Mar 032016

Remember the BS about its’ not a tax, its’ a fee?

Not the waffling on a massive sales tax increase, 180 votes to jack the property tax lumber, proposing taxing illegal aliens, calling a restaurant tax increase a fee, attacking term limits, lighting up free speech… all of that is annoying, but taxing Fido? Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Now the family pet has been placed on the tax altar by Big Government John.

If you can justify hammering restaurant owners in the name of service – why not by lighting up fido for another $3?

Increases in various pet licensing fees are expected to generate the bulk of the needed money, the staff report said, bringing in an extra $635,000, or 8.6%, more than would be generated by the old fees.

Big Government John Moorlach came for your dog.

Once again, that “complete squish” Todd Spitzer voted no. It is making me wonder what is wrong with the CRA Scorecard system and what is wrong with the Orange County GOP.

What the heck – let’s throw in a bonus.

John Moorlach also Supported a $3 inmate fee to see a nurse. I suppose we could call that a dirtbag tax.

I still haven’t figured out what to call the proposed $250 per illegal immigrant tax Moorlach proposed.

Don Wagner. Maybe the OC Register doesn’t like him, but the NFIB, the National Small Business Association and a laundry list of taxpayer groups chose him over Big Government John Moorlach in 2015. Maybe those groups were harboring a resentment over the cost of a Dog License? Who Knows?

But – now if you ask groups like the OC GOP we have to endorse the incumbents, like abuse victims who can’t break free from the cycle.

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