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We’ve been using Captain Jason Huskey and the Palm Desert Station as a poster child for the fiscal disaster that is Stan Sniff’s legacy at the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

We’ve detailed the disaster that is the Palm Desert Station featuring deputy comments about the equipment. It was relayed to us that after our first graphic, unedited expose’ on the Palm Desert Station that new computers are being brought in.

Rancho Mirage City Council Candidate Michael Harrington has been railing on the conditions at the Palm Desert Station and has even been threatened by Captain Jason Huskey because of his outspoken criticism of the state of the equipment there.

You will note that they are spending money on cosmetic improvements, but not on fixing the broken down vehicles or the broken equipment in the station. Going to Fry’s and getting a couple new computers does not count. Oh wait, they can’t go to Fry’s for Computers or to the local garage to get the cars fixed, they have to use the extremely overpriced county maintenance facility and procurement process! (More on that grotesque waste of taxpayer money soon)

Recently, I was alerted to a staffing surge coming out of the Palm Desert Station.

There are 3 beats in the City of Rancho Mirage – usually patrolled by 2 Deputies each. As of Friday 3/23/2018, there suddenly were 4 Deputies per beat, a Motorcycle Deputy, a School Resource Officer, and 2 Community Service Officers on the job.

Where has that been all along? Are they patrolling in the dilapidated cars?

Palm Desert Station has 5 Beats. All are now covered, despite the past practice of rotating coverage. Normally 3-4 Deputies are on Patrol supplemented by Mandatory Overtime.

Now – there are 5 Deputies on Patrol, Plus a a Roving Corporal, Plus 3 Motorcycle Cops, a K9 Unit, 2 School Resource Officers, 2 Community Resource Officers, plus one Special Enforcement Team Deputy.

However, there is no boost to the rural area which is the size of Rhode Island, it is still only patrolled by 2 deputies.

In a previous post, we lit up Captain Tripod over a caper where she realized she had 400 hours of overtime that had been billed and not used. The problem with public budgeting is that if you do not spend all of your money, you lose it. This practice is called “Baseline Budgeting” and encourages fraud and waste. Your next year budget is set based off of your current year’s usage… this furthers the spending addiction of government. It is possible that Captain Huskey and Sheriff Sniff are burning up unused overtime hours.

See the embedded text message from a deputy. BWC = Body Worn Cameras. Remember, we blasted Sheriff Stan Sniff for siding with the ACLU on immigration, sanctuary cities and body cameras. You will see that the equipment is malfunctioning. What would the ACLU say if they knew their vaunted Body Cameras were not working?

Jan Harnick is a Republican Candidate running for supervisor out in District 5 where Jerry Brown Appointed extreme left wing liberal democrat activist Manny Perez is running for his first election.

Harnick committed two fatal mistakes that show her judgement is impaired. Similar to so many I have met within the Republican “Cool Kids Table”, Harnick’s deep inner fear of rocking the boat has overtaken her judgement.

She was confronted with the state of affairs in the Palm Desert Station complete with all of the deputy comments about the disaster at Palm Desert Station. At a 3/5 Event, she said in public that the Palm Desert Station “Has the best training and equipment”. I write this again, she was told otherwise and presented with evidence, long before we had the photographs of the dilapidated vehicles. It is clear that Sniff ordered window dressing and ass-covering band-aids be put on the Palm Desert Station due to the scrutiny of the conditions there, but they exist system-wide within the Sheriff’s Office. However, Jan Harnick would have been able to see the truth had she bothered to look.

Despite claiming that she was not going to take a position in the Sheriff’s Race, she met with Sheriff Sniff for three hours (ostensibly about the budget) and came out of the meeting spouting his talking points.

It is easy to support the status quo. It is what I’ve been treated to repeatedly by Republican leadership.

I’d rather be tortured by ISIS than vote for a democrat, but I have very low expectations for Jan Harnick and doubt she has the courage to take out a hamburger from the drive-thru let alone the endemic corruption that has beset the Sheriff’s Department. If I had a vote in Riverside’s Sup D5, I don’t know what I’d do.

You won’t see articles like this about the real conditions under Stan Sniff’s leadership in the Desert Sun or the Riverside Press-Enterprise. You will here on RightonDaily.

Stay tuned, because the legacy of failure of Stan Sniff will continue to be exposed.

P.S. If Captain Huskey had any integrity, he’d retire and go in to his law practice full time. His performance is an embarrassment.

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  13 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Palm Desert Station Coverup? Did Stan Sniff Order More Patrols? Are They Making Cosmetic Improvements to Cover Things Up?”

  1. Oh my God I so want to comment on this bull shit!!!! How about the fact that all the patrol sergeants have less than a year on patrol and are afraid to say something. Or afraid to make a decision!

  2. Why in the world do the carpets have to be replaced? That station isn’t even 10 years old. With all the issues with equipment, vehicles and body armor that should have been updated or replaced. One would think interior design funds could be redirected for something more important like keeping your employees safe.

  3. Sniff thought he was having a bad day getting caught covering up another sex offender scandal. . . . It just got so much worse for him!

    Bianco has released his FIRST tv ad

    Sniff is going down!

    Please share with your friends and family, post on FB, Instagram, Blogs, etc.

  4. I was at the press conference given by investigator Luis Bolanos regarding Deputy Kevin Duffy. It was very interesting to see how many men in suits with hidden badges were there taking pictures of attendants.

  5. Sniff doesn’t give a damn about policing the county areas because he can’t recoup any of the money for the deputies who are working county beats. He wants all the man hours used in contract cities so he can recoup the extra money from the outrageous fees he charges the contract cities (I heard the fee recently increased to $180+ per hour). Even paying the deputies time and a half to use contract city hours, he is still able to pocket twice the amount he is paying the deputies.

    It’s crazy how he gouges these cities with high prices. His method of contractual agreements for a certain amount of man hours has turned out to be very lucrative and that’s why you always see these contract cities “burning” hours as they get closer to the end of their fiscal year. Sniff is responsible for the horrible culture in this department where they think they have to spend every penny, whether it’s necessary or not, or they will get shorted the next year. With that said, you will see unnecessary expenditures, such as, new carpet where it’s not necessary, because they have this false belief that they just have to spend that money.

    Its fiscal irresponsibility and its sucking the life blood out of this county. There needs to be a paradigm shift and this department needs new leadership very soon.

  6. The ignorance of these comments is staggering. You guys have no idea how budgets or contract city billing works.

  7. Al, seen them for years only ask for so much in this class to fund staff even though it’s was only 75-80 % of what was needed. We will ask for new furniture and not buy and rob from that class of funds later. Contract cities your legally not allowed to make a profit from. That’s why the BOS wants to go away from the large cities law suits kill you.

    The biggest problem I see is the dept spent 46 million on KPMG who if you read has large fraud law suits against them.

  8. The department spent $46m? Your facts are wrong again. . The board of supervisors lit that money on fire against the sheriff’s recommendation. Keep up with the story if you intend to debate it properly. KPMG study has been a complete failure.

  9. posting an article from the Press-Enterprise whose bias towards Stan Sniff is palpable – is akin to asking Sex Offenders about the age of consent. Sniff is a complete disaster and failure fiscally, ethically and otherwise. Trying to pick at the edges will avail you guys nothing.

    We’ve detailed a ton of fraud, waste and abuse that has occurred under Sniff’s tenure and this is a CLEAR NEXUS for why Sniff is fighting against KPMG so much. A real open audit would expose even more corruption. We’ve still got a lot of time together and I am patient.

  10. The biggest problem I see is a pissing match between Stan Sniff for control versus everyone else. Sniff is a train wreck and the broken down equipment and thrashed cars is a nice visual to illustrate the unmitigated disaster that defines his tenure.

  11. But that stupid cart Reptile Purvis drives Sniff around in those fundraisers is in good order. They all have the latest and greatest equipment on the 2nd Floor and well maintained take home cars.

    Look, most government entities are wasteful and we shake our heads at the lack of common sense (can’t run to Frye’s to buy a computer, oh no, they have to be shuffled out through another agency within an agency), vehicle maintenance is another scam, it goes on and on.

    The spending is what’s abhorrent here. Sniff, who is at the top by the way, is seemingly naive to where the dollars are spent. Sniff doesn’t care! Has he ever gone to briefings to ask how his deputies are doing? Wonder the state of disrepair the stations are under? Look around and see the broken units, the broken cams, and demand they be fixed?


    A puny article doesn’t defend the disaster Sniff and his marionettes have made of this department. It doesn’t take away from the facts he could give two shits what goes on with the men and women who make this department run as long as he has his cushy Eagle’s Nest to wean the turds who make up the 2nd Floor.

  12. Al Clear always seems to pop in with another link to either Sniff’s rag newspaper (The P.E.) or a link to one of Sniff’s administrative press releases where he has his minions fabricate a really nice bio on another politically charged promotion he is making. Al Clear is obviously one of Sniff’s little puppets.

    Well Al Clear, since you’re so brilliant why don’t you send us a link to Will Taylor’s magical powerpoint presentation and then walk us all through how contract city billing works. Tell us all about the magic of 1780 bodies vs. 2080 bodies and supported vs. non-supported, etc. While you are explaining all of this, tell the city leaders why Sniff would rather have the contract city captains burn up all the excess hours in unnecessary overtime than simply return the unused money at the end of the fiscal year. Please share with us how this voodoo really works and how it benefits the taxpaying citizens.

  13. I wouldnt say Capt Huskey literally threatened me. We had a confidential conversation so no one really knows what was said or not said.

    We had a good talk.

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