Feb 162017

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen the media celebrating taking General Michael Flynn out. It is likely and will be confirmed pending an investigation that Obama holdovers in the intelligence services leaked PARTS, not the whole tape of Mr. Flynn talking to Russian officials long before Trump was inaugurated.

One after the other, the media breathlessly reported that this is a scandal. Well, it is petering out. The clear nexus is that the media and the democrats are going to play the “Russia did it” card in order to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s election. The democrats are still thunderstruck over their loss. They need someone to blame – their willing lackeys in the media are doing their bidding and have completely abandoned any pretense of Journalism.

Trump, for his part started lighting up to media from the opening bell, including forcefully ripping in to them repeatedly.

Trump referenced how his calls with Mexico and Australia were basically leaked in real time. Within hours of each call the media were breathlessly reporting the misleading excerpts of it. Both times, the lie about Trump threatening them both was quickly debunked.

The ending of this Michael Flynn saga ultimately will lead to the exposure of all the Obama holdovers that have been leaking the phone transcripts to their willing lackeys in the media.

Click here to watch the entire press conference. Trump made it clear that the Justice Department will be investigating the leaks and hunting them down. He also unloaded on a few specific outlets by name.

Note that some media outlets are reporting that Obama himself may be coordinating the leaks and the Organizing for Action Riots that are occurring. There is indeed a connection. The NY Post blasted Obama as well.

In Spite of unprecedented Democrat Obstruction of his cabinet, Donald Trump is plowing forward with his agenda.

Just today – budget Hawk Mick Mulvaney was confirmed. This despite a dedicated and determined drill by Senate Democrats against him. This is the office of management and budget post.

Trump announced Alex Acosta as the new Pick for Secretary of Labor. This immediately sent the democrats in to a tailspin again as he has been confirmed by the Senate three times in the past, once for a Cabinet position. Acosta is a Conservative former law clerk for Samuel Alito and the a US Attorney from South Florida. They hardly had time to celebrate “Getting” Andrew Pudzer.

Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt advanced to a final vote on a 54-46 procedural vote with Two Democrat Senators breaking ranks, Joe Manchin (D -WV t+42% in 2016) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND T+40% in 2016). Charles Schumer has exerted almost stalinistic control of his caucus in a nearly psychotic rampage 100% about trying to throttle Trump’s agenda.

Mr. Trump also announced that one of the main financiers of the #NEVERTRUMP movement was at the White House for a meeting and is now part of the team. (Billionaire Paul Singer)

He referenced several plants being retained by American companies versus going overseas. In addition, he highlighted several specific examples of companies that have decided to re-invest in America. Ford, Fiat, GM, Intel and Wal-Mart led the list of specific mentions…

He spoke directly about a re-do of the so-called Travel Ban executive order. This was a contest to a lot of fake news that he was going to drop the case that is headed to the Supreme Court. He indicated that he was going to re-write the order(s) as well as continuing the court case. This flies in the face of the obama organized protests / riots going on in various places in America.

He lit up Obama repeatedly on foreign policy indicating that he inherited a Mess from Obama.

He specifically said he was going to rebuild the military.

In addition, he specifically stated that his replacement to Obamacare would be coming out in Early March. This as former Obamacare sellouts (aka the Aetna CEO) are now calling its’ collapse eminent.

Hi indicated that his Tax Reform Plan is also coming out in March and is being negotiated.

He highlighted withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership, he highlighted streamlining permitting processes (a sacred cow of the left bureaucracy is massive red tape), a moratorium on new regulations (along with a massive effort to can all of Obama’s lasts minute narcissistic rage regulations), a hiring freeze for the government, the new rule about how you must withdraw 2 regulations for every new one issued, a violent crime task force, a drug interdiction task force, significant border security measures (aka the wall and ending catch and release), deporting criminal aliens, hammering sanctuary cities, a new department in the department of homeland security for victims of crimes by illegal aliens, “extreme vetting” of immigrants / refugees, constructing the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines, tasking his approved cabinet members with negotiating new trade deals for America, and he referenced Neil Gorsuch as a promise kept to America.

He indicated “Some Very Big Things are Coming Next Week”… can’t wait to see them.

The key takeaway from today’s press conference, he served notice on the media that he is 100% aware of their efforts and the efforts of others to sabotage his presidency. He put them all on notice – if you track the riots/demonstrations, they all have a central nexus, protect Obama’s legacy of failure. (Obamacare, forced muslim immigration and regulatory assassination of our economy) – you’d have to be a delusional idiot to miss the deeper meaning of Trump’s words. I am pretty sure that the Media will.

P.S. This week Trump started signing legislation – two first two bills of a package of repeals of insane Obama-Era Regulations. One torching a job killing alleged transparency bill designed to hamstring energy companies and another regulation that was decimating the coal industry.

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