Aug 022016

Politico announced that Ed Brookover, the legendary Reagan Alum former Ben Carson top dog and Western Region Director Jimmy Stracner were fired yesterday. Why? It appears that the internal pissing match between Paul Manafort and anyone not named Paul Manafort ran its’ course. Both men had been brought in by Corey Lewandowski.

What is not well known publicly is that Tim Clark – who was hired by Paul Manafort at the recommendation of someone in California – was always trying to move himself up the Trump food chain. From where I sit looking at their structure, the next step up was the Western Region Director.

There have been varied rumors about Tim Clark’s status with Team Trump. What is 100% known is that Clark screwed up the California delegation badly, causing national press coverage of the White Nationalist and other marginal characters.

Tim Clark has been blaming everyone but himself for the disaster. Those that know him best, know this is his pattern. He has even blamed Trump’s headquarters for the delegation disaster.

Local activists who were bumped off the delegation list in favor of Mr. Clark’s few remaining friends and party officials have confirmed that he has been extremely difficult to work with. Given that the first delegation list prepared by Ted Costa before Tim Clark was brought in had many of the key early Trump supporters on it – versus the final list that had to be put together with a last minute frenetic rush were very different.

The only thing Clark did was delete people he didn’t like. Other than that, other people including CA GOP leaders were left holding the bag in the last days before the deadline scrambling to fill the list that Tim Clark failed to do. The delegation was Clark’s primary responsibility that he was being paid for by the campaign.

So now, Tim Clark appears to  have a clear path – if indeed the Trump team is still paying him – to the next step up the ladder. Those of us that know Tim Clark know that he is a parasitical cancer in any organization he participates in and he usually starts from day one trying to run people over to get paid more. We will see what the Trump team’s next move is now that the Carson people have been blown out.

Let’s hope it is not to appoint more Nazis.

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