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Update: 9/21/2015: I was notified that two of the CRA Units claimed in Tom Hudson’s report of membership have actually joined the CRC, further decimating the narrative put forth at their 9/19 board meeting.

This weekend at the CAGOP convention was very upbeat. The culture under Jim Brulte has been one of civility and camaraderie the likes of which have not been seen in a generation.

There are some fighting against the grain in order to stay personally relevant, but nowhere was that quest for relevance more pronounced than in the CRA’s board meeting.

It was scheduled for 3 1/2 hours, all of which it lasted for. It included numerous committee appointments.

The CRA’s Board was increased to 80 members, with most of the last 20 appointments being people with long histories in the CRA that include few instances of building the organization.

The CRA announced its’ statewide membership to be 1,418. The legal threats leveled against this blog were likely done in an attempt to prevent me from proving my earlier assertion of 1,000 members. Based on their number, I can safely conclude that the actual membership of CRA is less than 1,000 real members. The right people know the truth.

Their membership number likely included 103 members from the Placer CRA, of which at least 85 are no longer CRA members. There are other units that have several members listed that have not paid dues for years by the admission of friends I know within those units, as well as proven evidence of fraud previously outlined here. Remember, the CRA “refused” to let the Placer CRA resign its’ charter setting off a chain of events.

The “Tyler Commission” report was a white-wash of the fraud within CRA. Mr. Tyler never contacted any of the people who came forward with their proof of fraud. It appears that the members of the commission were pressured within CRA to flush the investigation.

CRA President Tom Hudson continued his pattern of concealing or spinning board resignations. For example, the real reason for the resignation of Greg Powers, whose resignation was concealed for a week, was not shared. The real reason for the resignation of others were never shared. Noel Parrish and others had their resignations sandbagged by Mr. Hudson. In all over a dozen CRA Board Members have resigned  suggesting Tom Hudson’s need to expand the CRA’s board to 80 members as a covering move.

The Board Meeting reported 41 “active” CRA Units and 10 “Inactive” CRA Units, and efforts to create 4 new units. Based on what I know of the efforts to create new CRA units – at least two of them are dubious. Based on what I know of several of the so-called “Active” CRA units, many meet infrequently, if ever… while several others are hovering around 15 members.

CRA President Tom Hudson did his best sales job to reassure people there were no investigations in to fraud in the CRA. There is an ongoing investigation.

The pattern indicates that Mr. Hudson, Alexander and others are creating a “Potemkin Village” attempting to dress up an organization that has died from within. The fights for control of the CRA have drained it of its’ talent and activism. The CRA’s officer elections will likely become proxy fights featuring a zombie nation.

Having a sea of paper units and making claims of members that don’t exist may make an organization think it is right versus the truth, yet in the current era of the CAGOP, candidates and legislators are wary of dead organizations that can deliver no real results. (as many dead groups exist).

The real story of CRA’s death was told on Sunday at the main floor session. There was a day when the CRA controlled the CAGOP’s business from A-Z. The CRA barely had 20 of its’ members with delegate badges on the floor. In fact, our count of the delegates indicates that the CRA has no more than 48 members out of the nearly 1700 eligible delegates. This is irrelevance and an 80 member board, 41 units on paper and 1418 members on paper can not cover up that gaping wound of reality.

On a personal note – in an action consistent with flushing the fraud report, stacking the board with more look-good names and reporting out inflated membership numbers, Mr. Hudson made an announcement related to the “pending legal actions”.

As you recall, we wrote about the lawsuit committee they appointed with full powers to act on behalf of the CRA’s board.

Tom Hudson admitted to the CRA’s board that there was no further action possible on the financial issues. This means the allegations of fraud and embezzlement made by several CRA Board Members were/are unfounded lies by Mr. Hudson’s own admission. These now admittedly false allegations are still being repeated in certain circles.

In a move that we believe to be nothing further than face-saving, they indicated that “possible legal action related to the records may still be possible”… over what? How? No one knows.

The quest to be right has led the CRA to irrelevance.

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  One Response to “California GOP Convention Recap Part One – The Irrelevance of CRA Codified”

  1. Aaron, I resigned as Sgt at Arm because I did file the intent to run paperwork with the Sec of States office back in July. Tom Hudson informed me that when I filed the intent to run CRP bylaws require that I step down from any state level office. That was the real reason.

    Blogger’s Note: When Past CRA President Ken Mettler ran for assembly, he was not forced to resign until he filed. Clearly the above shows Tom Hudson once again applying the by-laws of CRA to suit himself. Thanks for your comment, Charlie.

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