Jan 192016

By now, you’ve read ad-nauseum about evil Don Wagner signing a letter asking Congress to reform immigration. By now, you’ve read about the OC Establishment endorsing Big Government John.

The same man with a lifetime 92% CRA Score (Wagner) that is derided by the hard left as anti-immigrant amongst other things supports (gasp) open borders and measles outbreaks? Set aside the hyperbole – reforming immigration policy and especially enforcement is something 80% of Americans agree with.

There is another problem for the Border, build the wall crowd. Big Government John agrees with Wagner

When Orange County’s overlord Big Government John was shopping for a new temple, he was quoted liberally in the Orange County Register. Moloch has run for Governor, Congress and now State Senate in the last two years.

Let’s focus on this quote:

Moorlach, who emigrated as a child with his parents from the Netherlands to Orange County, said it’s not time yet to discuss his views on issues such as immigration, as that would imply he’s made up his mind to run. However, he said, “I prefer some of the proposals that have been proffered by the Lincoln Club and Sen. Marco Rubio.”

Last year, the Lincoln Club adopted a policy statement on immigration reform that would allow undocumented immigrants to transition to guest-worker status and a pathway to legal residency, not citizenship.

Now that sounds pretty similar to Don Wagner’s stance, now doesn’t it? I wonder what Big Government John is going to say today now that much of his base is riding the Trump build the wall train?

In a 6/21/2013 Column written by Martin Wisckol, the Orange County Lincoln Club tore in to Dana Rohrbacher for taking a hard line on immigration. (I have a paper copy but the link is gone from the register website) The Lincoln Club expressed public support for Marco Rubio’s plan that legalizes 11 million illegal aliens. (Which I support) The Lincoln Club went neutral on the full-blown path to citizenship that Rubio’s plan was bastardized in to by the Reid-Controlled Senate.

This is what Mr. Moorlach said he preferred – the Gang of Eight deal. Now what was the deal about that letter Wagner signed again? It looks like Big Government John went further than Wagner on this issue.

Now Senator Moorlach has indeed shown us all that he is to the left of most all of his base on the immigration issue – voting in favor of a resolution calling for the disenfranchisement of US Citizens in reapportionment. (Which is the current practice)

Now, we are back to all those “lackluster” Republican candidates (Yes that is the defense of Moorlach doing nothing to help the GOP) Wagner has helped elect while Moorlach has been office shopping for himself. Nothing to see here, who cares about Young Kim, Andy Vidak, Janet Nguyen, Marc Steinorth, Tom Lackey, David Hadley and Catherine Baker. (Vidak, Hadley and Baker all hold lopsidedly Democrat districts)

BTW – what has now Senator Moorlach done to help the GOP Caucus? That’s right, still nothing.

It’s ok – the Great Moloch is going to break out the bright shiny Pringle thingy from Main Street Disney in hopes you don’t notice…

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