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What If we told you that the Sheriff recently went to speak to a large homeowner’s association about crime, etc? You’d say so what?

What if we told you that the Sheriff blew the opportunity and alienated most of the people there because he was focused on defending himself and completely disregarded any of their issues in the process? See the attached embedded quote from yet another deputy anonymously due to fears of retaliation.

Stalin Stan last night ( to be specific ) 01-09-18, was scheduled to speak with the citizens at Sage which was a full house regarding a new development ( which he never mentioned the nigh development. Stalin Sniff initiated his rhetoric by blaming the County Board Supervisors for the lack of funding, the increase in crime, whined about citizens hating him and his deputies being disrespectful to him. The citizens became so upset and that they started leaving the forum. I will not post my name due to the new directive given to my Captain regarding deputies posting negative comments with the possibility of them being terminated.

Recently, we posted the story of a deputy who wrote about how Lieutenants and Captains, etc were being strong-armed in to signing endorsement cards for the Sheriff.

I heard Sheriff Sniff directed his captains to speak with their lieutenant have them sign a 3×5 card pledging their support.  This rumor quickly became fact when I overheard lieutenants talking about feeling pressured to sign the card.  I felt bad for the lieutenants because as an RSA member, I am not intimidated to support anyone, I am just asked to vote on whom to endorse without fear of retaliation. I Guess LEMU is an arm of the Sheriff to do what he wants with, like demand an endorsement.

This anonymous letter from a deputy is indeed credible as it matches other similar stories.

Just a few days ago a retired Deputy relayed to us that the “LEMU” (Law Enforcement Management Unit – basically people above the ranks of the rank-and-file, but below those in senior management) endorsed Chad Bianco. It is reported to this blogger that several within the LEMU are upset because they voted overwhelmingly to endorse their fellow Lt. Chad Bianco for Sheriff, yet the endorsement has been sat on and not made public. However, as it was put to us people within that group are afraid to publicize the endorsement for fear of retaliation and missed promotions at the hands of the Tyrannical Sheriff. Here at RightonDaily, allow us to publicize the LEMU endorsement of Chad Bianco in an attempt to let them know they are not alone.

In the process of chasing down leads on the Sheriff, we stumbled across the Mohammad Ali Mazarei caper. We’ve learned that he, his business and an employee were named in a 25 page complaint regarding cold-plugged smog checks by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This is significant because Mazarei is a $50,000+ donor to the Sheriff according to my math based on public records.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair filed their complaint on 9-14-2017. The most recent check from Mr. Mazarei (actually in the name of his Arco business) was written on 10-5-2017 according to a late-filed FPPC form 497. Records and sources indicate that a criminal complaint by Mazarei against a former employee was made in October of 2017. Mazarei said publicly in writing he filed charges against a former employee, Walter Cole.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei can’t file charges. Only the DA can. The internal machinations of this case are the stuff of legend in insider circles, and it appears that there has been sudden insider interest in the case in the three weeks since our first expose on Mr. Mazarei / His Business appeared.

And now for the latest wrinkle, insiders in the various offices (I am being vague on purpose to protect people’s identities) have been talking amongst themselves and this blogger about the Walter Cole prosecution. Cole is the employee of Mazarei’s. If you read the legal demand letter posted on facebook by Mazarei, you will learn that he is asserting he is innocent of everything and it is all Walter Cole’s fault.

In Mazarei’s mind according to sources, if Cole is prosecuted successfully, then he (Mazarei) will be innocent and able to sue everyone that he disagrees with over the caper. The problems for Mr. Mazarei and his attorney (who appears to be an officer in a local Young Republicans Club) are multi-fold. Let’s start with the fact that Cole’s guilt has no bearing on Mazarei’s guilt in any civil or criminal case. Secondly, those talking to this blogger have been clear that those involved in this case are not happy they are being pushed to investigate or prosecute it. In their words the case against Cole is weak and minor. Words like “politically motivated prosecution” are being used. A third problem for Mr. Mazarei and his attorney is called discovery. Imagine what sorts of stuff your intrepid blogger could find in an open court case with subpoena powers and witness testimony/declarations under oath.

It is completely unclear who gave the orders to do what. There is also no evidence or anyone suggesting that the District Attorney of Riverside County is involved in this issue at all as it could be a simple administrative review of a case not previously filed, subordinates pushing the case or a figment of Ali Mazarei’s imagination.

Everybody seems to know what’s going on and the spiraling rumors are a clear indicator of a legacy of leadership failure by the Sheriff….

… including the latest Crony promotion. Captain Leonard Purvis is rumored to be on deck for a promotion to Chief Deputy. People talking to your intrepid blogger anonymously have indicated that Purvis was a disaster as Chief of the Banning Police Department and left in an acrimonious manner that was the subject of several stories in the local media. Almost immediately, his good buddy Sheriff Sniff re-hired him. Purvis despite his record in Banning, has quickly moved up the ranks and appears to be getting another friend-of-Stan-promotion. Again, similar to the above stories the resentments about and knowledge of the situation is widespread…

To be continued…

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