Oct 212017

Did you know that Travis Allen is having a volunteer meeting?

This is a candidate for Governor in California. This is an official invite from his campaign to a volunteer reception.

Please further note that I went looking for pre-printed flyers for the event, I could not find any.

While I did see an event on his Facebook Page (changed to “Travis Allen” post FPPC Complaint), there were no emails that I am aware of either.

But – if you show up to the convention, you can buy A nice T-Shirt!

When a candidate says they are running a grassroots campaign it usually means they are broke and won’t be able to get off the starting blocks. When hand-written invitations to campaign events are the M.O. this is like advertising it.

Worse for Mr. Allen are several anecdotal reports indicating that he has not acquitted himself well with a number of people here from all walks of the CA GOP coalition. Ouch.

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  1. You honestly didn’t expect them go GIVE you a tee did you? Travis is the least reasonable choice for Governor. Solid T/A credentials.

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