May 012017

Well, the media was spiking the football a little too soon. They were celebrating the feckless Chuckie Schumer and his merry band of socialists in the vote no on everything at every time caucus.

Illegal Immigration is down over 60%, “the Wall” is supported by over 60% of Americans and the democrats are threatening to shut the government down over the wall.

The democrats are celebrating liberal activist judges who are blocking security measures and measures to deal with cities that want to harbor illegal alien criminals. California is experiencing hard push-back over its’ attempt to become a sanctuary state from law enforcement.

While the Repeal and Replace of Obamacare is a hard sell to weak-kneed Republican liberals who see imaginary ghosts in places where they aren’t… it will get done. The democrats know it and were simply stalling it until the mythical 100 day mark passed. This was of course in order to give the American Media things to poke Trump in the eye over.

Meantime, Trump has signed 28 bills in the first 100 days… the most since Harry Truman. Many have been to permanently repeal regulations foisted on America by the Obama admin.

The Late Antonin Scalia was replaced with Neil Gorsuch.

In addition consider that the Trump admin is:

Renegotiating Trade Deals, and withdrawing from others.

Undid Obama’s war on Coal

Approved the popular and needed Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline, both of which are under construction

Rolled out the largest tax cut in American History in both real and inflation-adjusted dollars

Reviewing all National Monument land-grabs done under Clinton and Obama

Getting the Federal Government out of K-12 Education (gutting common core)

Attacking the Opoid Epidemic

Attacking Human Trafficking

Getting China to deal with N Korea – despite the undermining howls of democrats and libertarian cowards “afraid” of war and the media reporting on national security to do nothing more than undermine the Trump administration.

Getting Russia to deal with Syria – again despite the howls of short-sighted whiners that did not recognize using 59 aging missiles did not emperil a single American, yet got Putin to the table… and of course decimated the Trump-Russia lie the media and democrats had been using as a smokescreen to assuage their bruised egos over the election.

The left has come out in the open on the side of Islam and Muslims. The national press brought in a Muslim Comic to the annual correspondents dinner to trash Donald Trump. Trump boycotted the National Correspondents dinner, choosing instead to do a rally in Pennsylvania. PA is a state that had not voted for a Republican since 1988, but was the state that put Trump over the top as Arizona was not called for two days, Alaska the next Morning and Michigan was held for three weeks as its’ margin was very slim.

The results of Trump are already coming – a Historic Stock Market Rally and 500,000 new jobs. This, in addition to the slew of American Companies that have stopped offshoring jobs.

Oh, and there has not been a Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack on American Soil since Trump became President.

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