Aug 022015

Not one lying lawyer, but two? Sometimes I miss stuff until further evaluation.

Remember on 5/30 when the Placer RA disbanded? Then, Tom Hudson who was feeling a huge loss of control (and humiliation) went berserk. He got the board to refuse the surrender of the charter while claiming somehow that Tracy and Kirk were no longer on the PCRA board. (Which would be impossible if the 5/30 surrender was rejected)

Tom needed the circumstances just so. Then, to be right – he had to create the embezzlement mantra – because he wanted the money back that was disbursed out of the club’s operating account.

Then – in the name of the CRA, he started threatening people. Then he got Craig Alexander to start sending letters. Then they sent more letters.

In the process of all this, Ed Rowen, who was trying to play both sides got exposed and caught. Rowen actually voted to spend the money as well.

Are you confused? Imagine trying to explain this to a judge. The problem for Tom Hudson is that he is a bully and a sociopath. Since he has no conscience, he has started and continued to lie. He can’t keep it all straight. He has accused his co-conspirator Ed Rowen of embezzlement by inference as well, as Tom uses and discards people. (similar to his co-conspirator Alice Khosravy)

Remember the demand letter they sent to Courage Worldwide?

Tom is now trying to claim the threat was done on behalf of the Placer CRA! He is lying. He has to cover himself because he went on a psycho rampage to get his own way and he burnt himself. Bullies do stupid things like this. Mr. Hudson has given Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen and Carl Brickey the cause and the cover they need to run him out of office. (which they were planning anyway)

I have thought that all of the things Tim, Alice and Carl were saying to me about Thomas N Hudson. The were derisive, but true. The nature of the comments goes beyond their usual pattern of deception while plotting to stab someone in the back. Their animus toward Tom goes back before the Jan 2015 board meeting where they decided to get rid of George and I.

I have come to believe that Tom participated with them, and Ed Rowen spilled the beans. This is why they were unable to defeat George for re-election. They were supposed to screw the Placer CRA out of its’ delegates.

The same Thomas N Hudson who was willing to screw over his home unit, is now accusing its’ puppet President of Embezzlement. I guess Ed Rowen likes abusive relationships.

Tom Hudson also got Craig Alexander to threaten local charities in the name of CRA and the Placer CRA and is once again throwing Ed Rowen under the bus… blaming him (he is the President of the Placer CRA) for the legal threats.

Craig Alexander missed that memo. He should have talked this through before sending the legal threats. Apparently, Craig wants to get us so bad he just ruined his own reputation for integrity. I have known Craig to be self righteous, yet stupid politically. When we helped defeat Celeste Greig in 2013, Craig swore out a blood oath against us. Even after we discovered that Alice Khosravy’s fraud may have led to Celeste losing – Craig would hear nothing of it – joining in the cover up of Alice’s fraud. This is five-star stupid as Alice and Wendy Albright hate Craig with a passion and they will harpoon him at the next convention.

Now Craig is a liar, too. He has passed the basic character test to be on the CRA’s board. (several on the board are honest, but they will be systematically eliminated)

The legal demand letter is dated 7/10/2015. The Placer CRA Board met on 5/30 to disband. The Placer CRA re-organizational meeting (in violation of state CRA by-laws) was held on 7/13/2015. How did the Placer CRA retain him? Even at the 7/13/2015 PCRA meeting, there was no discussion of authorizing a jihad against the recipients of the money.

The first sentence of the legal demand letter says Craig was retained by the CRA and the PCRA. This is impossible, as in this is a lie intended to deceive the charity in to returning the money. This lie worked on Acres of Hope.

Craig Alexander lied and a women’s shelter was ripped off of their $1400 check. I hope it was worth it to be right.

I have spoken to CRA board members. The CRA board did not authorize legal demand letters to be sent in the CRA’s name to the local charities. Craig Alexander violated the CRA’s By-Laws, another lie.

Craig Alexander is now no better than the scum he crusades against. He has been hudsonized. Even though Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy and the Bathroom Boys are maladjusted creeps – they have not put the CRA at legal risk. They are garden variety nerds that lie, cheat and steal within the organization to control endorsements and internal officer elections.

Craig and Tom are next level stupid. They apparently want to bankrupt the CRA, and expose their board to personal liability because their egos are bruised. If the Judge does not toss their case for lack of chromosomes, he will feel like he is in the middle of a revenge of the nerds episode.

One thing is for certain – anyone with a brain had better steer clear of CRA, because they are not just right, they are really right.

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