Aug 272016

The first clue there may be a problem was that the idea was allegedly suggested by NBC that Trump attend a candidate forum hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The Forum is Scheduled for September 7th.

Just who is IAVA – a look at their IRS Form 990 gives us some clues.

Look at their major donors – several foundations whhose websites show their tilt towards coddling criminals (aka Justice Involved People), social justice and green initiatives.

You can look up the four family foundations listed and see for yourself their carefully worded websites that yield several left-wing talking points. A search of the principals on Open Secrets type campaign sites yields the predictable donations to a variety of Democrat Candidates for Federal Office.

You can look at the website of IAVA and if you read carefully – you will see that they advocate for more Government programs for Veterans and have a section for LGB veterans. Most veterans groups do not go that far.

Some more skeptical people may dismiss my above statements because I am a Donald Trump supporter or because they may not see the same left-wing buzzwords in the information that are so clear to me.

CaptureI decided to some research on the Consultant that this group pays $140k a year to.

Mr. Dorman is a left-wing liberal democrat whose past list of clients indicate that he is a consultant that you hire if you are a front group for the left.

So – you have a veteran’s group that lists a who’s who of donors from the left, with a San Francisco based MoveOn.Org Alum as a $140k a year consultant, and a website replete with a liberal grab bag of social justice initiatives holding a candidate forum? Trump may as well request Donna Brazille to moderate.

Oh and leave us not forget, they are a 501(c)3 non profit with an associated 501(c)4. Cozy, I bet Lois Lerner fast-tracked their applications as opposed to all those right-leaning Vets Groups.

This seems to be as objective as CNN’s election reporting. I am not sure how Donald Trump’s campaign staff allowed him to get roped in to this as this seems like a setup.

My source for this tip was a Gary Johnson supporter who asked that I remind people that this group has not invited Gary Johnson to participate in their September 7th Forum. If you are so inclined, you can sign their petition.

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