AD06 Update – Team Gaines Switching Candidates?

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Sep 162015

Former Auburn Council-Member Kevin Hanley moved to Rocklin. (Just like Team Gaines pick #1 Dave Titus)

I had received limited intel dating back 6 weeks that Hanley was playing with it. (Running for AD06)

Clay Sigg (Team Gaines Pick #2) has not been catching on anywhere with anyone. The flow of information on Sigg had gone cold.

Bill Halldin – the leading candidate in the race recently announced his 40th significant endorsement. (Popular Roseville Mayor Carol Garcia)

It appears then that the capetbag has been swung from longtime Roseville Resident Beth Gaines (who moved to Rocklin, back to Roseville and now rents in El Dorado County to set up her next government paycheck) – over to Kevin Hanley.

Is it too much to ask for someone with real, actual roots in South Placer County to become one of our local partisan electeds? (At least Ted Gaines’ family goes back 5+ generations in this area, until he squandered that legacy with his failure to lead and his ill-fated and insane campaign against lynched former Congressman John Doolittle)

Similarly, I am curious why Steve Davey seems to favor candidates that look like Ted Gaines in public. Kevin Hanley is indeed a “nice guy”, but is uninspiring in person. Similar to the routine purges of staff in their operation, I am left with the conclusion that Davey does not want anyone that will outshine Gaines. This is nearly impossible to do when juxtaposed with Beth.

I don’t dislike Hanley, but he does not inspire me. When you talk to Bill Halldin, who is also “mild mannered” you can see quickly that he is passionate, knowledgeable and has “it” for a leg candidate. Kevin Kiley is too young (age 30), Cristi Nelson has proven she is not viable (and has as thin a resume as Beth Gaines had before her run) and any other rumored candidates have demonstrated zero ability to raise money.

There is a chance that Clay Sigg is still the Team Gaines Candidate. My money is on him attempting to quietly drop out of the race in favor of Hanley as it appears Davey is no longer pushing him.

This would mean that the Emerson Drive express will have claimed its’ second AD06 candidate. (I have lost count of all the people the Gaines have used and discarded over the years as the stories find me unsolicited almost weekly)

While my interactions with Hanley have been limited, yet positive, I do sincerely question his judgement if indeed he becomes the Team Gaines candidate.

Sep 152015

The Roseville City Council Race is already captivating insiders. There will be two open seats next year and a variety of suitors are lining up for the race. This update is as of 9/15:

Julie Hirota is out – she has said specifically that she does not want to run in 2016 because 2018 will have a lower voter turnout. A candidate would only say this if they are in the minority in an area. Roseville is a Republican-Leaning City. Hirota has made several public comments that suggest that she is quite liberal.

Krista Bernasconi – she is out and is also eyeing a 2018 run. My vetting shows her to be a Moderate Republican.

Richard Rocucci – various reports indicate that he is lukewarmly pursuing a run. The nexus for said run appears to be bravado according to some circles as in he wants to run headlong in to the conservative buzzsaw that shredded Rene Aggie-lair-uh. I thought Richard was running to serve Roseville, rather than to prove something. By the time I am in my 70’s, I would like to be clogging two-lane highways in my RV seeing the USA.

Phil Ozenick – Phil will be 92 years of age by election day of 2016. He has asked some people for support – unsuccessfully.

Bonnie Gore – incumbent, running. She was involved in some tough negotiations with public employee unions, how much do they play in this race?

John Allard – former councilmember, running. Key issues will be the fact that he is a well-known quantity in Roseville, will he make more friends than enemies? (This is the key reason why I do not run for office and reserve the right to blog)

Tracy Mendonsa – transportation commissioner, running. Mendonsa has picked up several key endorsements that will make him formidable. While somewhat unknown, Mendonsa has very few detractors amongst those that know him.

Scott Alvord – Mod Dem Businessman, running – key issue will be his dem registration and some residual issues from conflicts in his last race.

David Larson – Hard Left planning commissioner, running. He is married to another man – this will be a difficult issue for him in this area, let alone his far-left politics. To Larson’s credit – he has endorsed some conservatives in other races, so this indicates some political savvy on his part.

I do expect a couple more unknown candidates to arrive in the race by next summer.

——- Sutter County ——–

There has been an ongoing drama in Sutter County. Carla Virga, a Tea Party Leader and conservative activist in Sutter County had a dust up with others on the local Central Committee. She was voted off of the Sutter GOP. In an altercation (not physical) one night at a tea party meeting, another Cent Com member, Elaine Miles poured nail polish on the trunk lid of their Cadillac.

— at least that is what the Judge ruled in small claims court when a judgement for the $2500 in damage to the Virga’s car was entered.

In the court proceeding, it appears that Carla Virga made her case and according to accounts from there, Miles brought people from the Sutter County Taxpayer’s Association and some of the remaining members of the Sutter GOP to do nothing other than attack Mrs. Virga personally.

When Miles could not prove she did not do it – the Judge held her liable for the damage. In a twist, the case may well end up back on the desk of the prosecutor for criminal charges. $2500 in damage is felony vandalism.

While on the brink of a historic election, we are having to deal with stuff like this. Larry Virga has been on the agenda of the Sutter GOP for an expulsion vote of his own. The last two months the Sutter GOP Cent Com has failed to make a quorum and has been unable to toss Mr. Virga.

It appears I am not the only one getting thrown out of a GOP group. Seems like a party-wide cancer.

———– Beth Gaines ————

I have written extensively about the self-serving moves of the Gaines family in their quest to keep the government checks coming in. This includes the recent move in to a rental home in El Dorado County to facilitate a run for El Do County supervisor.

Beth Gaines plans to run for State Senate in 2020. In what I believe to be another move to keep her name ID up, she is going to run for CA GOP National Committeewoman. Anyone preparing to support her for said move should ask her pointedly if she intends to parlay that in to a state senate run. The Gaines have added next to nothing to any local GOP so a run for a state GOP position should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

Yes- Gaines has a 100% score from most conservative groups. The point is one of motives and effectiveness.

Consider yourself updated.

Sep 112015

There is a gofundme page that claims over $100k raised toward the SB 277 effort. This is money raised too late in the effort to have any effect on qualifying it. I anticipate that money going in to Tim Donnelly’s pocket to prop up his failing radio show and to pay off some of the myriad bills he is reputed to have.

Someone in the anti-vax effort has been posting this message and Donnelly and crew have been systematically getting group admins to pull this post:

Mr. Donnelly,

I am sending you this email because of the fact that you have sponsored numerous petition drives to qualify issues for the ballot, but you have not gotten enough signatures to qualify an issue even once. I am also sending you this email because, if you again fail to obtain the required number of signatures for this SB 277 referendum, you have compiled a data base of people most likely to be in violation of the new SB 277 law. Have you provided a means by which people can remove themselves from your data base? Have you taken measures to safeguard your data from getting into the hands of Big Pharma or others who might want to target people likely to be in violation of this new SB 277 law? In order for people to collect signatures for this SB 277 referendum, you required that they provide you with a lot of information about themselves; information that is not legally required for people to participate in the legal, constitutionally-protected political right to collect signatures. The only requirement needed for collecting signatures is that they be at least 18 years of age and a US citizen. Your actions have had very little to do with the collection of the signatures, and most everything to do with building data on people and soliciting contributions. Is it legal/ethical for you to manipulate the initiative process for your own personal gain in this manner? I think perhaps not. If you had been focusing on collecting signatures rather than collecting contributions, you probably would have been able to qualify most, if not all, of the petitions that you have sponsored.

As far as SB 277 is concerned, you have been collecting contributions since filing the referendum; probably even before filing it. But you have just recently started raising money specifically to pay for circulating the petition and collecting signatures. You filed the referendum petition the very next day after SB 277 was signed into law. But you started raising money to pay petition circulators with less than four weeks left to collect the signatures; leaving less than three weeks of actual paid signature collection. You have enough experience, with your numerous failures, to know that paid petition circulators are needed if you wanted to qualify the referendum with enough signatures. Even with use of paid circulators, you have failed to qualify previous issues for the ballot. So why did you wait until the last minute with this one? The proper way to do it would be to first raise money needed for collecting signatures. THEN filing the petition once some or all of the funds are in place.

HOWEVER, if the pharmaceutical industry wanted to derail this referendum, the classic way to do it would be to pay a person to immediately file the referendum (thereby blocking anyone else from filing it) then intentionally fail to qualify the referendum. The fact that you filed the petition immediately after the law was signed, shows that you were prepared to beat anyone else in filing it. But you did not have any money put up or even start getting money for signatures until way too late to collect enough signatures. I was told by people in the industry, more than a month ago with two full months left to get the signatures, that it was already too late to get the signatures needed to qualify this referendum. Also, if a person pays for signatures early in a campaign, it is usually much more affordable than waiting until late in the campaign. Circulators normally get paid about a dollar per signature when a petition first comes out. Late in a campaign, circulators often are paid $3 and upward per signature. You have done this before. This is not new information for you. While your words say one thing, your actions seem to clearly say that you are working for the pharmaceutical industry. This is the only way that your actions make any sense.

You know perfectly well, that at this point, it is far too late to collect enough signatures to qualify this referendum for the ballot. At this point, if you want to salvage any credibility at all, the proper thing to do would be to withdraw the petition before the ninety days to collect the signatures expire. This is something you can do. Then later you or someone else can re-file the petition when the funds and the right intent are both present. Mr. Donnelly, I know that Big Pharma has lots of money. But right now is not the right time to take any of it. A lot of people have trusted you with this issue. It is a very important issue for many. Do the right thing. Withdraw and give us another day to fight the issue properly. Please also consider immediately destroying the data base of information on people that you unethically/illegally, acquired. 

There are way too many con artists in politics. Tim Donnelly hijacked the SB277 referendum along with Lauren Stephens. He is attempting to cash in to the bitter end – the unsuspecting and well meaning masses that they conned are awake to what has been done.