May 082016

IMG_3771You read the headline correctly.

I have written extensively about Ken Campbell’s 13 year old grudge against Kirk Uhler. I have also written about Dennis Revell’s issues with Kirk Uhler over a development (a park) that occurred near his large residence in an exclusive gated Granite Bay neighborhood.

It has become clear that Campbell has indeed rendered some assistance to Victor Bekhet, the crazed bay area democrat turned Placer NPP opponent of Kirk Uhler’s. Recently, I came across a photo of Mr. Campbell with Placer Tea Party Leader, Debra Jackson hanging out at the last convention.

So, they are friends, no big deal, right? I could care less who is friends with whom.

Where it becomes problematic is that in private conversations with Ms. Jackson – I asked her to contact Mr. Uhler to get his side of the story. She never did. Worse – she donated to Victor Bekhet.

Now – the picture matters. The Placer GOP Central Committee has been going berserk over three things – 1. a Proposed School Bond Measure. 2. a Proposed 1/2 cent transportation tax and 3. Kirk Uhler – based mostly on the half-baked hyperbole of the neurotic Campbell.

IMG_3773It does not stop there, please see this screenshot of the $100 check that Jackson wrote to Victor Bekhet a democrat turned NPP running for Placer GOP supervisor against Mr. Uhler. Jackson’s donation is right next to Kris Johnson’s, who was a democrat opponent of Tom McClintock’s.

Also, I have been told by two different sources that Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell deliberately stymied the endorsement of the Placer GOP for Kirk Uhler. Revell said he was doing so at the behest of Congressman Tom McClintock. If true, this would be a departure from the Congressman’s normally hands-off policy related to Central Committee politics. If not true, then Mr. Revell just threw Tom McClintock under the bus for his own bad behavior.

Now – where does the State of Jefferson come in? You will recall that Ken Campbell and others attempted to attack Kirk Uhler over the 1/2 cent sales tax measure – that resulted in the auburn based tea party issuing a public apology. It appears, however, that the Central Committee Members / Tea Partiers did not learn from the first lie, but worse, doubled down on the lie and have never let go of it.

Kirk Uhler, Jim Holmes and Jennifer Montgomery are all incumbent supervisors. You need three supervisors to vote Yes to move the State of Jefferson forward in Placer County.

Debra Jackson and Dennis Revell/Tom McClintock are actively engaged in trying to unseat Uhler. There goes that vote.

The Cent Com recruited Bob Grigas to run against Jim Holmes. There goes that vote.

The Cent Com recruited Michael Babich to run against Jennifer Montgomery (who, ironically, Ken Campbell was praising at a prior meeting). There goes that vote.

They might as well tell Robert Weygant to go to hell while they are at it to make sure they get zero votes. (as Left-Wing Trial Lawyer Democrat Jack Duran would never support SOJ, ever… )

This is all unnecessary and disappointing. And the State of Jefferson is dead – all because of Ken Campbell’s vendetta and others buying in to it. It is not Uhler’s fault, Jim Holmes’ fault or Jennifer Montgomery’s fault. You don’t attack people you are trying to get to help you, especially not your formerly number one advocate of SOJ in Placer, Kirk Uhler.

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