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This is unreal, unbelievable and should disturb everyone: Hemet Dave Brown, the failed police chief from the crime-ridden and poverty-stricken city of Hemet received more in pay and benefits from the taxpayers in 2016 than the current Riverside County Sheriff. This almost sounds like the City of Bell scandal.

We’ve torched Stan Sniff repeatedly over his salary especially in light of his repeated pleas of budget woes. However, the responsibilities of the overpaid Riverside County Sheriff include overseeing thousands of employees and jail inmates and covering an area the size of the State of New Jersey.

Worse – according to another anonymous source, the overpaid Police Chief was strong-arming people in Hemet to vote for measure U, a 1 cent sales tax increase. “Sooooo there is an email that Dave Brown sent to someone where he admits that he was manipulating police call data to pass the tax…. the guy who has it won’t release it….is there another way to get that email if Dave sent it from his private email?”

This dovetails with what we were told about Hemet Dave allegedly putting word out that the department was either supposed to ignore or delay responses to the houses of public opponents of Measure U. Nice, Huh?

Let’s compare the positions of Riverside County Sheriff and Hemet Police Chief.

                                 County of Riverside       City of Hemet

                                          Sheriff                    Police Chief

Employees                       4,000+                    under 100

Jurisdiction                   7,303 sq mi                   28 sq mi

Residents                     2.5 million+                    84,000+

Jail Inmates                  about 4,000                      0

Annual Budget             $500 million+              $18 million

Pay & Benefits                $335,535                     $345,594

Does this look right to you?  Hemet Dave has a tiny fraction of the employees, geography and budget, yet requires the taxpayers to pay him more than the county sheriff?

The City of Hemet is always crying poverty.  Even Hemet Dave, complained that his employees earn any where between 17% and 72% less than other jurisdictions in Riverside County.  (Hemet PD Facebook page, by Hemet Dave Brown, June 3, 2016.)

However, his complaints about low pay had a glaring omission, his own extravagant pay!

Here are a couple screenshots revealing pay and benefits (all paid for by that taxpayers) from the Transparent CA website:

Riverside County Sheriff Total Pay & Benefits – 2016

Hemet Dave’s Police Chief Total Pay & Benefits – 2016

Ouch. Hemet Dave has a lot of explaining to do, including why the hell he is running in the first place.

  One Response to “Dave Brown Update: Hemet Dave hauled more off of the taxpayers than even Stan Sniff! At the same time did he cross an ethical line to pass a tax increase?”

  1. I’m beginning to wonder whether Hemet Dave is running for sheriff with the intention to win. Why would a person whose salary is pretty close to the Sheriff’s already, want to add more to his plate than he can obviously chew?

    Could it be Hemet Dave and führer have some kind of back door deal, much like Reptile Purvis and he had with Banning PD?

    Has anyone seen Hemet Dave campaigning? Could it be he was selected by admin only to confuse voters and lessen Bianco’s chances?

    Not to sound all X-Files here, but something in the way Big Chief mentioned the lack of press Bianco has received thus far. Sounds like a conspiracy is afoot.

    I really wouldn’t put it past Snuff to offer Hemet Dave a seat at the table if he were re-elected and somehow Hemet becomes a contract city down the line.

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