Jun 162018

I think Steve Grasha is insane and paranoid. I have ample reason to believe that and when I am done writing about Mr. Grasha, I think you will agree with me. I had interactions with Grasha on Facebook before I blocked him. He was telling me what a superior intellect he was and how he had worked on campaigns for 40 years and won them all. As such, I was an idiot for supporting John Cox who at the time was at 9% when Travis Allen was at 11%.

As of the writing of this blog, John Cox is at 25.9% and Travis Allen is at 9.6% in a pitched battle for 4th Place with John Chiang. Similar to his own campaigns, Steve Grasha picked a loser. His claim of a 40 year winning streak appears to be a bald-faced lie and if he actually believes that claim to be true, then he needs therapy.

Grasha appears to be living in an alternate reality. In looking through records, I discovered that Grasha pled guilty to a felony, then later regretted doing it leading to an outburst in court that got him 6 hours in a lock up for contempt. Later the Judge reduced the felony Steve Grasha pled guilty to to a misdemeanor and while I had no proof, I assumed Mr. Grasha had the misdemeanor expunged. In Grasha’s mind I am guilty of libel for calling him a convicted felon, when in fact, he pled guilty to a felony for LYING ON HIS CANDIDATE PAPERWORK from a 1985 campaign in 1987. Somehow in the mind of Grasha, because the crime is no longer reportable, it is libel to talk about it. #EPICFAIL. Somehow in the mind of Grasha, the 200 hours of community service never happened. Or perhaps he is just lying again to cover up the original lie from 1987?

Perhaps all the Orange County Register Articles were fabricated?

Stan Sniff really needs new friends.

As proof of his political acumen, Grasha met with Chad Bianco in January and attempted to set him up. Grasha made a public statement that he got Chad Bianco to say that he’d cover up the murders committed by Oscar Rodriguez, a deputy charged with murder in a well-known case. Grasha also indicated he went to the authorities. Grasha donated to Stan Sniff in October of 2017 several months before his meeting with Chad Bianco. Grasha appears to have concealed the fact that he is both a friend of Sniff and a donor to Sniff when he attempted to set up Mr. Bianco meeting under the false pretense of potential support. (That would be the only reason Chad would have met with Grasha)

This sort of scheming also seems consistent with a man charged with felony stalking in 2013 (although charges were indeed dropped), who is a known liar and repeat failed candidate. He lied to me about his political acumen as the articles I have on Grasha indicate as many as 8 failed campaigns for office, which is quite the opposite of the claim he made to me of his 40 year record of success. His same delusion and sense of alternate reality is on display in his rantings about taking me to court. Apparently Grasha has not been slapped around enough by life. Given that he is 59 (based on my calculation from his felony conviction at age 28 in 1987) his life patterns are set and short of a deliverance by God, nothing is going to change with him.

So why would I continue to be concerned with Steve Grasha, who apparently has limited or no credibility in the local media. (As evidenced by his attempted set up of Bianco going nowhere)

Within a couple days of Steve Grasha threatening to sue me (apparently, he has lost some civil lawsuits in the past) I was forwarded a gem. Steve Grasha and other Stan Sniff supporters including former Undertaker Valerie Hill were attempting to reassure themselves that everything is going to be OK.

Note that this group therapy session was over a week ago, before the gap widened by roughly double to the 4.35% it is at now. (Bianco sits at 36.2ish and Sniff is at 31.9ish)

Steve Grasha says the race is winnable, while true, no seasoned political operative supporting an incumbent that finishes second would be crowing about a winnable runoff. The correct phrasing would be, we need to get our message out better. We have a fight on our hands, etc. Instead Sniff blamed low voter turnout, which at 33% is the highest it has ever been when Sniff has been on the ballot.

Steve Grasha knows something about losing campaigns and losing civil lawsuits, however.

Now – the interesting part is Grasha talking about the second floor burning down and implies it is Stan Sniff against the world. This part of everything I have seen out of Grasha may actually have some truth to it. It is clear that there has become a culture of every man for himself in the second floor. I will bet money that Stan Sniff himself is making inquiries about private sector jobs.

It would also suggest why Ray Wood is making bully moves on people to try to shut off the flow of information to this blog. It would also suggest why at least Jason Horton has applied for a job with another department and his wife has withdrawn her retirement papers. Horton at age 48 is facing the real possibility of being unemployed for 2 years before being about to start his PERS retirement. There are others on the second floor in a similar predicament.

Grasha wrote – “The flames are wafting through the windows” in an attempt to wax all smart and poetic and stuff. He then goes on to blame the second floor staff for making the burning building worse “By turning up the Air Conditioning instead of putting out the fire.

No one made Steve Grasha falsify his nomination papers in 1985.

No at-will employee of Stan’s is responsible for Stan’s status as of now. They were promoted to do Stan’s bidding and that they did. They all fry together even as Stan’s good buddy Steve Grasha while trying to be smart and poetic just aired out in public that the second floor is fractured and panicking. It also reinforces the career-long pattern of Stan Sniff blaming other people for his failures.

This narrative about the Ratts scurrying off of the USS Sniff Titanic will repeat itself.

As a side personal note – apparently Mr. Grasha and Mr. Wood were not paying close enough attention to what happened after Mohammad Ali Mazarei threatened to sue me. I have plenty of items in my bag of Riverside political items to fill a novel.

As an example – here is one story about Steve Grasha’s legal maladies from the Orange County Register:

In 1987, the OC Register published the following (apologies for the  formatting as this point of posting this is to show everyone that Steve Grasha pled guilty to a felony):

A 1985 candidate for the Buena Park City Council was found guilty Wednesday of falsifying his nomination papers.

Steve Grasha28, pleaded no contest to the felony charge in North Orange County Superior Court, and Judge Kathleen E. O’Leary set sentencing for April 8.

Grasha was charged in November 1985 with listing a false address on his nomination statement.

Grasha’s attorney, deputy Public Defender Lawrence Buckley, said the judge will decide during sentencing whether to reduce thecharge to a misdemeanor.

The judge also will decide whether four remaining counts of perjury, included in the charges against Grasha because he signed the documents, will be dropped.

Grasha now lives in Palm Springs but plans to return to Buena Park to run for the City Council in November.  He said he is innocent of the

charge, but agreed to plead no contest because he did not want to risk being convicted of a felony.

“If you go through a trial and get convicted, you’re dead meat,”Grasha said. “And I didn’t want to be dead at 28 years old.  It’s going to be hard enough to get people to vote for me with a criminal record.”

Grasha finished seventh in a 14- Candidate race for three open council seats.  He said former Mayor James Jarrell made the accusation to ruin

Grasha’s chance of winning the election.  Jarrell has denied that his accusation was politically motivated.

The maximum penalty for felony falsification of election documents is three years in state prison.  Deputy District Attorney Nat Glover, however, said O’Leary ordered county probation officers to determine whether Grasha is a good risk for probation, an alternative to jail time.

Buckley said he asked the judge to reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor in exchange for the no-contest plea.  He said he was confident Grasha’s sentence would be probation, community-service work or a fine.

To Be Continued.

  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Did Steve Grasha Just Spill the Beans in his Latest Paranoid Rant?”

  1. This is another demonstration of how the sheriff is steering his tenure into an iceberg. Oblivious he is choosing to ignore HE IS THE PROBLEM. HIS MARIONETTES ARE THE PROBLEM which is why he’s so far behind Bianco.

    And Valerie…the voters are educated. They voted for Miguelito because Sniff put him there to do exactly what he anticipated voters would do: split the vote. Take voters away from Bianco. If that low level good for nothing hadn’t been on the ballot, Bianco would have been very close to the 50% mark.

    Only Sniffcompoop didn’t anticipate losing. Another example of how arrogant he is. I swear, on any given day, his minions are so far up Sniff’s ass they are practically one person.

    Where is Miguelito’s endorsement for Bianco? Brown already has.

    Oh…forgot, Miguelito would get sent to Blythe if he spoke out of turn and against Der Fürher. Sucks being a whore, eh Miguelito? Gots to sting knowing this stunt will follow your entire career.

    Sniff needs to reassess his future because it’s not going to be law enforcement after November. Those marionettes need to cut their strings too whilst they have the ability to (certainly sounds like Horton Hears a Hoo is) work a plush security job at BofA or loss prevention at Forever 21.

    And Valerie…as much respect as I had for you it breaks my heart to hear you rallying for this no good, so called sheriff of ours. I know he promoted you but DAAAYUM.



    It’s not against general orders if you tell the truth.

  2. John S. he literally was telling people he was at 53%.

  3. It’s all smoke and mirrors, my friend. Smoke and mirrors. The circus will be leaving town soon.

  4. History is about to repeat itself. Hill has hitched herself to Sniff’s regime, believing she has the political savvy to predict the outcome. Like Sniff, she has lost touch with the men and women of the Department and she is no longer relevant. Hill ran for Riverside City council several years ago, and was soundly defeated by a former CHP lieutenant. Hill believed that her time with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department would translate to political experience, but she was wrong!! As a result, Hill was handed an embarrassing defeat by a relatively unknown lieutenant. Hill does did not understand politics, but also lacked political acumen. Her backing of Sniff indicates she still lacks those requisites. Once again, a lieutenant will beat the horse she is riding.

  5. Amazing as usual ROD. This is just another example of the parasites sticking together. Like the plague they are going to be wiped out by a good old dose of AntiBioncotics.

    The Department will be back on the right path. And Miguelito finally picked the wrong partner to get in bed with. Now he has the Sniv. Now matter how hard he tries, he can’t hide the symptoms. Like itchy anus, sores around the mouth, warts on both hands, and a raw patch on his chin. He will be known as Stanley’s little puta. The little worm in the bottom of Stanley’s tequila bottle.

    Peace out to the zoo and all the idiots on Stanley’s suicide squad. Enjoy waiting to turn 50, to all the scrotums on the 2ND floor.

  6. Hey Aaron! Sir, I’d like to buy you a beer after Bianco wins. Let’s set it up! Also, can we organize something, watchmen if it were. To sit outside 4095 Lemon and watch as the herpes packs his shit? God video of that moment would be amazing!

    Blogger’s Note: I’m Sober, but Clausthaler is the best NA Beer there is.

  7. Valerie Hill was very nice to me.

    Maybe because she is retired she doesnt know the whole picture

  8. The deterioration of this administration did not happen overnight. It goes back several years to the time Hill was on the 2nd floor. Hill must be in utter denial if she discounts everything the majority of the Department feels about Sniff and still supports him. Her support of Sniff only begs the question: What is in it for her?

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