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Perhaps the title should read Tyler Diep’s Judgement as a Councilmember is a Disaster. We’ve introduced you to Tyler Diep attempting to strong-arm a local police watch commander in to letting a friend off of a DUI.

Young Tyler is living large off of the Taxpayers, Quadruple Diepping us all for $170K+ when it is all said and done.

What we are seeing is a deeply flawed candidate who will be a shooting gallery for his opponents in his upcoming assembly campaign. Can you imagine the ads and mail that will be run against Diep? I sure can.

Tyler Diep is no stranger to paid gigs in local government. You’d think he’d know a thing or two about vetting applications of people looking for their own Turn at the trough. It looks like our hot-headed would-be-Travis-Allen-anointee for AD72 continued his behavior down the Amtrak line to hell…

Did you know that Tyler Diep appointed a man to the planning commission who plead guilty to bribery? That’s right, one of his buddies, (not the one that got the DUI, another one) got a nice appointment to the planning commission:

David Phuong Dinh Vo, a former Westminster Planning Commissioner, was found guilty by a federal jury Thursday of one count of bribery for accepting $15,000 to help push through a city liquor license.

Vo is a Huntington Beach-based attorney who served on the Planning Commission from early 2009 to early 2013.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, in June 2011, Vo solicited a $15,000 bribe from an informant working with the FBI. Vo then received $15,000 over the course of four August 2011 meetings in exchange for pushing a liquor license through the approval process.

The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, three years of probation, and a $250,000 fine.  Vo and his attorney signed a plea deal last May, which could come with a lesser sentence.

Vo was appointed to the Planning Commission by Councilman Tyler Diep.

Andy Quach? DUI

David Phuong Dinh Vo? Felony Bribery

As the pattern of impaired judgement is starting to become manifest in Young Tyler, we bring you Westminister Measure SS. (Why it was named after a bunch of socialist maniacs is beyond me.) Tyler opposed Measure SS, obviously because he knew his anointing for State Assembly was coming in 2018.

However, once SS passed, young Tyler was slopping at the trough to spend the proceeds. It is kind of like voting for it after you voted against it.

Resident Sandra McClure, who said she was against Measure SS, questioned whether the raises will put the city in a difficult financial position in six years, when the sales tax increase sunsets and voters will need to decide whether or not to renew the tax.

“After six years the city could be in a worse position than it was before the measure was passed,” McClure said.

Hmmm… will Tyler Diep stick his hands out for Cap and Trade Money, too?

So, they raised taxes in Westminister for 5 years ostensibly to get the City out of Fiscal Trouble and then started handing out raises like candy. Those raises will still be applicable even once the tax sunsets.

The salary increase for management employees will cost the city an additional $502,890 over the next three years, while City Manager Eddie Manfro will receive an additional $33,147.

After the raises, City Manager Eddie Manfro’s salary would be about $234,472 in 2019, or $304,015 including benefits, according to HR director Mike Harary.

Remember, they gave the unions nice raises, too. (The public employees bankrolled the tax measure, by the way)

The city council Wednesday night approved a three-year agreement for the city manager and 56 management positions, which includes a three percent raise the first year of the agreement and a 3.5 percent raise the second and third years.

Wednesday’s action follows a vote in September to give the same raise to sworn police officers. Rank-and-file municipal employees were also granted a three-year agreement in June which includes $3,000 cash stipends the first year of the contract followed by $1-per-hour raise the following two years.

That’s a lot of money. I thought Measure SS was about saving the City of Westminister from a Bankruptcy… (quoting the lone no vote, Councilmember Rice:)

“The people I talked to when they voted for [measure] SS, was for the police, and to get us out of debt, and to save us from bankruptcy,” Rice said. “I know they deserve some raises but I think it is a little bit rushed.”

Will Tyler Diep rush to hand out raises to State Employees Unions and the like if the fiscal condition of California magically improves? IT is a fair question as Westminister had been a city on the watch list for a municipal BK not too long ago and handing out a ton of raises at the first sign of improvement seems awful strange.

The article also had this gem in it:

“There’s been an issue going on that there are many businesses that do not pay their sales taxes,” said resident Sandra McClure, who also owns a business in Westminster. “I believe that’s part of the reason why we’re in such a deficit.”

McClure said the city should raise the issue to the state Board of Equalization, which until recently was responsible for administering statewide taxes. The agency has since been restructured into the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

“You would think that in a city where a councilman works for the state Board of Equalization that the tax compliance would be higher,” said McClure, referring to the fact that councilman Tyler Diep works for the agency as an assistant tax service specialist.

What are we paying Tyler Diep his four municipal salaries for? Why should we be OK with Diep opposing a tax increase and then spending the money like a drunken sailor? Should we be OK with one of his appointees committing a felony? Why hasn’t Tyler Diep attempted to deal with the underground in Westminister? Is it related to his incident with the local police department?

What more are we going to find out as we dig in to Tyler Diep? Stay tuned as we continue to make the case that Young Tyler has no business being in elected office.

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