Oct 232017

I had the privilege of helping John Cox for Governor all weekend. It was kind of like a “senior moment” for me as I had a group of grown adults that were all young enough to be my children running all over the convention doing campaign stuff for John Cox for Governor.

We accomplished several things this weekend, 1. John Cox emerged as a state leader of the Gas Tax Repeal effort being led by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Group. 2. John Cox was endorsed by the California Pro-Life Council going in to the weekend which allowed team Cox to humiliate a whisper campaign by Travis Allen. 3. Our volunteers gave Mr. Cox a larger presence than any other group or candidate present. 4. John Cox visited every sub-group he could during the course of the convention and the reports from said meetings were overwhelmingly positive. 5. John Cox was a major sponsor of the convention and as such, hosted a hospitality suite that was the hit of the convention. 6. The John Cox Campaign pulled off a Lanyard Coup.

The Lanyards were tweeted about (By Seema from the LA Times) and even got a splash in politico. It was fun to see people like Jon Huey from McClintock’s staff, Travis Allen and others replacing their lanyard with an old CAGOP lanyard because of the outstanding play made by team Cox! The weekend was filled with fun anecdotes like this and more serious ones from groups like the CRA whose paradigm was shattered when they realized John Cox was and is a substantial, viable conservative candidate for statewide office.

The feedback I got all weekend was along the lines of Cox is serious, is Travis Allen Serious. While John Cox ended a strong Saturday showing of meetings and small group presentations with the aforementioned hospitality suite – Travis Allen ended with a few college kids in a hotel room with a couple coolers full of beer. I am sure the invitations to that one were hand-written as well

This was the most lightly attended CRP Convention I had even been to. Considering I’ve been going to these for nearly 20 years, it is a scary testament to the apparent decline of the State Party. However, you can not discount the fact that Chad Mayes’ narcissistic rage and the ensuing cavalcade of bad news for other #capandtraitors led to a boycott by most legislators. I saw only 9 legislators present at various times throughout the weekend.

While my focus was on John Cox and his campaign – I did take in a few items of interest:

  1. There was a protracted argument that spanned 6 weeks over an endorsing process. The urgency of needing to resolve it forced a resolution that still puts party bosses in the driver’s seat of the process
  2. Kevin McCarthy and some of the consultants previously mentioned in blogs ran a proxy drill specifically to derail any attempt to endorse against Prop 14. The numbers of attenders at the convention were so low that they did not have enough actual attenders to carry the proxies they gathered. They succeeded in stopping any attempt to oppose the party-destroying Prop 14.
  3. Steve Bannon spoke on Friday Night. He was a sell out in 5 minutes when announced, most all there loved his presentation and the protest that occurred was pathetic, featuring roughly 50 people.
  4. At least two Capitol Staffers were tweeting incessantly on Saturday attacking the CAGOP and Steve Bannon.
  5. I saw internet sensation Mike Cernovich in the lobby on his twitter account, he did not acknowledge my attempt to address him, others or did he attempt interact with the delegates or attenders. The papers made mention of other alt-right folks present, but I did not see them.
  6. Only one party officer election was contested, a far cry from 20 years ago when they all were.
  7. I turned in my delegate badge and gave a proxy vote to a brand new CIR Member from Fountain Valley so he could participate in his first ever convention, even as said proxy drill pretty much disenfranchised him (and me) from having a voice. And, they wonder why the party leadership is shrinking.
  8. For the first time since becoming Chairman, Jim Brulte passed the gavel so he could take the floor and speak as a delegate. He delivered a passionate beat down of Mike Spence (whose position I actually agreed with) over an attempt to resurrect a gutted resolution.
  9. I welcomed George Andrews in to his role as the lead strategist on the Assembly Side for the GOP. His job is going to be a nightmare as he tries to figure out how to defend vulnerable Republicans while picking up some seats. I do believe he is equal to the role.

Assemblymember Devon Mathis went on the local media and gave a frightfully weak rebuttal to sensational charges of sexual abuse that had exploded on him two days before the convention. (see the original bombshell revelation here on the American Children First Blog) Whomever was responsible for helping Mathis deal with this problem delayed a response by three days. Then the delay when coupled with the weak rebuttal by Mr. Mathis caused a lot of buzz at the convention. At the convention, the delegates and attendees there were talking about Mathis way more than they should have been.

It appears to me that those helping Mathis think the Assemblymember will be exonerated by the Sacramento DA Investigation that got started, and thus he did not need to categorically deny the charges made. Having been attacked by political people and lawyers several times myself, I understand that it is only me that can take out my own trash. If and when Mathis is exonerated, the management of this by his campaign team will have done irreparable damage to his future.

With the avalanche of people coming forward with their own horrific stories of abuse in Sacramento on Saturday the two Republican Leaders weighed in with one of the most aggressive statements I’ve seen from the R side in a long time.

It appears we have a leader in Brian Dahle on the Assembly side as Pat Bates on the Senate side was always a solid person.

I will have more to say about the absolutely abhorrent culture in Sacramento soon as I’ve talked to a lot of female victims of the building. Some of the victims have worked for some of the most conservative members of the legislature. John Cox campaign slogan is “Clean out the Barn”. And, believe me Sacramento is full, to be continued…

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