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5760Did you hear that a White Nationalist made it on the the Donald Trump California Delegate Slate in Southern California?

To understand the context – you need to understand the Hiring of Tim Clark to be Donald Trump’s Chief of California by Rob Manafort and the ensuing issues within the team.

Having been employed by Dr. Ben Carson previously, I know that a lot of his team was absorbed in to the Trump operation after Dr. Carson endorsed Trump.

The Guardian covered the internal strife within the organization that many knew about.

The fact Trump has yet to talk to the strategist in command of the all-important California primary contest may say more about the frontrunner’s centralized presidential campaign than it does about Clark.

On the other hand, it turns out Clark was not an uncontroversial pick.

Stuart Jolly, who until recently was Trump’s national field director, said he considered Clark for the role but decided he was not qualified enough.

“I had already ruled him out,” he said.

Jolly said he was overruled by a more senior campaign operative, newly hired national convention manager Paul Manafort, but maintains that Clark’s selection over another contender in California was “almost laughable”.

The Guardian article was written on 4/28 and was more detailed about the internal war in the Trump camp than I realized. I knew that everyone objectionable to Tim Clark had been purged from the operation and from the delegate lists. I have been an outspoken critic of Tim Clark’s boss John Moorlach – so I knew that Clark’s hire would likely cost several people their chance in the organization. Picking up the Guardian Article:

“I just didn’t think he was as qualified as Kathy,” he said. “She had much more experience in delegate work, she had more experience statewide.”

Jolly said, in early April, he was on the cusp of offering Tavoularis the job, adding: “She was so much more qualified it was almost laughable, in my opinion.”

However a power struggle was under way at Trump’s campaign headquarters between the businessman’s campaign manager and close confidante, Corey Lewandowski, and Manafort, the veteran political bruiser who had been appointed convention manager.

Manafort wanted to have full reign over California and asked me to let him [select the director] for California,” Jolly said. “I was probably within the hour of offering the job to Kathy. Literally, a day later, Kathy would have been state director.

Why was Manafort so keen to go with Clark? “He just wanted his people [in California],” said Jolly, who resigned from the Trump campaign last week. “It’s politics. Everyone wants their guy there.”

So – Rob Manafort won the pissing match on the hire of Tim Clark.

What did it get them? Ted Costa and Elizabeth Emken who were helping to select delegates were meddled with and were only able to partially vet delegates. Particularly those in the North State only – I should note that none of the delegates north of the Kern / LA County Line were controversial.

I was told by several sources that Trump had several Congressional Districts completely or partially vacant.

It appears that all Tim Clark accomplished was going on media shows to get himself publicity, but that the main job you get a state director for was not completed.

So, you want to know how a white nationalist made the slate? Tim Clark is notorious for being last minute with everything he does. He is also notorious for taking over control over every aspect of every campaign he runs. This is a toxic combination.

Read the story in the LA Times. This is a disaster for the Donald Trump Campaign. If Mr. Trump is the manager everyone says he is, someone needs to get fired. The buck stops with Tim Clark in California.

This is how Mr. Clark Responded:

“Upon careful review of computer records, the inclusion of a potential delegate that had previously been rejected and removed from the campaign’s list in February 2016 was discovered,” Tim Clark, Trump’s California campaign director, said in the statement. “This was immediately corrected and a final list, which does not include this individual, was submitted for certification.”

Um. Nope – Kathy Tavoularis would have known that once the deadline is passed you can not submit a second list. This attempt to cover is an #EPICFAIL.

So, will Mr. Clark resign? Not likely given his attempt to cover himself in his response. Will Donald Trump fire Mr. Clark? It looks like some egos were involved in his hire.

This is a mess. This sort of self-inflicted wound is intolerable in a Presidential Race, the future of America is at stake here and it looks like Tim Clark just shot his boss in the head.

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