May 102017

One of the alleged reasons to expel George and I from CRA was a post on this blog that had redacted checks from fake CRA units. (Remember, Santa Clarita RA went from 16 delegates in 2015 convention to 0 in 2017, Ventura RA is gone, N SF RA is gone and Pasadena is on life support)

Carl Brickey and William Tolson – two of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys spent countless hours rallying people in a vainglorious crusade over the release of “PII” as if this veteran of 20 years in Insurance knew nothing about HIPAA laws or what  “PII” is.

Well, your intrepid blogger has a copy of an un-redacted check from the CRA. You too can click the hyperlink and then search the archives of this blog to see what redacted checks look like.

It appears that the CRA is going to have to notify its vendors and members that their information is exposed.

Secondly, you can also see the $54k the CRA has in its bank account. $38k of it I raised. Even at only 600 members, the CRA will take in $9000 a year in dues. This also means that the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister can not raise money. Anyone that served with him in Placer would have been able to tell you that 20 years ago.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the day when the CRA officers tell the truth about why they expelled George and I. It is however clear to sane, healthy people why the CRA expelled us. The raised relief is when you see the collapse of all the units that were being maintained on paper, people being exposed for doing the same things as other expelled former members were doing, the stagnation of the group, the failure to raise money, get candidates elected, infighting continuing, and of course now their own extra special data breach.

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