pain” (The Damned) he inflicted on others.

    Bianco’s challenge to Sniffy “Doesn’t Make it Alright” (The Specials) for the dwarf to be so “Vicious” (Lou Reed). “It’s all shit” (Iggy Pop) is how Sniffy’s legacy will be remembered.

    As he climbs into yet another bottle, the dwarf can be heard saying, “I can’t stand up for falling down” (Elvis Costello). Observers respond saying, “What difference does it make?” (The Smiths)

  22. As his eyesight fails, Sniffy is forced to give up his keys. Fortunately, the dwarf’s trusted companion Goat-Man takes charge, telling the dwarf, “Bend Over, I’ll Drive” (The Cramps)

  23. @Joseph Mahmah: Thank you for the kick-ass playlist!!

  24. Smoozing with the citys elite

    @john s

    What does smoozing with the elite have to do with law enforcement? I never understood that but Im not saying anything.


  25. You can lipsync this to Admin

    Wer’e Not Going To Take It / By Twisted Sister


    That would be a funny video

    Need a captain with a sense of humor , tho

  26. @2 La Quinta 40

    I think retiredrso means dont personal attack people. Instead say what your camplaint? Anyway , arent commanders still your commanders and deserve a level respect? In my field we have judges that I wondered why they got appointed by the governor but I give them respect. I dont trash talk about them. We have some blogs out there that trash talk judges, too. They are mostly bullshit though. I dont read them. This blog is starting to be just trash talk. Going stop reading this blog too

  27. Blogger’s Note @ Harrington: Your comments tend to vary based on which voices in your head are the loudest, or perhaps your medication levels.

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