Nov 182016

Four BIG Winners in City Council Races:

Auburn: Cheryl Maki has almost double the votes of the 2nd place finisher Dr. Bill Kirby.

Lincoln: Once again, favorite Son Paul Joiner is way out ahead of the field with 25% more votes (3,000+) than 2nd place finisher Peter Gilbert.

Rocklin: First time Candidate Joe Patterson is in first by a monster margin. He is up 1,500 on second place finisher Greg Janda.

Roseville: Mayor-Elect Bonnie Gore is up 5,000 votes on 2nd Place Finisher Scott Alvord. That is good for a spread of 20%.

Big Losers:

Rene Aguilera. Has run for almost every available local office in Roseville. Is now out of office for the first time in 12 years. Good riddance. He now trails by 1700 votes and is dropping with each successive update.

David Larson – was trying to set up a run for Roseville City Council in 2018 by running for  2 year seat on Roseville City School District. He got torched. Good riddance.

Spencer Short – trails Dan Karleskint by 515 votes for 3rd place. The 3 term incumbent is toast as that margin has stayed over 500 votes with each update.

Gary Miller / Camille Maben – both are getting re-elected with poor showings. This is 100% due to the “exposure” they both received at the hands of the Placer County Impact Republicans. I am sure they will both think long and hard before running for re-election in 2020.

Despite the fact that the GOP got hammered statewide, we took out two democrats and set two more on fire. That is what making an IMPACT is all about – aka Placer County Impact Republicans PAC.

Local Government Biggest Winners:

Measure N – Western Placer Unified School District, this appears to be hanging on at 56%. There was opposition to this high school bond measure, but its’ passage could solve a ton of the long -term problems the district was having. (the margin is 55%)

Measure D – this one is done. It is cruising to victory with nearly 61% of the vote. This will build the 6th High School in Roseville along with a host of other improvements. The district re-structured it’s current bonds to lessen the impact of this one and appears to have made its’ case to the voters properly. (again this is a 55% bond)

Booby Prize:

I have written in the past that I want Kevin Kiley to succeed and be an effective representative for us in Placer. The problem is that the GOP is 1350 votes away from being completely irrelevant in BOTH houses of the legislature. Kiley is walking in to the super-minority in the Assembly. I am sure this was not part of his plan, and no one I know would wish that on any new member (Bill Halldin, Kevin Kiley or anyone else for that matter).

The kid just got the booby prize. Kiley ran a fantastic campaign from end to end and his prize is being a Republican in the super-minority in Sacramento. Ouch.

I seriously hope Kiley and his colleagues can figure out how to stop the bleeding somewhere in CA. If he succeeds at that, he will be a hero to those of us that remain here.

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