Feb 122018

A key point – Travis Allen’s rally only drew a few hundred people.

A second key point – Travis Allen is dead last in fundraising

Then the remainder of the article was about Travis Allen, Gavin Newsome and Antonio Villariagosa’s #METOO issues.

If you watch the video clip with an open mind, there is no way you could ask for worse coverage. The TV station gave Travis Allen far more than soundbytes in their coverage, making it pretty difficult to claim that it was edited down too far. The quote from a Travis Allen supporter, though she was trying to help only re-emphasized the documented sexual harassment issues he has.

Then there was another story on another channel that focused on Travis Allen’s contributions to democrats:

Cox is also blasting Allen for previously supporting Democrats “with a long history of giving contributions and supporting Democrats like Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown,” said Tim Rosales, Cox’s campaign manager.

Allen admitted to contributing money to California Democrats.

“Actually, this is very true,” he said. “When I was a business owner — and I still am, I own an investment advisory firm and I’ve been running my company since 2001 — I went to a number of events at the request of clients and friends. And this is what started my political career because I listened to those Democrats.”

Got it? All it took was his Uncle, former OC Dem Party Chair Frank Barbaro to get him to write out fat checks to democrats. The rest is a spin fail.

Lastly, both stories make clear reference that Travis Allen is claiming the bi-partisan investigation in to his sexual harassment issues was all some sort of democrat smear campaign. Not a good optic for the California electorate.

Somehow, Travis Allen took what should have been a positive and let it get completely turned around on him! #EPICFAIL.

(P.S. I guess this event didn’t work out so well for Mr. Allen who is dead last in fundraising)

  6 Responses to “The Sad Shrinking World of Travis Allen: Holds a lightly attended rally and Gets shredded in the local media”

  1. Travis Allen can motivate and connect with people. At the Redlands Tea Party Patriots debate on Jan 4, Allen won the pre debate straw poll with 63%. He won the after debate straw poll with 80%.

    Travis Allen can articulate a case against the Dems and has the basis for a Rep “Contract with California” to improve the lives of the working men and women of California. Travis Allen can push back on the media like Donald Trump.

    I don’t have anything against John Cox or Doug Ose. The three of the them probably agree on 95% of the issues. But Cox and Ose are lackluster, boring, typical Rep losers.

  2. How many people turned out at the John Cox and Doug Ose rallies over the weekend?

  3. He just called into a talk show this morning and stated there were 1200 who came. Who’s right?

  4. Hi Gwen, I saw photos. If I had to guess, I’d say 500-700. The event was definately grossly oversold.

  5. Not true Aaron F. Park/John Cox employee. The crowd estimate was 1200-1500. Also, you intentionally clipped his quote about donations to dems. The truth is Travis donated a small amount to dems back in 2010. Allen’s donation was for tickets to democrat events as a businessman, not a politician. Trump did it too, as it’s a good decision for business. You also fail to mention that as a politician, Allen has given more than $24,000 in donations to republicans. Those dem events were also contributing factors that motivated Allen to run for office. He didn’t like what he learned about the dem politicians, and those discoveries were made from attending. Travis Allen has also raised more money than Cox, who will now donate a fourth million of his own money. Self-funding is the only way Cox is remaining viable. Lastly, right out of the usual left playbook, Allen was accused of sexual misconduct for a shoulder tap, a prolonged handshake, and a foot he inadvertently bumped with his own. None of these weak claims were substantiated and people like you and your boss, Cox, who continue to portray them as sexual misconduct are merely insulting women who have suffered actual abuse.

  6. 1,200 people showed up, #Smithville.

    John Cox is a three-time “progressive” Republican loser with lots of money–and he can’t buy himself love.

    He needs to drop out.

    Go Travis GO!

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