California Impact Republicans Update: North OC CIR Unit Chartered

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Aug 182015

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August 18, 2015

For Immediate Release
Contact: John W Briscoe (714)791-6003

The California Impact Republican’s Board of Directors is proud to announce the charter of the Impact – North Orange County chapter of the California Impact Republicans.

The Impact NOC chapter will serve Cypress, Anaheim and all Orange County cities north of those communities.

“This is the third of many chapters that are organizing all over the state for the Impact Republicans”, said founding CIR President John W Briscoe. “Orange County is full of opportunity to grow the Republican Brand.”

The CIR is centered on recruiting Conservative Republican candidates for local office, training and equipping leaders, fundraising and endorsing candidates for partisan office based on a different metric than other Republican Groups have used in the past.

“The IMPACT NOC chapter is full of enthusiasm for the Republican movement”, continued Briscoe, “The CIR adds to the Republican metric in California”

The majority of the IMPACT NOC Board members have never served in leadership of any Republican volunteer organization.

The CIR will be presenting its’ paperwork for consideration of a Charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim in September. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Please visit California Impact Republicans on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group, on twitter @CAImpactReps or at our LikeImpact NOC on Facebook

CRA Update: The Sad, Shrinking World of Tom Hudson

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Aug 152015

In many ways, Tom Hudson’s world is shrinking. Once such way is the CRA – which continues to hemorrhage members.

Mr. Hudson did indeed respond to my inquiry a second time:

You and I both know that Bill Tolson has never sought my approval for anything that he has ever written.  We both know that if I had approved his blog, it would look very different.  I don’t think I have even communicated with Bill about his blog since April, but Bill can correct the record if I have forgotten something.
Since you claim to be a Christian, I should remind you that telling lies is morally wrong and you should refrain from doing it.  It can also be illegal in many situations.  You may feel clever telling people that I have approved of Bill Tolson’s blog, but the momentary pleasure you may feel by telling such lies is off-set by more serious consequences down the road.
Take a few moments and think about the way you are treating people.
No need to reply, especially since I have not yet read your initial note.
I am wondering if the Bus that ran through Eastern Elk Grove was a Blue Bird or an International. I prefer International Buses as they have much more reliable transmissions. If you see Mr. Tolson – ask him what the number of the Bus Hudson sent for him was.
I am pretty sure Tom did indeed read the email – in the 18 years I have known him, he has only invoked religious manipulation when nailed to the wall. I would remind Tom about the laundry list of things, but as a Narcissist bordering on being a Sociopath (my diagnosis based on nearly 13 years in addiction recovery) – he is incapable of grasping his own defects of character. This is a common ailment amongst political types and the proliferation of them in CRA leadership has mortally wounded CRA.
It is clear to me that Mr. Hudson is making no effort to control the pack of rabid dogs that suffice as leadership for the current CRA and may well be complicit in their behavior. That is certainly bad for business, however.
What a small world it is indeed.

CRA Update: Tom Hudson Basically Admits He Approves of the Board’s Behavior

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Aug 152015

Park Deraingemnt Syndrome. We’ve written about it.

Recently, the bathroom boy blogger and one other CRA board member have been publicly repeating erroneous information (vis a vis a lie) in attempts to further the psychotic behavior of the CRA’s board.

I decided to go to Tom directly to see if we could put and end to it. His response was:

I don’t have time to read this long note right now.  I am heading out of town.  Thanks for understanding.
If you are writing about Bill Tolson’s blog, which I am not in the habit of reading, then I would encourage you to speak to him directly.  I have copied him on this note so that you will have his e-mail address.
Best regards,
The problem for Tom is that I have other emails from him where he references the bathroom boy blogger’s blog. Tom Hudson, according to people who know him well is not leaving town until next weekend – so when is he actually leaving?
You can read the email I sent him below – basically, they used a copy of the Sutter-Yuba RA’s minutes to attack the SYRA. Secondly, the rumors about the CRA being for sale are starting to grow. I have been receiving phone calls about it and when I have concrete evidence to prove what I believe to be true, I will post it.
Gentlemen – 
As you recall, one of the many legal demand/threat/request/otherwise letters you sent – specifically to me – cited the personal property of CRA and thus was the basis for demanding that I discontinue posting new information from the CRA’s records.
It appears that one or more of your board members are doing just that. You may need to talk to them in order to safeguard the CRA from further data breaches. 
In particular – I am referencing the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly and references to their minutes on the newly appointed CRA Board Member Bill Tolson’s Blog. (I do believe he was one of the 15 people appointed to the CRA’s board before the vote to expel us for amongst other issues alleged data breeches?)
The Sutter-Yuba RA is still a CRA unit, and they are probably not happy about the misuse of their records that they gave the new Membership Secretary and their new Vice President. I am sure that you did not authorize this misuse of the SYRA’s records – especially since you were both very strident in the post expulsion legal threat/demand/request/otherwise letters you sent us.
If you are interested in building the CRA – it may not be a very smart idea to lie about a couple of people you don’t like for things they did not do.
Embezzlement is one of those words that is like a political tar baby and once vetted can end up devastating the accuser if never proven. If the CRA’s entire board are spreading a lie that is easy to prove as such – the conscience of the Republican Party will in essence commit suicide.
Are George and I really worth it? Suicide is bad for business.
You may want to counsel Baron Night and Bill Tolson that the Placer CRA never had $24k in the bank account at any time in their history as they are out there alleging that sort of embezzlement. Perhaps they are following your lead, Tom since you were the first to use that word in the public domain and emails.
You have received copies of the treasurer’s reports and may have some bank records in addition, therefore you know the truth about the Placer RA’s bank balances. We also answered questions about a couple of side items. I had no access to any of the money – I just raised $24k for the CRA, which may be where the latest hallucination came from.
Mr. Tolson proceeds to make other charges in his blog that suggest he may well need some sort of therapy to deal with the deep emotions he is feeling inside. I will certainly be praying for him.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are well within your rights to hate me for my psychoanalysis, especially if you disagree with it. I have been in addiction recovery for nearly 13 years and have seen some pretty striking patterns that are easy to recognize. It is possible that I may have mislabeled a few of the CRA’s board members as sociopaths when being a mere narcissist may have been more appropriate diagnosis for example.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are also well within your rights to hate George and I for highlighting the membership fraud that is rampant within the CRA. Just like amnesty failed for Ronald Reagan, the CRA’s amnesty program will have similar conscience destroying-results.
We used to be friends and we fought many battles on the same side. If you truly care about the CRA – you need to deal with the out of control behavior of your board. I am getting calls almost daily from all over the state. I know it is hard to believe I have that many friends, but that is where the $24k I raised for the CRA came from. I am doing nothing but taking calls at this point.
Let me contrast something – I received one call that was particularly disturbing. It appears that the notion that there is a toll booth set up for a CRA endorsement has re-emerged. The idea I blogged as an opinion and stated as such is apparently not just my opinion. 
I have not blogged about this recent phone call yet, because I am waiting for real proof related to what I was called about before going public with it. I wanted you to understand that I am not asking you to do anything I have not been doing myself – I write what I believe based on evidence and experience. When I write a specific charge, I have evidence to back it up. In Mr. Tolson’s case, he only has the SYRA’s meeting minutes – but no proof related to his and Baron Night’s charges of embezzlement.
I’d rather have friends than be right all the time. I’d strongly urge you guys to get your board members under control and to try to get them to understand the concept of friends — versus their current behavior as it will only hasten the suicide of the CRA and then its’ value commercial and otherwise will be gone forever.
The CRA was once called the Conscience of the Republican Party. It is not anymore. That is the legacy of Tom Hudson, Carl Brickey, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and the others that are on the CRA’s Board.

CRA Update: The Suicide of CRA is Upon Us. Election of Death Panel Nears Completion

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Aug 032015

Prologue: Thanks to all for the record traffic on my recent blog posts. I appreciate your patronage.

Apparently Tom Hudson is trying to cover himself for his rogue rampage. He has acted on his own without the approval of the CRA Board of Directors when threatening local charities, local activists and local electeds in Placer County. Now he is in a bear trap – and it appears that other CRA Board Members in their rage can’t see the landmine they have stepped on.

He asked the CRA’s board to give him and a committee of 5 other people the ability to sue and threaten people on their behalf. Don’t take my word for it – read the on line board vote he requested.

Craig Alexander is now claiming that starting a letter with the claim he has been retained by the PCRA and CRA is not a “demand” but rather a request. This is lawyer-speak for I got caught and now I am using a dictionary to escape accountability. You don’t send people letters on legal stationery asking for money back without them or others construing it as a demand. It does not matter what a legal dictionary says (or the definition of is) – it is how the thousands of people that read this blog are reacting to Craig’s actions.

The fight between us and Thomas N Hudson started with the McClintock non-endorsement. Because Tom Hudson is a bully with no conscience (also known as a sociopath), he has pulled the Congressman in to the middle of the fray. The Congressman was an unfortunate part of this until his staff bought in as well. Barry Pruett, the husband of a McClintock staffer is the President of a fake unit in Nevada County that Tom helped cover up. In addition, Pruett filed one of the complaints used as the basis to expel us for life.

Sorry Tom McClintock – you really should thank Tom Hudson and your staff for all of this. You have been issued your own piece of political hell courtesy of them.

It looks like the brain-drain from the CRA Board of Directors after the 5/30 lynching may well lead them to bow to Hudson’s deception. If they cede their oversight to Thomas N Hudson and Craig Alexander (and three rabid dogs) with regard to legal action – they may as well get the deeds to their houses out along with any investment statements, valuable articles and the like.

The CRA has no insurance, thanks again to Tom Hudson convincing enough “fiscally conservative” anti-insurance  board members that buying insurance would lead to a lawsuit. I have news for all of them – If Tom and Craig come after George and I, it’s on. Buying Insurance is smart, suing people when you don’t have any is not smart. (even if you can act as your own lawyer)

Tom McClintock and his staff emboldened Tom Hudson. Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen, Carl Brickey, Wendy Albright, David Gauny, Mark Gardner and others on the CRA’s board emboldened Tom Hudson. Now it is payday. There aren’t enough of you in the CRA to deal with what is coming. You could have stopped at any time, but you did not.

The CRA and its’ board members are on a collision course with being right at the expense of their non-existent integrity and financial ruin. For what? Because it wasn’t enough to toss us from CRA, they needed to destroy us.

The CRA is not just right, they are really right. This is why they could not stop. They can’t. They have gone way too far and the only way out without having to admit fault is through us.

Tom Hudson sent an email to the CRA’s board after a couple of board members rightly pointed out the following risks to CRA:

1. CRA losing its’ charter

2. CRA members losing their CRP delegate status

3. Putting the $37k currently in the CRA’s operating account at risk (ironically, 24k of it I raised)

4. Putting the board members of the CRA at risk.

5. Irrepairable political damage from Tom Hudson’s rampage. (Threatening Acres of Hope, Courage Worldwide and Lighthouse Family Counseling in the name of CRA)

The text of Hudson’s Email follows:

Dear John and fellow CRA Board members,
John Briscoe and Benita Gagne are both opposing a Special Litigation Committee that is identical to similar committees that they have both previously supported TWICE.
What is different this time?  That blog.  Apparently, despite (sic) reputation for lying and then apologizing for it, some people still believe whatever he tells them.  (I am not calling anyone a puppet of the Parks; I am just reporting the facts.)
Rest assured that I am in no hurry to engage in litigation and neither is anyone else on the current Board or on the proposed committee.  As most of you know, I personally drafted the sections of the CRA Bylaws that prohibit litigation and I was closely involved in the process of creating the California Republican Party’s alternative dispute resolution process.
Voting to approve the proposed Special Litigation Committee will not amend the CRA Bylaws or the CRP Bylaws and it will not encourage litigation.  Voting to oppose the committee will not prevent litigation, as a matter of law.  If you don’t believe me, please consider the fact that we have had a committee of this nature for many years and no one has been sued by us.  We were sued at a time that no such committee existed.  This committee is simply a way for us to get things done and be prepared to defend CRA’s interests in a manner that is consistent with corporate law and the attorney-client privilege.  That’s why John Briscoe and Benita Gagne supported this kind of committee in the past.  Nothing has changed.
I would urge you to vote YES on this committee and let’s move on.
Lie #1 – The CRA has never delegated its’ ability to sue and threaten people legally to a committee (at least in the 17+ years I was a part of it). Hudson needs this in order to cover himself after the fact for acting outside the CRA’s by-laws.
Lie #2 – the deceptive language of being in no hurry to engage in litigation. Tom is on tilt. Based on what we know of him, he will throw the CRA in front of himself just to try to take a chunk out of us. Look at what he has done to Ed Rowen and others in his current rampage.
Why else does Tom Hudson need this committee now? The CRA’s Board is supposed to meet in September.
Tom Hudson had to invoke my name as it appears he is losing the board vote. Has the predicted revolt to harpoon Tom and Craig already started?
We were ready from jump street for this outcome. We can see self-righteous idiots from miles away. I have dealt with Nerds, Sociopaths, Narcissists, Ego Maniacs and combinations of the previous for the entire 18 years I have been in politics.
One of the key hallmarks of mental illness is when an apology gets used against me. Karen England did that and she ended up getting run out of California and is now in Nevada after getting her reputation exposed…
Batter up.
P.S. Additional emails I have received since writing this post indicate that Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander fully well intend to sue us despite the consequences. When it happens, we told you so.

Update on CAGOP Platform – straight from the inside

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Aug 022015

Here is the summary –

The Life, Gun and Immigration Planks were untouched.

Grammar and Typos were fixed.

The Following Changes were made: a Section on Veterans and Water were added. These focus on support of veterans and supporting water storage.

Prop 13 language was added.

Opposition to Agenda 21, central planning was adopted.

One sentence regarding opposing Gay Adoption and Domestic Partner Benefits was deleted. But, the traditional marriage language was not altered.

CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte said there would be no fight. He led the drafting of the platform. The platform is MORE Conservative than the expiring platform. Now, back to the 2016 election.