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Remember, I am putting my email and my name out in public so you don’t have to take a risk of retaliation yourself. My email is [email protected], you can remain anonymous.

We have received inquiries about Chief Deputy Geoff Chico Raya. Raya is alleged to have quite a long list of dalliances and incidents that have been covered up because he is one of Sniff’s golden boys, anyone with any info please come forward. You can remain anonymous.

This email came in from a confidential informant:

Cynthia Waite (Mayman) was a lieutenant assigned to Temecula. She was I investigated for an on-duty affair with a captain from another command. She was also accused of trying to undermine her captain with the Temecula city council in an attempt to replace him as the chief of police in Temecula. She was disciplined by the Doyle administration and moved to a different command. Doyle retired and a short time later, Waite was promoted to captain by Sniff. Despite being incompetent, it turned out that she had married a man working in the DA’s Office. This man happened to be the best friend of Sniff’s wife who also worked at the DA’s Office. Waite was promoted and given command of Jurupa Valley by Sniff  despite being disciplined during the previous 2-year profitability period. Within a short time, her staff rebelled and took a vote of no confidence in her. RSA advised Sniff and requested she be replaced. Sniff agreed to replace her as soon as the 2010 election was over and RSA agreed. He was elected and Waite was immediately sent to command the Gang Task Force when that captain was sent to the “penalty box.” Waite lasted 1 year there before she was run out by the chiefs of police in the entire county and she was sent to Southwest Detention Center. Once again, she lasted a little more than a year before being run out of there and sent to Court Services East. Her assignments after that are unknown. Just another example of Sniff promoting “favorites” who were not qualified for the job or position. 

The significance about the Cynthia Waite (Mayman) story is that she was incompetent and left in command by Sheriff Sniff. He waited until it was politically okay to move her in 2010 after a “No-Confidence” vote (which is fairly rare). It is also clear that Waite’s promotion to Captain may well have been Sniff marking his territory post Doyle.

Note, that it has come to my attention that Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood is in line to become an Assistant Sheriff should Sniff be re-elected. This is a definite nexus for why he is pursuing underhanded tactics to try and shut off information and sources to this blog. Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood was described as follows by another informant:

Pecker Ray is a total nut case. Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way. He’s a liar and a cheat. He’s begging for the next Assistant job and very well may be able to pull it off. If Stan told Ray to bend over for the spot Ray would be doing it.


Then there is this:

Lieutenant Kent Werges is a disease upon the staff of Riverside Sheriff. As a sergeant, he was GIVEN a choice assignment at S.I.B.  and screwed it up. During his tenure at S.I.B., there was a revolt among his troops. He was a terrible supervisor and had no leadership shills, and the troops recognized it. But since he had a daddy on the second floor, they promoted him to Lieutenant (a rank he has not earned). Lieutenant Werges was then sent to the Moreno Valley Station, where his incompetence continued. Lieutenant Werges was approving overtime for patrol deputies, even though the patrol Sergeants were questioning all this overtime. Lieutenant Werges would not listen to reason, and was telling his Sergeants he knows the budget. Well he did not, and his incompetence cost the City of Moreno Valley $500,000 in unjustified overtime. So in tried and true Sniff fashion, Lieutenant Werges blamed the Sergeants, and tried to blame the Corporal who was posting the overtime, even though Werges approved the posting. So the taxpayers had to pay for Werges’ mismanagement. So Lieutenant Werges kept his rank and was transferred to the Jurupa Valley Station, and while there he became involved in a disagreement with Sgt. Frank Lodes, a good man, and an excellent sergeant. During the argument, Lieutenant Werges pushed Sergeant Lodes to the ground, and Sergeant Lodes files a W/C claim for a back injury. Now, this occurred on-duty, on county property, yet the second floor continued to protect this bully and rewarded Lieutenant Werges and sent him to S.I.B. And while at S.I.B., Lieutenant Werges met with the bomb squad (of Sgt. Epps fame), and told the staff members on the team that any issues involving Sgt. Epps will be handled “in-house” and to refrain from criticism of Sgt. Epps. The executive staff continued to reward Lieutenant Werges for his bad behavior, and incompetence and transferred him to S.W.A.T. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but this guy does not deserve to be a Lieutenant. He is a plague upon the good people of R.S.O., and why Stan Sniff and his minions on the second floor continue to protect this guy is a question everyone has asked. If a manager had done what he had done in the private sector, Kent Werges would be out on his ear. But cronyism is alive and well under the regime of Stan Sniff. He protects his favorites and screws the rest of us.

Oh my – Bob Epps of the multiple documented instances that may well be felonies has popped up. As well, the SWAT Team. Yikes. In order for Epps to pull off the multiple felonies (at least that is what they look like to me) he has to have figured he had some sort of protection in order to pull them off.

Now, with this revelation – what did the second floor know about Bob Epps’ corruption and when did they know it? What does Lt Werges know about Epps corruption and the unfit K9 Handler that ended up in an ambulance from falling out of the physical fitness test? Who was Lt. Werges “Daddy” on the Second Floor?

Cynthia Waite (Mayman) is retired. Her story is one of many about the cronyism that has characterized the Stan Sniff regime. All of this stuff speaks to the shattered morale of the department and its’ internal corruption. You will not see stuff like this in the local press. Stay tuned to Riverside Confidential on the Right on Daily Blog.

  3 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Cronyism, Favoritism and Corruption Exposed (Captain Waite, Lt. Kent Werges and Sgt. Bob Epps)”

  1. Mayman was as incompetent as they come, she got busted banging Captain Chris Davis, he gets transferred from his assignment and after Sniff gets appointed to sheriff by the BOS, she gets promoted to captain. All the rest is accurate, she was such a horrible captain, she almost had a mutiny on her hands. Werges was the pole smoking buddy of Mitch Alm, who was another idiot promoted to chief by Sniff. There are actually numerous examples of Werges’ stupidity and maybe someone will share about the discrimination case he had on him at SIB that was covered up by Sniff’s administration.

    Sniff’s administration is corrupt and Sniff is a LIAR.

  2. Mayman was a train wreck at JVS! Only in RSO and under Sniff can someone get a vote of no confidence and be sent to run the Gang Task Force.

  3. Frank Lodes is a damn good man! There aren’t many Sgt’s in RSO that could hold his jock. I’m surprised Lodes didn’t break it off in Werges.

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