Feb 172018

Hemet Dave Releases Plan to Restore Public Trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department

Proposal would establish facts and restore accountability in response to the promotional testing scandal

Former Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown released a plan today that would rebuild public trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department following revelations, first reported by The Desert Sun and featured in USA Today, of a promotional testing scandal.

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“I am calling upon our region’s respected county, prosecutorial, and civilian oversight leaders to begin the process of restoring trust in our Sheriff’s Department through full transparency and accountability,” said Brown.

Brown has called for County Counsel to reaffirm protections for deputies or county employees who act as whistelblowers, an inquiry by the District Attorney’s office regarding the impact these revelations may have on criminal convictions, and a thorough investigation by the Riverside County Civil Grand Jury.

“I have a long track record of fair and equitable executive leadership that sets clear standards and expectations and rewards excellence. However, I’ve also dealt swiftly and effectively with allegations of wrongdoing. There is simply no room for wavering as a chief executive, especially when the public trust hangs in the balance. Sheriff Sniff owes the citizens a thorough explanation of this scandal while protecting the privacy of the employees and the integrity of the investigation,” concluded Brown.

  2 Responses to “Hemet Dave Takes On Stan Sniff: Releases Plan to Restore Public Trust in the Riverside Sheriff Department”

  1. Why did Hemet Dave Brown wait until now, retired from Hemet PD and running for Riv. Sheriff, to call out Sniff on his lack of transparency and accountability in the promotional cheating scandal? Sniff’s corruption and retaliation tactics have been gospel for years. Is this the only old news platform Brown could capitalize on? Weak.

  2. So are we just not talking about the scandal in RSO where they cancelled an academy class for cheating, investigated it, and realized hundreds of active deputies on the dept also cheated? what happened to that investigation? another under the rug.

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