May 132016

20160513_150557Something I have not seen in a long time – a three way “Gang Bang” piece. This comes courtesy of Andrew P Pugno.

Halldin gets swatted, Cristi Beckstead Nelson gets Punched and Young Mr. Kiley gets Piledriven.

Did you know that Kiley was one of Liberal Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris staff stooges? It is even complete with a picture of that hideous beast (Harris) along with a little donkey. I note that Kiley is made to look 18 years old.

The triple meaning of Cristi Beckstead-Nelson taking a ton of labor union endorsements and promising them “Good Representation” in the legislature was special. I was laughing out loud. I don’t think Ms. Beckstead-Nelson was planning on getting slapped in this campaign. I still have not figured out how Ms. B-N got so many endorsements with taking any checks from them! (as she claimed at the GOP debate – what’s a little lie between friends)

I am, however not sure which misdeed Pugs was referring to regarding Mr. Halldin – but I am sure he has more fun in the offing for all three of his leading opponents.

It appears that Mr. Pugno was having a Mik and a Smile while watching the tropical depression miss landfall, while making this piece.

BTW – of the four, only Halldin is free of the chains of law school.

20160513_151816That said, Pugno just got JACKED UP. I mean he got NUKED.

I will get a better copy of this later – but it quotes Howard Jarvis and the NFIB – both Conservative organizations calling Pugno a liar.

It also calls him out for claiming to be an outsider yet taking a ton of campaign cash from insiders.

Finally, it talks about all the lawsuits Mr. Pugno has filed to make money. Perhaps Mr. Pugno’s lawsuits assisted Mr. Pugno in borrowing $17K from Family and parting with $208k of his own money to finance his current run for office? Just sayin…

This attack on Pugno was much better than the first one.

20160513_150516Allow me as a post-script to add this image of the front side of Pugno’s hit piece on his opponents.

I like Pugno. I worked for him in 2012. Now I am helping Bill Halldin in 2016 (who Pugno is attacking). This Picture of Andy Pugno makes me think he took a shower and shoved a dress shirt on after digging a trench under the Gasden Flag in his backyard. Pugs might want to try a different picture… for a mailer to anyone other than freedom fighters. Just sayin…

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