Oct 142016

The October Central Committee meeting passed without the rumored Thomas N Hudson end run to attempt to rig opposition to Measure D. As you recall, in June Hudson and his fellow dishonest conservative leaders jumped the agenda and moved from the floor to oppose Measure M without a hearing. This is what happens when you are consumed with ideological narcissism and Ken Campbell NIMBY-ism and the desire to be right.

Deborah Jackson is running around the local political community telling people she has the votes to get elected chairman of the Placer GOP in January. Since I have serious questions about her integrity, I can’t even comfortably call her a conservative. I have no clue where she really stands as it is clear she is a skilled manipulator (she is after all a retired police detective, an occupation where you lie, and engage in mental aerobics to get the bad guys).

The Teacher’s Union in the Roseville Joint Union High School District stiffed Rene Aggielairuh. You’d think that a left-wing communist Hitlary delegate like Aggielairuh would be the perfect candidate.  Sorry Rene Aguilera, (correct spelling of his name) either they are members of the “basket of deplorables” or they know you. The Roseville High School Teachers know a jerk when they see one.

The Placer GOP did endorse. The CRAzy majority on that board did indeed endorse the three Republicans running for Roseville Joint Union High School District – meaning Andrew Tagg is endorsed by the Placer GOP. However, in face-saving egomenical narcissism the CRA itself still has not corrected the error.

On Roseville City Council, the Placer GOP endorsed Phil Ozenick, a long time Central Committee Member in addition to John Allard and Bonnie Gore.

In Rocklin, Joe Patterson’s fundraising has shocked the entire political establishment to its’ core. They now know they have a 15 round brawl on their hands. Patterson will be formidable as he bagged the League of Placer County Taxpayers and the Placer County Impact Republicans endorsements as well as getting the Placer GOP this week.

Victor Bekhet, the feckless Non-Republican that the cheap shot artists Andrew Westrope and Peter Hanners of Gold Country Media defended by calling yours truly a racist, got hammered again on Wednesday.

Fresh off of losing 4-1 at the Placer BOS on a development project, the Placer County Planning Commission approved a Senior Rehabilitation Center on one of the last remaining undeveloped parcels in South Placer. Bekhet’s NIMBY-ism is so deep that he fought against a much needed senior medical facility. I am sure the cheap shot artists of Gold Country Media, Deborah Jackson, Ken Campbell and Thomas N. Hudson were proud to support this train-wreck that lost by 19% despite democrats having a 10% turnout advantage at the polls in June.

Fasten your seat-belts. It is going to hit the fan locally as Thomas N Hudson is going to fight with every ton of his being for relevance (you know, the kind that loses by 19% in a D+10 turnout environment), kind of like the national media is against Donald Trump.

I am also expecting the Rocklin establishment to bear its’ fangs further against Joe Patterson. I am concerned that their psychosis to stop Patterson will result in Greg Janda or Dave Butler losing re-election.

In Roseville, the anyone but Scott (Alvord) coalition is in high gear as well. Meantime, Gary Miller is as quiet as a Church Mouse. Hi Gary. I have not forgotten about you (and the peace symbol tatoos on your butt-cheeks). 😉

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