Jul 082016

Total Placer County Turnout 54%. 115,266. The numbers don’t lie:

Total Republican Votes for President: 54181 or 47% – down a fraction of a point below 47.4% Registration

Total Democrat Votes for President: 47203 or 41% – up a whopping 14% over 27% Dem Registration

Total 3rd Party Votes for President: 2379 or 2%

Total DTS Ballot (You can take a non-partisan ballot and I saw a ton) / Undervoted Ballots for President (11,503): 10%

In Placer County – the Democrats OUTPERFORMED the statewide average of an 8 point boost by a whopping 6%. Add in that the Rep vote missed the mark and you have a nearly 15 point swing. As in 2012, nearly $100k was spent on altering the outcome of the GOP Cent Com election – based on the results I have seen of the elections I have no hope whatsoever that the Placer GOP will be able to emerge from a wet paper bag. (But – the rampage jihads against people they don’t like will continue) I won’t even ask where the Placer GOP was in this election (other than trying to unseat Kirk Uhler).

So – this makes Victor Bekhet’s 20-Point loss a massive drubbing as Out-of-the-Closet Pro-Growth Conservative Kirk Uhler decimated him despite the fact that 40% of the voters in Placer Sup D4 were dems and less than 50% of them were Republicans. OUCH.

Showing the magnitude of Uhler’s victory is the fact that Jennifer Montgomery, who is in the most Democrat Supervisor District in Placer County “Only” got 63.19% of the vote versus Uhler’s 59.81%. Perhaps Montgomery can indeed be worked with as asserted by Ken Campbell in his defense of supporting democrat turned DTS Bekhet. It would appear that a decent batch of the lefties in Placer SUP D5 may not have Monty on their dance card, suggesting she may indeed be pragmatic in some regards.

Michael Babich, who lost to Montgomery is a dyed in the wool Conservative who was recruited by the local Tea Party and aided by Team McClintock.

The local Tea Party also recruited jolly Bob Grigas to run against DTS Supervisor Jim Holmes and that margin was colossal. 75-25.

In other news – GOP Assembly Candidate Kevin Kiley won Placer County Outright. Given the massive Dem turnout surge, I’d have to believe that his “Deputy Attorney General” ballot title had to have attracted more than a few Kamala Harris supporters.

I have been receiving positive feedback that the youthful Kiley is reaching out to several prominent local electeds. This is a good thing as I’ve been told that he is meeting with the aforementioned pack of rabid dogs on Wednesday. He is sure to see why they are (as a group) ineffective (because not all of them are insane), and of course why your intrepid blogger is recommending a tetanus shot and a flak jacket for Mr. Kiley before said meeting.

Kiley has met with a few respected and popular local electeds. By accounts, it appears that he is soliciting advice and is acting on some of it. The mere fact that he is meeting with people is a stunning departure from the feckless, incompetent Beth Gaines. The fact that he is interacting and asking questions suggests that my opinion that he is talented and intelligent may have some merit.

I want Kiley to succeed. I sincerely hope he continues to meet with good, sane people. I sincerely hope he not only solicits their advice, but that he will also act on it. This alone would have a major, stabilizing effect on the whole area that has suffered from a Republican leadership Vacuum (with a few notable exceptions) – that crescendoed with the massive 15% swing in voter turnout in the primary just concluded.

If Mr. Kiley takes and acts on good advice, he will maximize his talent. If that happens, he will end up being a far better representative than the rabid dogs deserve.

The fun is just beginning, I’ve talked to a few perspective candidates and it looks like at least two major local governing bodies are going to have sufficient Republican candidates. More on those races soon.

Jul 042016

Our apologies for the delay in reporting on the fall election. As of today, 7/4/2016, Placer County has not finalized its’ count from the 6/8/2016 election.

Recently, led by Kirk Uhler – the Placer County Board of Supervisors killed the obsessive marijuana cultivation rampage of Jack Duran. Despite the active participation of the Placer GOP in the campaign of Dem-turned-DTS Victor Bekhet – Uhler stayed focused and delivered for the very people trying to screw him over.

For those of you that regularly read this blog, you will begin to note that this is a theme. My personal experience with the Tea Party has been negative with few exceptions. The reason being the lack of integrity – the most recent example is rather than telling me they were trying to take our Kirk Uhler – we saw the $100 check on the campaign finance report of his opponent. Principle be dammed. We need a witch hunt against one of the most effective conservatives in local office.

Truth be told, I used to be one of them. Shoot everyone I think is a liberal in the head, I gotta be right. The only thing that matters is being right. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box – one after another the ideologically pure candidates I was supporting got their tails kicked because they were too pure to raise money or support. Even better, most forgot my name 5 minutes after the election was over.

Only Congressman Tom McClintock broke that mold insofar as he won election. (Tim Donnelly did to a lesser extent) McClintock won his race because his Name ID was still astronomical in 2008 for his role in the recall of Gray Davis, otherwise, Doug Ose would be our Congressman today.

It is however, reflecting on McClintock’s failure as a representative that the answer to the Placer GOP Dilemma can be found. There is no question that McClintock is right on 95% of the issues. The problem is that is all you get. You get limited, sporadic help for local government. You get no voter registration. You get no engagement in local party politics.

The Placer GOP Central Committee is a dramatic failure. Despite $100k being spent in 2012 to meet out punishment on those that attempted to unseat the feckless, incompetent Beth Gaines, the Tea Party (who were used in that effort) have since taken control again to continue to re-define failure.

As such, they have also turned on Nielsen, LaMalfa, Gaines, and Gaines as well. There is nothing like telling a pack of rabid dogs you are a Conservative and then going to office and performing like the establishment. Even the most naive and mypoic can figure that one out.

So here I sit. The evil dog whistle of the Placer County Transportation tax is going on to the fall ballot. Conservative and Liberal Republican alike in local government support it. The Placer GOP Central Committee took a position in opposition to it with no notice and no chance for anyone to make a case for it and worse some are on a self-righteous rampage to hunt down everyone that supports the measure regardless of merit. Wow! What a great marketing message. Makes me want to register Republican!

Am I writing to advocate a tax increase? Nope. I am writing because being right sometimes is a disaster. Here I sit 12 years later after I was first seated on the Placer GOP Cent Com and I finally understand the criticism of the Placer GOP Cent Com as I have heard it for years. I also get what my role was in it and why it took years for me to be able to develop relationships with many outside of activist circles, they all had burn marks on them from what had been done over the years.

How do you build a movement when you keep punching your teammates in the face? It has nothing to do with disagreement. It is a matter of tactics. This is why Jesus Christ emphasized communication and reproach with love when he walked the Earth.

This is why having a malignant narcissist like Tom Hudson or someone with severe anger issues like Ken Campbell leading a movement is extremely toxic – their imbalance is like a toxic cancer that infects an entire group. When you add a few deceitful actions by others you then have a movement that looks a lot like the fringe movements Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.Org, PETA or some feel the Bern hippie convention. It sure isn’t conservative, Christian, inviting, welcoming or exciting.

When you shoot someone without giving them their day in court, it sends a message to reasonable people to stay away as they might be next. I personally live with that daily as this blog is caustic and incites a reaction from those that read it. I get the consequences and many years ago, I got over the need to be right. This is why I was expelled from the CRA as I no longer fit their culture. It is also why I do a lot of political work today. The desire for balance is also why I blog under my own name to be accountable to many – which includes retractions, editing posts and sometimes (gasp) public apologies.

My hope is that those on the Placer GOP Cent Com learn that their approach is a loser and that the issue(s) are getting lost in the shuffle. My sincerest hope would be for a return to registering voters and a message of attraction that is centered around inclusion without compromise versus ritual ideological fratricide.

My experience of over 16 years of knowing the key players and others for a shorter period is that nothing will change. More babies will get butchered by planned parenthood, more guns will get stolen from law-abiding citizens, and the assault on the church will continue unabated by the fascists in Sacramento – while the Placer GOP rank-and-file will load up for a witch hunt against Republican officeholders that offend their latest pet cause.