Apr 302018

Travis Allen attacked the Tea Party! See the embedded link. Apparently some of the brain donors that hatched this conspiracy have not see the advertisements on this blog since January for Cox for Governor. #FACEPALM

Well, Randall Jordan, the facilitator for the Tea Party California Caucus

Dear Fellow Tea Party Members and Supporters:
I know this is politics, but I am sickened by an anonymous scam artist calling himself “Silence is no voice”.  This person has created a Facebook page for “Cox” volunteers, claimed that Cox paid off the Tea Party California Caucus for its endorsement and that I had donated $900 to his campaign for Governor.
1. The Tea Party Caucus does not endorse in ANY race.  So, he could not “buy” an endorsement.
2. Cox did donate $1,000 the TPCC to be a sponsor of a conference we held, “The Real Resistance”, in the summer of 2017.
3. Contrary to the scamsters statement I am NOT a member of the CRP Executive Committee.
4. I did not donate $900 to the initiative campaign for a “Neighborhood Legislature” in February, 2017. Nor did I donate to Cox for his race for Governor
5. The person behind this is obviously trying to confuse conservatives and create chaos among our dedicated activists.  Please let me know who is passing these rumors and we will contact them.
The Tea Party California Caucus is holding a conservative coalition dinner on Friday night at the convention.  It will be at Phils BBQ, near the hotel.  For more information and to buy your ticket, go here: http://www.teapartycc.com/dinner_s2018
Our Featured speaker will the America One newscaster and anchor, Graham Ledger. This is an opportunity to meet and network with like minded conservative leaders and activists.
On Saturday the TPCC is sponsoring a conference, “2019 and Beyond for the Republican Party”.  Amon the speakers will be Jon Fleischman, Linda Paine and Steve Frank.  Woody Woodrum will be hosting.
See you next week in San Diego!!
Randall Jordan
Chairman Tea Party California Caucus

When marginal candidates realize they are losing they go in to a state of feuge where they start flying apart at the seams and trying to take anyone and everyone down with them. Travis Allen’s sexualized emotional manipulation has gotten to the place where the results are toxic. Good people who are innocent and non-combatants are getting savaged.

Today, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers endorsed John Cox. It will not be long before there are public attacks beyond the small facebook group grumblings attacking Jarvis for their choice.

“HJTA PAC Board of Directors was impressed by Cox, who has been an important coalition partner in the gas/car tax repeal effort. Jon Coupal further stated that ‘John Cox has demonstrated an ability to work with a broad spectrum of people to accomplish difficult and important goals and to articulate a limited government and pro-property rights message.’”

Travis Allen is also melting down over the increasing questions being asked about his horrendous attendance as an Assemblymember.

In fact, Travis Allen who has been campaigning on a Voter ID Law did not even show up to present his own bill!!! See the embedded tweet from the chairman of the elections committee.

To top it off, Travis Allen missed a Televised Debate, showing up late as is his custom to campaign events. He was 2 hours late to the Sacramento GOP endorsing meeting and has been 15-30 minutes late to events consistently.

In 2015 – Travis Allen missed 25% of the votes in the Assembly.

In the Assembly, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, R-Oceanside, did not vote 14.9 percent of the time on the floor, and Assemblywoman Nora Campos, D-San Jose, had a nonvote percentage of 10.9 percent. In committee action, Assembly members Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, and Roger Hernández, D-Baldwin Park, did not vote about a quarter of the time.

Was Travis out buying dinner tickets for $1000 to Jerry Brown or $250 to Brad “Impeachment” Sherman?

In 2016 – Travis Allen took Per-Diem 36 Times when he was absent (meaning he likely was absent more than the 36 times documented here)

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351


Is Travis Allen a serious candidate? Or, does he in the middle of a mid-life crisis where he needs to feel important?


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  1. I saw Travis Allen speak today in Sacramento-Republican Women Federated ‘Whistle Stop (Candidates day). Allen was cheerleader and grandstanding again…second time I have seen him do this. He had 5 minutes to speak and took 12. The timer could not get him to stop. People at the head tables were telling him his time was up and stop. I told him ‘Travis Sum It Up’….but he continued about some 5 point plan. Then people at my table started calling him an “Idiot” and one fellow ask me if Travis Allen is all ways this ‘Odd’… Indeed it was ‘odd’.

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