May 212018

Sheriff Stan Sniff has no platform from which to make any judgments about the County Budget. Let’s start in order of what we’ve chronicled about Stan Sniff and the County Budget:

We warned about the FY 2018 fiscal disaster coming on 11/15/2017.

We did an expose’ on a $104,000 (now over $120K a year) position dedicated to Legislative Affairs. That job is currently held by the wife of Jason Gore, a central figure in the cheating scandal, who is also high on the list to be “Friend of Stan” promoted to Sergeant.  Mrs. Gore and another county employee known as Eggplant Yvonne haul down a cool $250K between them (in total compensation). Both are reputed to be actively engaged in campaign related activity during business hours.

In 2011, Stan Sniff threatened mass layoffs and empty jail space to try and gain leverage in a county budget negotiation.

In 2016 Stan Sniff raked in $335K in total compensation!

In 2015, the overtime problem and the resulting budget issues came to light.

ON 2/8/2018 – we introduced you to the infamous Leonard Purvis and the machinations of Stan Sniff to sabotage the KPMG Audit.

Stan Sniff: I will leave the new jail empty. That’s right, he said it.

Even after getting another $18 Million from the County for the Department, Sniff Could not stop whining.

The consequences of Stan Sniff’s Jail Decisions, Empty Space, Fed Kicks and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits.

Even back in 2009, Sniff was getting blasted for things like $52-$60 an hour part time jobs that were costing Hundreds of Thousands out of the budget.

We learned that Rancho Mirage got affected negatively by decisions made allegedly related the the budget excuse.

Frank Drone Boy Taylor and overpriced drones, with cost overruns and undisclosed conflicts of interest? 

And there is this:

3039 total offenders*

375 in current violation*

*California Department of Justice – Megan’s Law Database, December 2017

Sheriff Stan Sniff is unaware of the location of at least 375 court-certified sex offenders.

More than 12% of all the registered sex offenders in Riverside County have gone missing and the sheriff has failed to correct this embarrassing threat to our children and wives.

To put this into perspective, even Hemet, the crime violent crime Capitol of Riverside County has only lost track of 4% of their registered sex offenders.

Sniff has lost track of sex offenders at a rate three times that of Hemet.

Crime remains at unacceptable levels throughout Riverside County even as the Sheriff plays politics with Jail Staffing and staffing levels at key county sheriff stations.

Stan Sniff can not look at anyone and claim fiscal responsibility. The myriad scandals, many that relate to milking pay and misappropriating County Resources will be detailed again in future posts. Suffice to say, the scandals add an exclamation point to the disaster that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Office under Stan Sniff’s leadership.

Sheriff Sniff continually blames others for his inability to effectively manage and lead the Sheriffs Department while failing to keep Riverside County residents safe. Meantime, the Sheriff Sniff department is overrun with corruption and cover-ups. What else are we going to find out about Stan Sniff’s department?

Remember, as always we will talk to anyone with information and you can remain anonymous.

  3 Responses to “An Anthology Of Posts Related to Stan Sniff’s Legacy of Fiscal Mismanagement, Empty Jail Space, Hundreds of Sex Offenders on the Loose”

  1. @Aaron F. Park keep it up. I look forward to seeing your messages daily. Sometimes multiple time daily. I especially love when people comment and add to the stories. It’s even better when they are Department members. You know the ones who actually have a pair of balls and don’t stand around and say,”One day, I’m going to be a real boy!” Sorry if you can’t keep it real on this blog your never going to leave Neverland.

    I bet Stanley wakes up and reads your blog and goes ape shit. He probably says in his Elmer Fudd voice, “Aaron F. Park, you wascally wabbit. I’m going to get you if it’s the last thing I do.”

  2. There is definitely one particular sex offender Stanley keeps track of and that is the one he pays to make his slate mailers. Many people in Riverside County have received two of the same mailers from Stanley’s sex offender friend. Stanley also bought a full page mailer to send out, but every single law enforcement person listed who he claims endorses him are all old retired guys, some from more than 20 years ago. He does not have even one currently employed cop listed, whether it be police chief or sheriff. The reason why is because there are none who endorse him.

    He’s got old retired guys like Cois Byrd who hasn’t been in office since 1994. Stanley your list of supporters is very embarrassing, I almost feel sorry for you. You really need to just go retire and grow dates in the desert or something, but you are no longer wanted here. Farewell Stanley and your marionettes……June 5th is right around the corner

  3. Does it worry any of our contract city leaders to hear Stan Sniff constantly threatening to close down stations if the BOS doesn’t give him more money? Talk about a shakedown, this elected official publicly makes threats so he can obtain more money, sounds like extortion to me. The most recent threat I heard was that he plans to close down Elsinore Station and service the area from Perris Station. There are other stations he has been threatening to close as well.

    I think he expects the city leaders to hear the threats and then put pressure on the BOS, in other words, have them do his dirty work for him. It really is time for Sniff to go, it’s time for him find some hobbies that the taxpayers don’t have to pay for.

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