May 162018

When you feel trapped, like there is nowhere to go… you need a straw man. It is kind of like a dope fiend that needs someone else to blame for their monkey. Apparently when Jack Duran was beached in his campaign headquarters he determined that this was the next move for his campaign… (When he was not shaking down developers and pot lobbyists for more cash)

Jack Duran has attacked the City of Roseville and now has gone in to the bottom of the liberal democrat trial lawyer well – BASH TRUMP!

I think Stone Cold Stenhouse and Bobby Haswell missed the memo that Trump’s numbers are at all time highs, including amongst democrats. DOH!

I did not know Donald Trump cared about Placer County Supervisorial District One. But, Alas, here he is!

As we turn the mailer over, we are treated to the standard Democrat playbook…

  1. Bonnie Gore is a racist like Trump
  2. All the sudden dems care about the debt again and it is all Bonnie’s fault
  3. She opposed school bonds and the transportation tax (the Horror!)
  4. And the usual, if you take a government trip you are scum. (Hey, wait, hasn’t Jack gone on some too?)

I think Jack Duran was abducted by aliens with Blond Toupees and they did really horrible things to him or something. Perhaps Duran was smoking some of that weed he wanted to grow in his backyard…

PRESIDENT Trump (Repeat that as many times as necessary) won Placer County. PRESIDENT Trump also won Placer County Sup District 1. Even if this mailer was targeted to democrats and communists, it is a high risk move from a high risk candidate.

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