Oct 192015

12166549_10206047936052411_1969504593_nFamily Values. CRA. Hard-Right. Conservative. Drunk? High?

Meet the knew Corresponding Secretary – Jorge Riley. Over the years, I have been treated to him telling me “Jesus Loves You” with booze on his breath. (At 9am)

People like the CRA’s Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen and the CRA’s black widow Alice Khosravy refer to him as the “Drunk Indian”.

Not to be outdone, the new CRA President Tom Hudson is no slouch when it comes to hitting the sauce. According to people who know him well, his personal decisions have indicated his priorities for at least the last two years.

(Hint: They aren’t family values)

10726780_10202495797147638_1783857371_nThe best fun fact of all is that Rodney Stanhope is planning a comeback to CRA! He has told people that with George and I expelled that he is going to run for a CRA VP slot at their Feb Convention!

(pictured is Stanhope, allegedly showing his support for breast cancer awareness)

So, let’s see – we have a CRA President who slams wine by the gallon, a corresponding secretary with a decades-old reputation of intoxication and an erstwhile CRA VP with tax liens, unpaid child support (the reason why he does not have a checking account and works for cash), a recent felony arrest, a violent misdemeanor conviction and 8 kids by 7 women. (not to mention a crank and booze habit spanning over 10 years)

Was Stanhope’s sudden appearance at the CRP Convention, where he was inviting people to a hospitality suite that was not his, the first step towards said run?

Anyone who dislikes and/or hates George and I is a hero within CRA. I think he’d have a good chance of winning. Go for it Rodney! The CRA needs you!!!

Are these Family Values? Or rather, is this the price of being right? The universe of people you have to draw from shrinks quickly when being right is your value system. The irony is that I am closing in on 13 years sober, perhaps I was tossed because I was ruining their party?

Perhaps I will get another letter from the CRA’s 3×300 relay team (aka the 900 club)? I have 8 legal threat letters in my collection – including the all time classic where I was assured that one lawyer’s client was not mentally ill.

While they have been obsessed with this blogger, they are hemorrhaging members. It makes me wonder why they are all doing it now. There is almost nothing left (to sell or leverage).

Don’t worry folks, the bathroom boys will continue blogging and Thomas N Hudson will continue spinning until the CRA goes down the toilet of political history. Then, of course George and I will be blamed for the failure of that organization – it is the natural order of things. Bottom’s up boys – conservative values. #crankupthecra

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