Sep 172016

There is a price to being right. Hillary Clinton and the democrats are learning that in real time.

The CRA is learning it in real time.

In several places of the state, the CRA is a non-factor. In others, they are known as a leper colony.

Since the May 2015 board meeting where the self-righteous engaged in a lynching to assuage their bruised egos, the following has happened:

Their State President (the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson) is continuing a downward personal spiral as his divorce is entering its’ 3rd year of legal proceedings. It is my belief that Mr. Hudson is attempting to string the divorce out in order to avoid paying child support on his oldest daughter who is 17. (when she turns 18, he is off the hook) Hudson is also facing scrutiny over his role in the California Taxpayer Protection Racket.

Their Executive Vice President Craig Alexander abruptly resigned, a sure signal of internal strife.

The Vice President, Mark Gardner – a maladjusted bully who was brought in to CRA by a friend of 30+ years who he later helped oust as President of CRA is getting a divorce as well. Gardner, in my opinion is Alice Khosravy’s choice for CRA President to succeed the Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister. Gardner hates Thomas N Hudson as much as Alice, Carl Brickey and others on the CRA’s board do. Gardner was also the instigator of the move to oust George and myself from CRA.

Wendy Albright got fined $10,000 by the FPPC for campaign money laundering. Albright is one of Alice’s Lieutenants and has been a reliable agent of chaos in the High Desert part of Los Angeles County.

Former CRA President Mike Spence is in a mess of trouble. He is also a business partner of Thomas N Hudson in the aforementioned racket.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, there have been a raft of other maladies that have beset various individual board members of the CRA.

I don’t think it is an accident that dishonest, controlling, ego-maniacal ideological narcissists are coming up sick or with their personal lives unraveling. It seems to be the way of things in 2016 politics.

As a bonus, Bill Schmidt, a man I worked with for many years in CRA before I learned of his duplicity worked with Rick Marshall to try to derail the charter of the CIR’s chapter in the South Bay Area of LA County. Both Bill Schmidt and Rick Marshall are regarded as pariahs in LA County and their attempt may well have aided the cause of the CIR as their opposition to the CIR’s charter was all about individual people rather than the merits of any organizations.

The leadership of the CRA is worse than thin. Thomas N Hudson had to scrape the bottom and get a bunch of retreads to fill board seats – kind of like the national dems getting Russ Feingold and Evan Bayh out of retirement to run again for US Senate because their bench is exhausted. The chaos and turmoil is a hallmark of the CRA’s Black Widow as she continues to manipulate people and as their own lack of character breeds its’ results in their own lives – the battlefield is ripe for Alice to repeat her pattern and take over yet another organization.

It could well be that no one wants to be President of the CRA other than the box-wine guzzling Thomas N Hudson. That will be the only way Hudson gets re-elected because despite what these people may say in public, most of the senior board members despise Mr. Hudson. Gotta love the duplicity of these co-called Conservatives.

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