May 132016

SPLC-Extremist-Files-William-Daniel-Johnson-1280x720 (1)I had been waiting for a confirmation of this for a couple days.

Lou Barnett, the husband of Late LAGOP Chair Jane Barnett is a long time “friend” of Tim Clark. He is the individual that sent a list of recommendations in LA County over to the Donald Trump camp. (Namely Tim Clark)

These lists included the White Nationalist William Johnson.

They knew that Tim Clark would wait until the last minute to vet his candidates and there was a good chance that this guy would fly through the vetting.

It was told to me that the minute the list came out with Johnson’s name on it that Mr. Barnett leaked the news to the Guardian.

Was another campaign responsible for this dirty trick or did Mr. Barnett do on his own?

Either way, this is another nail in the coffin of Mr. Clark.

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  3 Responses to “RIGHT ON DAILY EXCLUSIVE – who planted the Nazi in the list given to Donald Trump CA Chief Tim Clark?”

  1. #firetimclark

  2. It looks like ol’ Lou never learned his lesson in when he worked for the Evelle Younger for Governor campaign back in the 1970s. He was caught pulling some dirty stuff back then, which prompted Mrs. Younger to say, “If I were that young man, I’d be worried about his political future.”

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