Apr 102018

I 100% concur with Omar Navarro’s take in his comments. With some exceptions, the people I have dealt with that are Travis Allen supporters have been like a pack of rabid dogs. As it becomes clearer that Travis Allen is not getting the kind of Traction he saw himself getting they are getting worse. I’ve had people in the Travis Allen camp attack my wife and my Father in addition to me. Travis Allen is launching an emotional appeal similar to a cult leader, imbuing people with a false hope that he is going to save them and is almost 100% reliant on fire and brimstone with his good looks added in and the results are toxic.

I do know that most all of Travis’ supporters will go home and will do their part to sabotage John Cox if Cox makes the runoff. This is the sort of scorched earth that marginal candidates that get a little bit of traction engage in.

Then there is this from Omar Navarro who is running against Maxine Waters. He has little chance of beating Waters, but that has not stopped a pack of rabid dogs from going after him because he is supporting John Cox. Navarro, not one to back down from a bully, lit Travis Allen up good on social media.

Omar Navarro

To Travis Allen:

Tell your supporters to worry about the Democrats instead of taking cheap jabs at Republicans running for California.

I won’t be bullied by anyone into endorsing any candidate. I endorse because it’s my fee will. At this point Travis Allen’s Campaign has been campaigning against me a Republican running against Maxine Waters.

This tells two things Travis Allen is weak candidate that needs to bully people for support. I been at Rallies and Protests since 2015 supporting Donald J. Trump who is now our President. I been attacked for going out. When has Travis gone out? What happened to the Travis who wasn’t tied to Trump in 2016? When Travis was endorsing David Hadley a Republican in my district. Who denounced Trump. What happened to that Travis? Cox might not of voted for Trump but he’s supportive now. I rather see no Republican then have someone using the movement for personal gain.

I been going to Council meetings across California before the Trump movement was in existence. I was 19 years of age. Now I’m 29 years age. I’m running the most corrupt politician in the country. One thing I promise you. I won’t be bullied by no one or members of my own party who don’t respect the freedom of choice. My family escaped communism for freedom of choice.

So Travis Allen. Take a hike

I hit harder when you hit hard

Continue to send cronies to attack me.

I’ll tell people in the 43rd not to vote for you.

Hey Omar – you just earned my endorsement. You rock.

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