Nov 172015


ROSEVILLE, CA – Roseville Police Officers’ Association, Roseville Police Association, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1592, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245 and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 39, announced the establishment of a newly formed political action committee (PAC) – Roseville First 2016.

Starts a Press Release that was run in a local website.  Further analysis shows that the release was sent by a Doug Elmets Рwho also works for the left-leaning Auburn Indians.

The Roseville City Council had an extremely contentious contract negotiation with the local police and fire departments and it would appear that they are going to attempt to wield influence in the upcoming 2016 Roseville City Council election.

It means that the likely beneficiaries of the labor union largess would be Scott Alvord, David Larson and Richard Rocucci out of the field running.

Now – read the rest of the release carefully:

“As Roseville residents, it is vital to be engaged in public service, through employment or volunteerism. Everyone has a role to play in keeping Roseville safe and we believe the establishment of Roseville First 2016 will help achieve that goal,” said Phil Mancini, President of the Roseville Police Officers’ Association. “Roseville First 2016 will ensure that everyone who lives and works in Roseville is fairly represented.”

Fairly Represented – this means pushing for by-district elections.

“As Roseville employees, public safety personnel and residents, we believe that everyone deserves to have a say in how our city’s affairs are being conducted, now and in the future,” said Jamie Pepin, President of the Roseville Fire Fighters Association. “Roseville First 2016 is our way of inviting the community to come together by supporting candidates who truly desire to put Roseville and its residents – first.”

Roseville First 2016 will  support candidates that believe in public safety, fiscal responsibility, and appropriate development and retainment of businesses.

This is an interesting way of saying that they will support those who will give out unsustainable contracts to public safety employees.

“As Roseville grows, so does its representation. It is important to ensure that longstanding members of the community and rising leaders are engaged and attentive to the City’s growing needs,” said Mancini.

What this basically means is that they intend to deceive voters in to believing that unsustainable public safety contracts are actually putting Roseville First.

… unless of course a coalition of three of the most hard-left unions in California in concert with local law enforcement really intend something different. Leave us not forget that the local law enforcement and fire unions hired bay area agitators for the last contract negotiation.

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