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On the heels of drawing a 5th Entrant info the Roseville Joint Union High School race who has no chance of winning and whose entry will make it easier for a bad incumbent to get re-elected… several local City Council Races have similar dynamics with marginal candidates filing at all different times, including late.

Unlike with the entry of the loser in the RJUHSD race, none of these late entrants appear to have been recruited by the Placer GOP. It is common for City Council Races to draw “Extra” candidates – kind of like Assembly races.

The Roseville City Council Race drew one late entrant – Maxine Sarmiento who is known to some in the area. She has told people she thinks she can win because she is female and there are a bunch of men running. I guess sexism only applies if it is men deriding women? Yes – there are a measurable amount of voters that only vote for women, but I’ve never seen enough of it to tip the balance of a race.

Your contestants for Roseville City Council Are:

Bonnie Gore (Incumbent Republican)
John Allard (Republican Former Councilmember)
Phil Ozenick (Republican Former Councilmember)
Richard Rocucci (Republican Former Councilmember)
Scott Alvord – Democrat

Alvord is disqualified for his support of Hillary Clinton via his registration. I have reason to believe that Richard Rocucci is a Hillary Clinton supporter as well by virtue of his affiliation with many democrats in the past. I will have to ask him.

I have known Phil Ozenick for years. He is 92 years of age and should be living out the twilight of his life writing his memoirs and not running for office. The only man I have ever seen run for office in his 90’s was Strom Thurmond who retired at age 100. Phil Ozenick is not Strom Thurmond.

My second issue with Mrs. Ozenick and Rocucci is their terrible record on development. Rocucci has been known to respond to good arguments and to do the right thing on development, my understanding is that Mr. Ozenick has pretty much opposed every major development in Roseville for the last 30 years.

At this time – I am only recommending John Allard and Bonnie Gore.

Rocklin City Council:

This is a truly bizarre situation. Diana Ruslin moved to Georgia, opening a seat up for an appointment as the vacancy occurred after the window to declare a two-year-seat election. Several of the existing councilmembers have made it clear their preference to appoint Ken Broadway to the vacant seat.

Broadway was considered the top candidate for the ensuing election, before Ruslin’s move.

George Magnusen retired as well, ending his long tenure on the Rocklin City Council – a move that all but guaranteed Broadway’s election.

The lack of clarity has brought several candidates in to the race, liberal democrat Mike Mattos whose whole campaign is centered around public transit, a Michelle Vass who lives in an apartment and community activist and Republican Activist Joe Patterson.

Some in Rocklin are upset over Patterson’s entry in to the race. With Ken Broadway seemingly due to be appointed on 9/14 – Patterson’s entry in to the City Council Race gives the voters a sane alternative to Mattos who would have been a near shoo-in without another viable alternative.

Your Candidates are:

Incumbent Republican Dave Butler
Incumbent Republican Greg Janda
Republican Ken Broadway
Republican Joe Patterson
Michelle Vass
Democrat Mike Mattos

I have a long-standing relationship with Joe Patterson dating to his days in the California GOP. He will be a great councilmember.

Lincoln City Council:

Lincoln is still a mess. The fire station that I posted pictures of many years ago being shut down, opened and got shut down again and may be open again. Nevertheless, it is a poster child for the woes of Lincoln.

Short Sale LincolnLincoln is growing again, no thanks to Spencer Short, who has consistently opposed the developments of every developer except one. Short is the only remaining councilmember from the days before the market crash and some of the current issues related to poor planning of the past can be laid at his feet. Needless to say, Short’s contribution to solving the issues of the past is lynching the city manager, attacking city staff and stabbing several people in the back.

Short needs to go.

There are an astounding 7 candidates on the ballot for this 3 seat race.

My choices are Paul Joiner, Peter Gilbert (who have teamed up with Gabriel Hydrick to save the hide of development time and again over the attempts of Spencer Short to throttle it) and Planning Commissioner Dan Karleskint.

Lincoln needs a short sale.

Loomis and Colfax did not make the ballot.

This leaves Auburn.

Bill Kirby and Keith Nesbitt filed for re-election. They will face a stiff challenge from local businesswoman Cheryl Maki. There are two other entrants in to the race as well. I really have no strong opinion on this race as Auburn may as well be 1000 miles away.

Mike Holmes was unseated from Auburn Council in 2014, and this may have invited the challenges in this 2016 race. Undaunted, Holmes is running against Donna Silva for Auburn City Treasurer. That should be an entertaining race.

Gotta love local politics.

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