Apr 142016

Please note: I have endorsed Duf Sundheim for US Senate for a variety of reasons. If you want a viable GOP Candidate for Senate, he is our best shot. That was my calculation first and foremost. Secondly is character. Of the funded GOP candidates, Duf wins this race hands down.


A Quick Update from the Campaign Front

We are very excited about where we stand and I wanted to give you a quick update. I am more convinced than ever we’re well positioned to make it into the top two and appear on the November ballot.

Here’s why:

According to the LA Times, we are within 7% of Loretta Sanchez
According to the Field poll, the current leader in the race is not Kamala Harris, but “Undecided”

Close to 50% of the voters are undecided and a significant majority of those voters anticipate they will vote Republican

We are the only Republican being polled whose statement will appear in the pamphlet delivered by the Secretary of State to every voter in the State of California
Nationally, turnout among voters who align with our positions is through the roof and those that favor our opponents is through the floor.  That is critically important in a top-two system.

Between now and Election Day, we plan to send you updates on  our campaign, where we stand on the issues and hopefully share a smile or two.

We are doing everything we can, but we cannot win without your activehelp:

Please share these emails with your friends and recommend they do the same
Go to our Facebook page, Twitter – whatever social platforms you use, and share our  stuff
Put comments in online articles and blogs, write letters to the editors, call in to talk shows
Share with others the positive, problem solving approach of our campaign on the issues
Please financially contribute whatever you can and recommend your friends do the same – no amount is too small (or too large!)

And most of all, communicate with us. Tell us what you like, tell us where we can do better – after all, we are doing this for you!

Thank you again for your support.

We can, and will, do this!


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