Mar 102016

10726780_10202495797147638_1783857371_nPictured to the left is Rodney Stanhope – the self-appointed California Chair of the Donald Trump for President Campaign in California.

Apparently, the trailer parks of El Dorado County are ablaze with excitement over making crank great again.

You, yes you can BUY your own custom-smoked Donald Trump for President sign from his self-appointed California Chairman Rodney Stanhope.

First, there is David Duke… now, there is Rodney Stanhope. He of the Tax Liens (still unpaid), restraining orders, criminal record and of course 8 children by 7 women!

Please note – Mr. Stanhope has active tax liens and child support orders in effect. He works for cash and sells stuff for cash in order to avoid the wage garnishments said orders have in effect. If you buy stuff from him, you are in effect helping him be a deadbeat dad and a tax cheat.

#makecrankgreatagain – If Donald Trump was really smart, he’d get a tuff-shed and shove Rodney in it until the campaign is over. Just sayin’


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  2 Responses to “#makecrankgreatagain Introducing the California State Chair of the Donald Trump for President Campaign!”

  1. Aaron this is a very cruel article that you penned here. I am acquainted with Rodney and have known him for a few years. I don’t know all the details of his life. Most people we knew never said anything bad about him. His wife Sarah seemed like a very nice and supportive woman. If all your saying is true, he wouldn’t be a good Chair for Trump. I just like to be a an agent for good and not for anyone’s destruction.

    @Janet – there are dozens of people Rodney has hurt, lied to, swindled, etc. A few are in your backyard. Most are naive and new to politics at the time Rodney takes advantage of them. The tax liens are current, the child support orders are current and the felony arrest was a year ago. It would be cruel if the stuff were not true, unfortunately, it is.

  2. Aaron…you and I both know you ‘have it in’ for Rodney… Leave the guy alone. It’s not worthy of your time. Rather do something important and get some Republicans elected!

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