Mar 122018

The campaign released a you tube video that introduces you to Cole Harris and the second key part is that he started his campaign with $1Million of his own money.

Full disclosure, I work for him and I am expecting him to spend quite a bit in order to win election.

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  9 Responses to “Introducing Cole Harris for Lt. Governor”

  1. I was on a robo call for a town house meeting 4/6 & wanted to ask a question. I was in line to do so but never had the chance. The woman who was the commentator did more talking than Mr. Harris. I’m sure those listening in didn’t do so to hear from her. She needs to do less talking & allow Mr. Harris to comment on questions. I’d like to know if he’d push to get the money to have 2 desalinization plants installed for the southern part of Calif.? This would solve our water problem & the Watermaster could be dismantled which means Ca. would save all that money on salaries within the Watermaster.

  2. Your idea is fine except you might want to check with Santa Barbara that used to have a Desal plant and finally closed it down. Why? Maybe they can tell you,

  3. I would love to help in anyway to help Mr. Harris win this election. I can do most any thing that is needed. I can stay up late and come in early I’m good at serving people, in what ever their needs might be. I can bring waters, sodas, food snacks you name it let me know if I can help you in any way Mr. Harris

    Donna Pollock

  4. I Iive in Temecula, a retkred Special Forces Master sergeant, how can I be of assistance?

  5. I’ve sent your info to the campaign.

  6. Maybe the problem is Santa Barbara and not desalination plants. San Diego County’s desalination has been successful.

  7. I lived in Santa Barbara before the desalination plant was built, while it was being built, and after it was built and moth balled because the rains suddenly began after building it. I think they actually let it run for a month or so to see if it worked. But then the plant was shut down and the reverse osmosis membranes sold to a middle east country, Saudi Arabia, I think. So when the drought returned, they no longer had those membranes. The politicians in the local government wanted the money to play games with. Take warning from experience. Don’t trust your local government officials.

  8. Just looked in the California Statewide Direct Primary booklet. Why didn’t Mr. Harris bother to submit a candidate statement? I always look for that to help me decide.

  9. Cole did not accept the spending limit this is why there is no statement.

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