May 212018

It is not just on the hard right where I experience people drinking their own Kool-Aid. Gavin Newsom has a text message system where he loaded in the voter database and he has volunteers sending out semi-customized form texts all over the state.

Newsom is attempting to turn around the Trump endorsement of Cox. It is my opinion that they are bugging Republicans in an attempt to boost Cox in to the top two, similar to attacking Mr. Cox for being a “Conservative Businessman”, Pro-NRA and Pro-Trump. Meantime, Antonio Villiariagosa and his lackeys in the Charter School Association are savaging John Cox in the misguided notion that attacking Cox will drive GOP voters to Antonio.

Newsom should train his staff better, unless they were seeking out the responses they are getting.

What a mess the jungle primary is.

These text messages are, however priceless. 

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