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In the run up to this speech, the arrogant in Hollywood that feel entitled to force their own warped reality on America were on tilt. No one was listening to them, only mocking the disaster that was the Oscars.

In the run up to this speech, the US Media Establishment ran dozens of fake stories based on “Leaks” and “Anonymous Sources.”

They all got a gigantic bucket of reality thrown in their face. Trump did it his way, staying consistent to who he says he is and what he says he will do.

I am a hard-core social conservative. There was a lot of “My Stuff” missing from this speech. I think I know why. Most Americans today are Pro-Life, but beyond ending the barbaric practice of butchering partially born babies, forcing doctors to do abortions, forcing people to pay for other people’s abortions and of course the Mengele-esque practices of Planned Parenthood selling dismembered baby parts… the issue of Abortion itself is down the list for most people. There was no mention of it last night.

While the elitists believe that sending activists to attack Republican townhall meetings, vile protests with people wearing obscene costumes, paying protesters to destroy property and turning cabinet appointments in to partisan vote whipping drills on the floor, America looks at those things with revulsion.

People want help. Democrats want to be relevant, but in their cognitive dissonance they are unable to comprehend their agenda has been usurped by the usurper. For years, the democrats won elections with promises of social justice they never delivered.

Right before last night’s speech – Donald Trump met with Black Education leaders in his office. Instead, What did the media focus on? Kellyanne Conway with her feet on the couch taking a photo. The elitist media message? ‘Black leaders, you don’t matter, we already have your votes, we have a President to smear.’

Fortunately for America, Donald Trump is a businessman. He got elected CEO of America with a specific agenda of items he intends to accomplish. As a business leader he knows that if he fails in his mission the stockholders will revolt and the board of directors will fire him.

Unlike a generation of glass-jawed cowards who were derailed from their agenda by the media, Donald Trump will wrestle them with ideas. Most of the time the greased pig likes being wrestled with, this is Donald Trump. In the cognitive dissonance and the narcissistic meltdown of the national media, they are incapable of understanding they are no longer relevant and no longer can affect the agenda of the President. (witness Donald Trump refusing to attend the correspondent’s dinner – no one cared)

Donald Trump walked in to Congress last night knowing that the democrats have charted a course of opposing him at every turn. It is a feeble attempt to show power in what has to be a sad shrinking world for them.

Donald Trump started his speech by talking about the inner cities and the need to help inner city education, and his executive order today to that effect. He then made forceful comments about the wave of Jew-Hating and crime. Blacks and Jews vote democrat in overwhelming numbers. It does not matter, he is the CEO, he is supposed to fix their problems too. The democrats sat silently and did not applaud. America Noticed.

The democrats were reduced to sitting down for most of the speech, because in their minds standing up and applauding even on issues they agreed with meant they would be admitting fault. It also meant, in their minds, they would be legitimizing Trump. News flash, Donald Trump does not need the failed leadership in Congress to legitimize him. The media are learning that message through constant beatings on twitter, and public speeches and the dem leadership will learn it on the floor of congress.

The dem leadership, if they are capable should try to hijack some of Trump’s agenda. Many his points were theirs for years!

The problem is Trump has taken the democrat issues of Union Jobs, Education and Healthcare and co-opted them from a right leaning perspective. When he signed Exec Orders (and congressional bills) to end many extreme environmental Obama regulations – the beneficiaries were Union workers. (the same Union workers who build the pipelines, digs mines, builds highways, etc?) As a Conservative, I abhor project labor agreements, Trump is going to hand them tons of projects.

When he talked about creating jobs across all sectors, the democrats sat.

Trump talked about spending $1 Trillion on infrastructure. When was the last time a President engaged on this scale of spending in infrastructure? It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, an avowed socialist. Americans want the roads fixed, rails fixed, dams fixed, the electrical grid fixed, and the democrats sat. While Trump invoked Eisenhower and the Interstate Freeway System – the proposed scale of spending has only FDR for a precedent.

Donald Trump talked about Healthcare, including protecting current Obamacare enrollees for starters. Then, he spoke to protecting people with Pre-Existing Conditions, and driving down drug costs. These were the two primary dog whistles used as the excuses behind the disaster known as ACA. The democrats sat, even though these issues poll in the high 70’s.

Donald Trump talked about re-negotiating trade deals to benefit American Workers. The Democrats Sat, even though this issue polls in the 70’s

As a Conservative, I am not thrilled about isolationism as espoused by Trump. I am skeptical of Tariffs, but democrats have talked tariffs for years and they sat when Trump talked about them.

As a Conservative, I was not thrilled about Trump talking about paid family leave. This was one of the few times democrats stood. This is another form of something for nothing.

As a Conservative, I wanted Donald Trump to talk about social issues, but he did not. Instead, he has quietly issued executive orders rescinding extreme left-wing social engineering and has directed the Department of Justice to start defending the church. With a new offensive being launched by well-funded LGBT groups to sue the Church out of existence over marriage, the DOJ is going to be busy.

Perhaps the clearest example of Donald Trump’s undaunted courage was bringing victims of illegal alien crime and introducing them. These include the families of two officers murdered in Sacramento / Auburn chasing a criminal released under Obama’s edicts preventing ICE from doing its’ job. (The criminal was twice deported) The democrats sat or stood with tepid applause for the families, as they and their willing cadre in the press bet the ranch on smearing Donald Trump as a racist for enforcing immigration law. It worked on Reagan, Bush and Bush, why not do it to Trump?

The democrats understand that illegal immigration is their number one source of new democrats, and instead of recognizing them as people, were left sitting when Trump suggested we have the same merit system that Canada and other countries have for immigrants so they can join the middle class instead of the welfare rolls.

Perhaps the clearest example of Donald Trump’s love of America was the articulate defense of the military raid and the intelligence gathered in an operation performed the first week of his Presidency. He honored the fallen NAVY SEAL and on three separate times recognized his grieving wife. Some democrats sat. Trump never called out John McCain by name, but torched him by inference for calling the mission a failure.

Perhaps the clearest example of Donald Trump’s character is that he never used the pronoun I once, and he also made scant references to himself. We would get treated to a sickening display of self-aggrandizement by Obama every time he spoke.

As a Bonus, in an indirect act of defiance against the paid protestors, protestors organized by people being paid and the fringe volunteer activists – Donald Trump has pushed ahead with programs designed to get more Women in to scientific, engineering and technological fields. Despite them, he has persisted in defending law enforcement and supporting them in doing their jobs.

If you are still skeptical of Donald Trump, watch the speech last night. Listen to his words carefully and figure out where his priorities are. Look at Trump from a leadership paradigm. Compare his agenda to great Democrat leaders like John F Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You will see a lot of similarities.

If you are still skeptical about Donald Trump, look at his repeated calls for unity, respect for those in positions of authority (Generals, Law Enforcement, Re-Empowering States) despite a determined, shrinking fringe fighting against that. Who “resists” empowering Law Enforcement to do their job? Who gives tacit support to people rioting and destroying property? Look at who was sitting while Donald Trump repeated those tenants of his agenda.


America won last night because we have a President that is going to do right by us as in delivering what he campaigned on. Last night’s speech delivered such an impact that the American Media was forced to halt their incessant carping and raging to acknowledge what they saw, one of the greatest speeches ever delivered to a joint session of Congress. The democrats responded with a pathetic shell of a former Governor whose state went for Trump by 30%. Oh, and the democrats in Congress sat.

I will finish with this: I was reminded as a Social Conservative why I came aboard the Trump Train kicking and screaming. Donald J Trump has been consistent and my disagreements with him on policy from a year ago when I was working for Dr. Ben Carson have not changed. I can accept my differences with Donald Trump because I can see the bigger picture of what can happen for all of us, the democrat leadership can’t or won’t and they will be the biggest losers.

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