Apr 202017

The Media Narrative is wrong as usual, polls show that nearly 70% of Americans believe the Media is the opposition party and the Media’s overall trust interval is now in the 20’s. This means they are in their own echo chamber talking to the extreme/hard left of America.

When you have no balance, your decisions lose contact with reality.

In Kansas-04, Bob Estes, the now-congressman ran an abysmal campaign. It is clear that because Trump won KS-04 by 27 points, he assumed that he would win easily.

Estes passed on several public appearances and made lackluster fundraising attempts. It was not until about 3 weeks out that the NRCC engaged after an internal poll showed that Democrat efforts to turn out millennial snowflakes from Wichita State was working.

The Media was gushing about “Panic” for the Republicans because GASP, Ted Cruz showed up to campaign. The Vice President showed up for an event, and the President himself cut a robocall. (Name a candidate that would not take a robocall on their behalf from the President of the United States in 2017?)

In 2016, 270,000 people voted in KS-04. In the special election, only 130,000 voted. When the universe shrinks like that, an election becomes anyone’s game.

When the dust settled, the democrat indeed won Wichita County by 5,000 votes. Estes swept the remainder of the counties and won by 7 points.

The democrats wasted star power and $5 million on KS-04 in a near frenetic attempt to try to hand Donald Trump a defeat. Smart people understand that KS-04 was close because of the poor campaign of Bob Estes and the reduced turnout of a special election which magnifies the fringes. The GOP spent a fraction of that money.

In Georgia-06, there was a bit of different dynamic. It was a district that had been worked over by Hillary Clinton with Millions (like $50 Million statewide) in an attempt by her campaign to win Georgia. This, when combined with the mindset of Suburban Republican Voters created a circumstance where the democrats saw opportunity. The GOP spent maybe $5 Million in GA.

You would think a Congressional Seat won by Republican Tom Price by 20% would be safe, yet Trump only won it  by 1.5%. The media, of course lied and said that Trump was not popular in the district, when the actuality was a ton of money spent by Hillary Clinton demagoguing Donald Trump as being a meanie and a shady business owner – two issues that make weak-kneed suburban republicans fold like a cheap lawn chair. Add in the massive voter turnout operation that goes alone with massive expenditures of money and you get a different electorate.

I remember when Ruby-Red CA-04 nearly elected Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown (1700 vote margin) due to a similar dynamic against now Congressman McClintock.

In addition, Georgia has a jungle primary system like California with the key exception that you can win outright with 50%+1 of the vote. 11 Republicans filed in a move typical of Republicans who lack situational awareness and leadership unwilling to assert themselves to try and reduce the field.

The Trump performance in the district, combined with the special election reduction in turnout and the bizarre blanket primary enticed the democrats to dump an estimated $13 Million in to this race. It may hit $20 Million. Also note that 2/3-3/4 of Ossoff’s donations came from California by accounts I have read.

The hard left of America are extremely Triggered every day they see Trump in the White House. Their fundraising appeals and entire message is predicated on Stop Trump. Witness this feckless advertisement featuring Samuel L Jackson parlaying hate of Donald Trump to campaign for Jon Ossoff, the puppet recruit the dems put up in #GA-06.

Who is Jon Ossoff? He is 30 years old, does not live in #GA-06, lives with a Woman he is not married to and writes for Al-Jazeera. This sounds like the ideal candidate for a Republican-Leaning District, doesn’t it?

Oh, and when you look like Ossoff, you are meme-bait. The democrats are so badly on tilt that they ran this guy?

The Democrats knew that they had to get this puppet to 50%+1 of the vote to steal the seat. Donald Trump, who had been pretty hands-off did not engage in this primary until late and with the 11 Republicans that filed, did not endorse anyone. He did a late advertisement to drive Republican turnout, similar to KS-04. The reaction from the media was similar: “This is a sign of disaster for the Republicans”, when the truth was, they were upset that papa bear engaged knowing what effect the President would have on the outcome. What a paradox, huh? I thought Trump was unpopular in #GA-06, yet his late engagement was a major sort spot for the democrat media complex.

The final result came in, Ossoff 48.1%. When you add in three other democrat gadfly candidates, their total was about 48.9%. The 11(!) Republicans ended up at a combined 49.5%. This means the democrats spent $13-20 Million in order to tighten the margin .9%. Please also note that 7(!) Republican gadflies that filed got less than 1% each. Had Ossoff gotten to 50.01%, this would have been a major reason for it.

The little boy will face the past GA Secretary of State Karen Handel in the runoff. Early indicators are that Handel has a decent lead on the little puppet and should return him to his love shack 1 1/2 miles outside #GA-06 in pieces. (But, at least the Woman he is living with that he can’t figure out how to marry (or refuses to Marry) will be there for him… maybe.)

The combination of all of the above factors makes this defeat in #GA-06 humiliating for the democrats. Seeing Alyssa Milano and other kool-aid drinking famous people slashing their wrists on social media over the failure made it even sweeter. (Especially as Milano was out driving people to the polls and walking precincts in a self-aggrandizing display of “activism”).

The media, naturally tried to spin this humiliation as a win. The DCCC sent the following email out (I italicized what I think is the key line and left the bold where the dems emboldened their email):

Dear (democrat stooge) —

Last night, Jon Ossoff won a commanding victory in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

Now, he’s up against Karen Handel, the Republican who finished second, in a runoff election in just 62 days. If she wins, she’ll be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s agenda in Congress.

But if we go all-in and elect Jon, we’ll turn Georgia’s 6th district blue for the first time in 38 years and send a big, loud message to Donald and the Republicans who are backing him that Democrats are fired up and ready to fight.

I’m committed to standing with Jon Ossoff and candidates like him who are fighting for our party’s values across the country — so I’m counting on grassroots supporters like you to get Jon’s back.

Jon won an impressive race yesterday, but he needs to do it again and soon, on June 20th. In any election, an early donation goes a lot further than a late one. That’s especially true in a race like this one that will happen over just two months.

So let’s make sure we’re giving Jon everything we’ve got on the first day of the runoff. Split a $10 donation between Jon’s campaign and the DNC right now, and let’s turn this red district blue.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately and be divided evenly between the DNC and Jon Ossoff for Congress.

Or donate another amount.



Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

Note how the donation will be SPLIT between the bankrupt DNC and the Ossoff campaign. (speaking of facts covered up by the media)  Is this a tacit admission of defeat?

It is just one man talking here, but eventually, you run out of the passion for the hatred. ANTIFA and other far-left groups that are being funded by democrat donors to incite violence are losing activists now that they are getting fought back against. The Republican Committees are burying the democrats in fundraising. Were it not for George Soros and the mega-millions he is spending, the Republicans would be close to doubling up on the democrats fundraising numbers. Democrat activists are left to celebrating democrats in congress holding up Trump appointees or looking for bad economic news, or celebrating news outlets talking about active and ongoing military operations in an attempt to undermine them.

What about the Republican #GA-06 candidate Karen Handel? Look at what she sent:


Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the “resistance” did everything in their power to beat me last night.They poured more than $8 million in out-of-state donations into our Georgia to try to steal our seat with a candidate that doesn’t even live in our district.

They lost.

But our work is not done.

Our opponent has already raised more than $8 million to steal this seat from the Republicans. Who knows how much he’ll raise in the run-off.

That’s why I need you to stand with me right now, Aaron.

Will you chip in right now to help fund our EMERGENCY 48 HOUR MONEY BOMB?

Chip in $50 Immediately >>>

Chip in another amount here:

KarenHandel.com/donateWe must get off to a strong start to beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in June’s run-off.

Can I count on you to step up?

Thank you and God Bless,

Karen Handel

I left the links to the donations to Karen Handel in this post on purpose. Click one of them and donate to her.
Note the difference between the two post primary emails. Karen Handel invokes God, the democrats invoke hatred of Donald Trump. The democrats have made several elections (at the state and federal lever) about Donald Trump and only one special election result has seen a change of party. This was a Louisiana Legislative seat that a Republican claimed from the democrats, because the democrats did not even have a 30-year old Al-Jazeera Reporter who can’t figure out how to marry his live-in Girlfriend to run for that seat. It appears that the democrats believe Donald Trump is unpopular, based on the same polls that predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide.
The media will not tell the truth. Special Elections are bizarre dynamics with bizarre electorates. Georgia was close due to the massive amounts of money spent, nothing else. The dems are now out almost $65 million, and save a few legislative seats that George Soros overran with even more money beyond the $65 million spent on Federal Campaigns – the dems won nothing. Kansas was close due to a lazy, complacent candidate that almost got caught short by a dedicated group of kool-aid drinking lefties. Had Estes been engaged from Jump Street – he wins by 20. As it is, he is the Congressman now. As it is, the democrats are losing almost everything they touch. If you pay attention to the media, you would believe that the failures are inspirational moments in American History.
As I conclude this longer than usual post – I want to offer some predictions:
1. The democrats will double down on #GA-06, they have to waste even more money there. To withdraw would mean to admit fault and/or defeat – in today’s era of political narcissism – admitting either is a fate worse than being tortured by ISIS.
2. The democrats will pour money in to Montana. The At-Large Congressional seat is open due to Ryan Zinke being confirmed as Secretary of the Interior. Trump won Montana by 18, the democrats are on tilt and desperately need to stick it in his eye. They will hemorrhage money trying to do so, in the case of Montana, this will imperil the hard-left Democrat Senator from Montana John Tester who is on the ballot in 2018.
3. The democrats will take a run at SC-05, the seat vacated by Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. This time, the Republicans are ready and will run a full-force campaign in a district won by Trump at a rate over 20%. I hope the democrats spend millions in South Carolina.
The democrats are stuck in a spiral that they will not willingly pull out of for many of the above enumerated reasons. Watch it all burn folks, they will burn though millions in the vainglorious hope that they can for once “get Trump”. Perhaps they should stick to burning down universities and inner cities as those are the only safe spaces they seem to have left.
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