Nov 302016

brickey photoHow do you spell a grassroots disaster? B… R… I… C… K… E… Y…

In the Elk Grove Unified School District Area 7, Carmine Forcina who was an Incumbent squared off against recent Sacramento State graduate Nikita Kostyuk. After a long campaign, Forcina kept his seat due in no small part to the utter disaster of a campaign run by Carl Brickey.

Carmine beat Nikita by 37 points while Carmine only out raised his opponent by $10k. When you compare this to to Area 6 between Nancy Chaires Espinoza who won by 29% but out raised her opponent Marlon Hill by 11 to 1, it begins to look like a disaster.  By the raw dollars: Carmine raised $30,600 and Kostyuk raised $20,300, but Espinoza raised $67,400 while Hill raised $6,000. OUCH

Worse – in Elk Grove everyone votes on ALL School Board races… These are not different districts or voters, these are the same people voting in each race! What was the difference between the two? Was it Nikita the Impaler or Carl Brickley?

How can someone raise $14,000 more on their campaign and then underperform by nearly 1,000 votes? Did the voters not get reached? Did they not like the message? Or was it the CRA doing what they do best? (losing)

So what happened?

In 2014, Brickey played a major part in the Doug Ose congressional loss. Brickey basically got paid for his service of doing nothing… sitting idly by in 2014 while his volunteers carried the entire load. It looks like the feckless Brickley did the same in 2016, except on a smaller scale. Brickey who continues to get people to finance his pattern of miserable failure just helped decimate another good candidate.

Brickey was also part of the Donald Trump 4 Million Vote and counting shellacking in California with fellow do-nothing Tim Clark.

Reports I have received indicate that Mr. Brickey would send volunteers to walk during the week when people are out at work, which is a complete waste of campaign activity.

In addition, on one extra special weekend he sent volunteers to active neighborhoods meaning people were out and about instead of being home… and similar to 2014 when he couldn’t be bothered to knock on doors or make phone calls, Carl continued to deride his volunteers from a position of pseudo intellectual superiority. (His #1 qualification for CRA leadership)

It is just one blogger talking, but the blame for this 2016 School Board #EPICFAIL campaign lays 100 percent with the CRA’s Carl Brickey. Maybe the dems should put him on retainer as he is as good for their cause as Nancy Pelosi is for that of the GOP!

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