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When you talk about culture war, there is a reason why the left and their willing accomplices in the media have bet the ranch on trying to smear President Trump as a racist in an attempt to inflame and divide the country further.

However, as the President stays steadfast, sticking to his guns… more is being revealed:

Black Lives Matter leaders continue to speak out with their vile anti-white hatred. The national media accused the Texas Secretary of State as turning down disaster aid allegedly asking people to pray for Texas instead. After significant push back the story was still pushed by the left and continued to be re-tweeted and shared even after the government entities involved intervened with the truth.

As the hate is being spread by the left – two leading anti-trump groups are repeating North Korean talking points. A black lives matter activist that organized a protest that led to the death of 5 officers was recently arrested for felony theft. Public  School Teachers also got burned for their role being members of a violent ANTIFA group as well.

The proliferation of evidence that has come out in the wake of the savaging of the President after Charlottesville has shown that the left have also bet the ranch of violence and disruption in order to advance their agenda. This is backfiring as again, Democrat Party leaders have been forced to come out in opposition to ANTIFA.

The left is so far out in their hatred that they also went berzerk on Steve Harvey for meeting with President Trump and then for lending his name and talent to assist with inner-city housing. Harvey, to his credit is going forward on his commitment to work with Dr. Ben Carson (also black) on HUD-related projects.

One of the top ways the left have forced their agenda on society are Judges that rule by decree that things that never existed before cases in their court are now law. The democrats changed the filibuster rules in 2014 in order to get several Obama appointees through the process and now that they are in the minority, are abusing tradition in order to stop nominees. Al Franken has blue-slipped a nominee because of his fear that Judge would be like Scalia. Note, this is not about qualifications, but rather it is ideological.

Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon are doing the same for the same reasons to another nominee.

In addition, tech firms are conspiring with the Southern Poverty Law Center – a far left group – to shut conservative groups down on the internet. Basically the SPLC “declares” a group a hate group and then the tech firms use that as an excuse to shut their accounts down. In the linked story the Ruth Institute had their online payment processing company stop their service as a result of the designation.

The leadership of the Democrat Party have taken some of their opposition right out in to the open, as Democrat Senators have been attacking judicial nominees for their faith. This suggests that the President has been appointing solid social conservatives to the federal bench and in addition, people of faith.

Click here and see for yourself the direct attack US Senator Dianne Feinstein made related to the Catholic Faith of a Nominee. The Washington Free Beacon wrote a pretty thorough piece about the democrat efforts to forestall judicial nominees that you should read as well.

The evidence of where society stands is borne out in this story about Starbucks firing their CEO after his bombastic comments telling conservatives they were not welcome at Starbucks. It appears that their sales have suffered a precipitous decline and the new CEO is basically begging people to come back. After rubbing people’s faces in protests by spoiled, entitled NFL superstars against the National Anthem, the NFL is paying a severe ratings price. ESPN has been hemorrhaging subscribers with their politically correct antics. Real America is speaking out and the President is listening to them, not the screams of the left and their friends in the Media.

So while people in the faith community get distracted by the hyperbolae, there is this: Remember the baker in Colorado, Masterpiece cakes? Yes, his case has gone to the Supreme Court because lower courts wanted to make an example of this Christian man for not baking a cake for a gay wedding. One of the biggest complaints about George W Bush’s administration is that they did not aggressively defend the church. The Obama admin was just the opposite, they went after people of faith under the guise of fairness and diversity. Enter the Trump Admin

Phillips violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act after he refused to make a cake for the wedding of Charlie Craig and David Mullins in 2012. Craig and Mullins filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which ruled Phillips violated the state’s anti-discrimination law, a decision upheld by an appeals court. Colorado’s Supreme Court declined to take the case. The case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, was appealed to the Supreme Court, and Trump’s DOJ announced on Thursday that it had filed a brief on Phillips’ behalf.

So while some get fixated on false charges of Racism and the like, President Trump is defending the Church and its’ right have an opinion.

There is quite a bit more going on, stay tuned for more…

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  1. Hooray for President Trump! We deplorables are with you all the way!!

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