Apr 122018
From the Desk of Congressman Doug LaMalfa
April 12, 2018

Dear Fellow Republican,

Imagine what we would think of someone who snuck out the back door of the Alamo and took the ammunition with him.

Well, meet Travis Allen.

The initiative campaign to Repeal the Gas Tax Increase is in its final 3 weeks of signature-gathering and supporters have all united their efforts to put every available dollar into signature-gathering so that this initiative is successful.

Everyone, of course, but Travis Allen.

For months, Travis Allen raised money into a campaign account ostensibly to collect signatures for his own failed gas tax initiative effort. He continued to fundraise right up until the deadline to submit signatures. But then he never filed a single signature, and he kept the $87,000 he had left over in his failed initiative account.

Since that failed initiative expired, he has raised another $300,000 into that very same old account. Those of us who are supporting the gas tax repeal initiative would hope that Mr. Allen would help us finish qualifying the real initiative that is sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and backed by Congressional Republicans.

That $300,000 would have easily qualified the current measure, but instead of passing it on to the real gas tax repeal committee, he is using those dollars to run hundreds of thousands of dollars of self-promoting radio ads that begin “This is candidate for Governor Travis Allen”.

Of course, the gas tax repeal campaign is not the Alamo. I am convinced we will qualify the gas tax repeal despite Travis Allen diverting $300,000 away from the effort that could’ve helped the signature drive.

It will qualify because so many others have been good partners. We put any self-interests aside and are working for the common good of taxpayers and California, which this honest initiative being successful will do.

We still need your help to close out strong and hope you will help get the gas tax repeal on the ballot.  To contribute or download a petition, go to the real website – GiveVotersAVoice.com – because the rest of us are working to actually repeal the gas tax.


Congressman Doug LaMalfa

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