Jul 162017

Fresh off of gutting the Kings GOP in 2016, Mendes has been on fire.

Clearing out Downtown. Trying to sell assets of the city rather than fix them. Mendes supported a large pot farm in City Limits.

So it makes sense that Justin Mendes would support taking 18 acres of land that was designated to be a part of Hidden Valley Park and turn it over to developers? If you are trying to construct a hegemony, you need to remake the area in your own image. This would include clearing out the vestiges of the previous generation (aka selling off historic buildings, clearing out the downtown, etc.)

This would include remaking the future (aka bringing in a gigantic Pot Farm).

Consistent with a pot farm would be taking vacant land, undeveloped since the 1960’s and re-zoning it to residential so there could be more customers for the pot farm?

Everything has been a fight. Everything has been high drama. I remember what it was like when I was in my 20’s about how important it was to me to be right all the time.

Heck, Mendes wants to sell the Rabobank building in Downtown Hanford (another historic building) while opposing changes in Zoning that would allow the Bank to move elsewhere!

A would-be referendum against the re-zone of the 18 acre parcel was rejected by the City Clerk on a Technicality. Once, again while the paper of record down there takes a clear side in favor of the city’s decision, a discerning reader can see the clear nexus of the decision. (stuff dissent)

It is likely the City will be sued over this Mendes-led effort. This renders the excuse over gutting the downtown Kiosks even more absurd as the lawsuit over the technical rejection of the petition against the re-zone is far more eminent than any ADA Lawsuits. 1616

Perhaps all of this drama has taken its’ toll on Young Mr. Mendes. Perhaps the threat to not run for re-election was a bluff.

What is real is the destructive and drama-laden path Mr. Mendes has taken, all while working for one of the most vulnerable Republican Congressmembers in America.

It is possible that all of the people that Mendes helped oust from the Kings GOP amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that all of the people Mendes has mistreated as a City Councilmember amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that the ethics issues of Mendes associates amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that Mendes liberal political values, coupled with his marriage to a liberal democrat activist makes little difference.

However, when you combine off of this together, it is a disaster, creates headlines, hit pieces, resentments and unity amongst your enemies. Perhaps Mendes should resign now rather than wait. Or, as an alternative, maybe Congressman Valadao should terminate him from employment before he gets further damage in the political over-spray.

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