Jun 122018

That’s right folks, on Camera, Sabrina Cervantes’ Father stole one of Billy Essayli’s flyers.

The Sniff lackeys at the Riverside Press Enterprise actually did a story about this.

Essayli campaign Communications Director Matt Shupe … said[SIC] “the evidence clearly demonstrates that only one campaign is guilty of these dirty tactics.”

The incident, which was recorded on a front-door security camera (and posted on Essayli’s Facebook page) took place June 2 in Eastvale, according to the Essayli campaign.

A sheriff’s spokeswoman could not confirm if a report was filed. Shupe said the report “won’t be available for a while.

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you will remember a post dated 5/2/2018 entitled, Stan Sniff Update: When Losing, Create an Orchestrated “Event” to Inspire Victimhood. Not only did your intrepid blogger accurately predict Stan Sniff’s electoral disaster of 6/5/2018 a month earlier – but the sign caper that never was becomes relevant once again.

Even though Kevin Bowling Ball Vest never retracted the lie over the non-event, it was determined to be a set up and nothing came of it. See here for the follow up post on the sign caper.

Regarding the sign caper:

You will see that at 20:42 ( 8:42 PM ) the case was closed NORA – Unfounded. Note that at 21:48 it was re-opened. (That is 9:48 PM) then closed again for the final time at 9:49 PM specifically to convert it from a NORA to an actual police report. It is obvious that the responding deputy was ordered to do this.

Then Sniff sent a forensic team, an investigator along with two deputies to the scene of the Sign Non-Issue.

Now – we have a news story (note that the sign thing did not make the local rag) regarding a proven and confirmed instance of campaign malfeasance and Sniff’s office could not be bothered to issue a report on it.

It gets worse.

Gregorio Cervantes – the man who stole Billy Essayli’s flyer Gave Stan Sniff $1,000 on 11/5/2017. Gregorio used to work for now supervisor Manny Perez and he is a left-wing political activist. Could that $1,000 check to the Sniffmeister be contributing to the report “Taking a while”? Inquiring bloggers want to know.

And, some people wonder why I call Stan Sniff the Crooked Sheriff.

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  1. Every time I think there isn’t anything else ROD can dig up, you bust out more evidence. Sniff is as dirty as a transients ass crack. What’s next, he was the second shooter on the grassy knoll? ROD can find dirt in a blizzard.

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