May 152018

We’ve all heard by now that Travis Allen has donated money to Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown. We’ve all heard the absurd rationalization over those checks.

I’ve long believed from personal experience that Travis Allen is out of control personally and that is a bigger reason than most others why we can not trust him in office.

76300TP 6/27/2004 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
83014UV 1/31/2005 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
24375HA 9/7/2007 Failure to obey traffic sign, Display vehicle front and rear license plates, Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility
16152JM 10/4/2008 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
HB2968180 5/28/2009 Unsafe speed for prevailing condition
85944LP 12/23/2009 Driving across, over or upon divided highways
Unknown 8/16/2010 Speeding – occurred in Imperial County
SB320704 3/24/2011 No evidence of current registration
27902NS 4/14/2011 Driving vehicle without possession of license, No person shall drive any motor vehicle with material on windshield obstructing or reducing driver’s view
37110HN 11/5/2011 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
IRM430702IA 3/15/2012 Seatbelt violation

Allen’s numerous traffic violations were covered on the OC Political blog.

HEADLINE: Travis Allen’s Lead Foot

I was surprised to find the sheer number of tickets 72nd Assembly District Candidate Travis Allen has achieved in the last 8 years. Allen received tickets on 10 occasions for 14 offenses
in the last 8 years in Orange County.

He was convicted, forfeited his bail, or was sent to traffic school for 8 of these offenses.

There were 4 more offenses on 3 occasions that were dismissed after Allen provided proof of correction. One more was outright dismissed. The last one is a still-pending seat belt ticket
he received 8 days after entering the race for Assembly.

In other words, of Allen’s 14 offenses in 8 years, one is still pending, and one was dismissed outright. That leaves 12 offenses where Allen was convicted, forfeited his bail, was sent to
traffic school, or had to provide proof of correction., May 7, 2012 <<< since deleted as were most negative posts on that site. Thank God for archives.

I have not pulled records from the last 6 years, but I’d lay odds there are more. AS a bonus, I am including a lawsuit Travis Ethan Allen lost over an accident:

The Orange County Superior Court online database showed one civil case with Allen as the defendant. The case, Morgan v. Allen (Case #01CC00750) was filed on 1/10/2001 and appears tobe a personal injury/auto accident claim. The case was dismissed with prejudice on 1/4/2002. Most of the case file was destroyed by the courts, but there is one document that remained – an Award of Arbitrator from December 2001 showing that defendant Travis Ethan Allen was ordered to pay $10,500 to plaintiff Laura Morgan.

Tax Liens. Democrat Donations. Horrendous Absenteeism. This man looks like he is completely out of control.

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