May 092018

Yes sir. Business as usual for Stan Sniff. Terminate the innocent and promote the guilty. I have two sources, both requesting confidentiality from within the department.

Allow me to excerpt our original post on the subject:

Jason Gore – This one is a big deal. He is married to Jessica Gore who is Stan Sniff’s executive assistant who works alongside Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the second floor. (I never knew her damn name until recently) Jason Gore’s name is all over the report. Unsurprisingly, he refused to admit guilt, even though it is clear he got “help” from three different people including Brandon Frank who freely admitted he violated department procedure. There is a widely held opinion that one of the primary reasons for covering up this cheating scandal was to keep Gore’s name out of the public eye. Connecting Gore to the scandal would have landed the scandal in Stan Sniff’s office. Welcome. Gore is reputed to have quietly gotten some minor discipline related to this.

Please click here for REPORT Page 1,

the REPORT Page 2

and REPORT Page 3 of Jason Gore’s Interview. (the pages are linked individually – so click each link)

Cheating on an advancement exam is a termination-eligible offense. It is the opinion of this blogger that this reeks of cronyism with regard to Jason Gore appearing to only get a slap on the wrist and within a short time getting promoted. It helps when your wife is a taxpayer funded legislative liaison for the Sheriff.

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  1. Well the Pitchess Motion has been filed!!!! I know folks at P.S.B. and the second floor are shaking their heads if they received it. Yes it is overwhelming but it’s the truth!!! Don’t be mad at me for grabbing my balls and standing up for myself. My legal team is just scratching the surface. Anyone else that has been done dirty stand tall and grab your balls. I want to thank one department member for putting me in touch with the right person when all of this shit went down. He knows who he is.

    It has been a long two years but when all is said and done nobody can say “Darkman” isn’t battle tested. Aaron if I can I will send you a copy.

  2. Darkman keep up the good fight. Remember no matter how much they lie and try to keep stuff quiet the truth always comes out.

  3. @ Aaron F. Park you should do a story about now retired Correctional Lieutenant Pat Nash. He was allegedly caught outside an adult book store smacking his twig and berries. It’s rumored RPD busted him. He wasn’t arrested or taken to jail for 314 (indecent exposure). Everything was covered up. He was transferred to another facility as punishment.

    After that incident, which was allegedly the second time, no one wanted to shake his hand. They would give him the fist bump only. Again, par for the scratch and sniff crew.

    It’s fucking ridiculous how there is such a double standard with these 2ND floor pieces of trash. Fuck you Stan and your crypt keeper skin. And the suck ass, fruit loop, tea bagging,carpet munching parasites you call admin. Like the tick and leaches they are they will have to try and survive without their host come June.

  4. Love those Pitchess Motions especially when a Department does paper on a Golden Boy thinking they covered themselves by doing so, but took no action, but did so in like cases to others.

    Even better when more severe discipline has been handed down for lower violations.

    Better when you can find criminal violations where no action was taken but terminations on simple policy violations.

    Good stuff in disparate treatment cases.

    I hope Darkman targets the brass not just the clowns in Internal Affairs.

    Amazing how those assholes with stars can’t explain anything under cross examination from a GOOD lawyer.

    Set the stage for perjury with those clowns. Pretty easy to do.

  5. Darkman, I hear everyone on the 2nd floor and 2 investigators are very nervous about this pitches motion, especially since one was caught up in this scandal and the other had been previously terminated from the Dept.

    The cheatgate scandal is the same thing that happens every testing cycle and for all ranks. Inc. Colmer said it best… It’s how the dept operates. Look at Danny Young. Getting LT questions from a chief. And Kent and the dept having to readminister a flipping captains exam. That’s SOP. Also, the rule of 6 and how the sheriff promotes people is another ridiculous subject all together. People get promoted and 20 people in front of them, more qualified and tested better, do not get promoted. What’s the purpose of a list if you are just going to promote people off the second page! Remember when the took PURVIS skipping more qualified LT’S. The cheatgate scandal make good reading, but it’s a lot more hype than anything and no one deserves to be fired for it or promoted from it.

    The only way to stop this from occurring to to change how the test is administered. Otherwise, this will continue.

  6. I am all ears of folks want to sit down with me and my legal team. Two attorneys, two private investigators and forensic analyst. Yes a country boy from the back woods of Alabama stood up to this huge department .Speaking of Alabama my grandparents and great grandparents would have been proud of me for fighting the injustice. Especially during election time. Everyone get out and vote on June 5th, 2018 don’t be one of those people that complain about shit and didn’t vote. My grandparents told me the horror stories growing up about people getting lynched for trying to vote. Folks wanted me to shut up but those same folks go get a copy of the declaration for the Pitchess Motion and then talk to me. If folks know me one thing they will tell you is I am not afraid.

  7. True Story Darkman – my Father was born in Little Rock Arkansas. He registered Republican at age 21 (back then that was the voting age) because he despised the KKK and the racism of the dem party. My Father is turning 80 next week.

  8. What does an 60 something Sheriff taste like? ask “sgt” Gore. Hope this fuck becomes my Sgt and tries counseling me. No respect coming you cheat

  9. It sounds like RPDC is getting shit on again by Sniff. First he dumps that slimeball cheater Aaron Kent on us because he is best friends with the big fat headed Assistant Sheriff who helped him cheat. And now we get another cheater when he promotes and sends Gore here as a sergeant to tell all of us the difference between right and wrong…. I’ll bet Sniff got a nice little hug and kiss from his personal assistant for this promotion. Maybe Sniffy will send out a picture of him with his hands all over Gore’s wife just like he has with all those other guy’s wives.


  10. Darkman if this case goes to a Civil Service hearing waive your right to privacy and let this case become a public one. DEMAND it.

    The Department can’t hind behind confedentiality and misdeeds will be exposed in a public forum.

    When you subpoena the Stars everyone gets to REALLY see how awesome they are NOT.

    Quite educational for those wanting to learn real world corruption.

    Put written transcripts and depositions on the web. It’s a KILLER for the liars and good fodder for others.

    We did it to former San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops who got caught helping a suspect who killed one of our Detectives in a off duty traffic accident in Irvine, Ca.

    Hoops passed on confidential information to the driver of the car who was politically connected.

    It was quite the scandal but the wife of the Detective was having none of it.

    Hoops was subpoenad in the wrongful death suit.

    Hoops anonymous minions tried to trash all involved.

    When Hoops deposition was posted for the world to read for themselves Hoops retired 3 months later.

    Hoops was only into his second year of his first term.

    Hoops ass got hammered in cyber space.

    Hoops deposition was one pathetic pile o shit for a supposed LE leader who was a living legend in his mind.

  11. I would not hold my breath, or have high expectations of getting anything helpful from the Department under any motion filed. When you request to see your I-File, you view it on the second floor under a watchful eye. But your discipline file is separate from your I-File, and have to make a separate request. So when you go down to I.A. to view it, they will ask you what I.A. investigation you want to review, and they will come back with a copy of the I.A. investigation on a C.D. They don’t want you to view any notes (from the detectives, or management staff) attached to the file. Granted under POBAR, you are entitled to view your file, but I guess the term “POBAR” are just some fancy letters to “Riverside Country” and they don’t have to comply with the law. I just wonder how far the Board of Supervisors is willing for this nonsense to continue because in the end, it’s the board that will eventually be held accountable. Granted the Sheriff is an elected official, but they are the final authority, when it comes to county government.

  12. Yes Homer SBSD has the RED file which contains crap that goes WAY beyond 5 years. Could go your entire career. Dating back many moons.

    But the question is can they use it in COURT?? Doubtful since it violates state law.

    Guess they could share that with the CIA, NSA, and others dressed in black.

    Seriously what are they going to do it Court?

    Oh yes we have stuff from 10 years ago on Deputy X?

    It’s only going to work if YOU have a limp dick POA lawyer who doesn’t challenge it.

  13. It’s obvious you were neglected in your upbringing Kenny because you are missing the point. It’s not about what they can and can’t use, it’s about following the law that is required from the Reich Chancellery (AKA second floor). Yes the department has PERS investigations from the late 1960’s, which no one cares about, but what about a PERS that’s a year or two old and you request to see the file, and they say no, but give you a copy of what they want you to have. Under POBAR you have the right to view your file, but they violate the law and tell you no. So what part of 3300 do you (and those in the Wolf’s Lair) not understand Kenny? So if they violate that law, what other labor laws will the second floor violate for their benefit. It all goes to accountability, and integrity, which appears to be lacking in the management unit. And as for your conspiracy theories homie, you need to up your meds before they book you ETS.

    Please let’s stay on point here, it’s about a change in management that is the real aim of this campaign. All the deputies are asking for is solid leadership, which they are not getting from the current management team. The majority of the tools they are promoting are only in it for themselves and are not looking to make the Department a better place to work. Granted there are some good people that have been promoted, but they are outnumbered by the political appointees.

  14. Mr. Pyle I wasn’t trying to take away from your message i was simply adding to it based on experience. So your insulting comments were unwarranted.

    I would agree a change in management is needed because if Bianco doesnt win you can rest assured the 2nd floor crew will not rest until they find out who you and the rest of the naysayers are and SCREW you like never seen before. You can take that to the bank.

    Now for the record i am 100% behind the rank and file.

    If you want to continue to be a sarcastic ass you can.

    Contact Aaron he has a message for you.

    Good day.

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